Favorite: Ballast Wedges

ballast wedges anthropologie

I’m kind of “shoed” out for a while, but I spied these Ballast wedges by Lucky Penny atAnthropologie recently and thought twice about adding another pair of wedges to my shoe wardrobe. They are so cute, and lightweight…


Favorite: HELMUT cardigan


A lower priced line by Helmut Lang?? yes, please! Of course it’s not referred to as a lower-priced line, but a curated selection of “basics,” but same difference. And they’re all amazing. Not so cheap, but cheaper than the main line, and I even like some of the shapes better. This cardigan will BE in […]


Favorite: Jennifer Fisher geometric stack rings


I tried these on at Co-Op last week (you knew I was going to say that, right?) and am completely in love. These stacking rings by Jennifer Fisher are brass, which isn’t ideal, but that’s how they’re relatively “affordable” at $250. Although, I wonder how long it will take for the coating to wear off…..


Favorite: Jill Bliss iPhone case


I don’t have a case on my phone. It’s partly because I haven’t found one I REALLY like, but also because I have a hard time spending money on stuff like that. I know…weird. But at Uncommon, I think I’ve found several cases I’d like, and I’m even toying around with the idea of sending […]


Favorite: Grey Channels Cardigan


Last Friday, I was not comfortable in my outfit. It was mostly the pastel-y mint green sweater, but also, it was because I wasn’t wearing a cardigan – or my “blanket” as a friend called it. Yes, I realize how that sounds…as if cardigans are my “safety net,” but in reality, they probably are; I […]