What to spend $1,500 on at Shopbop

After yesterday’s heavy post, how about some fun? :)

In case you haven’t seen, Shopbop is having their spring event for the next three days: spend $250, get $30 off, spend $500, get $60 off, spend $750, get $120 off, spend $1,000, get $200 off or spend $1,500 and get $300 off with code SPRINGEVENT. I’m not going to be taking advantage of this deal, but in my dreams, here’s what I’d spend $1,500 on at Shopbop to get $300 off:

shopbop coupon code

James Perse 3/4 sleeve polo dress | $155
Vince striped long sleeve tee | $115
Vince Trench Coat | $495
Lanston Racer back maxi dress | $138 (this is the same one I already have in black – this color is interesting, and I did say I should buy more color…)
Spun chirps scarf | $52
Rachel Comey Ensemble Sandals | $450
Splendid maxi skirt | $108

My total is $1,513, so I would get all of this for $1,213. Not bad 😉

What would you buy for $1,500 at Shopbop? What’s on our wishlist?

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  1. says

    I’m going to be a grump and say that this Shopbop promo isn’t really doing anything for me. Of course I get that it’s on new spring merchandise, but for someone who thrives on big sales and am coming off the high from Dec/Jan sales, I’m gonna sit this one out gladly :)

    • says

      i know. it’s not a very good deal unless you’re spending a lot of money all at one time – maybe for replenishing your spring wardrobe 😉
      i will sit this one out with you.

  2. melanie says

    That’s barely a deal! I might spend $500 to get 12% but not sure….
    Would love Current Elliott’s Army Jacket or pants, 10 Crosby tunic dress, Rebecca Taylor silk hoodie top though….

    • says

      i almost got that rebecca taylor silk hoodie when it was ridiculously cheap at issay.com..
      but yeah, i need a straight 20% discount or higher to make it worth while.

  3. Sophie says

    Hee hee, that’s just the kind of mathematical wizardry that got me into thousands of dollars of debt in my twenties! Gee, I spent only $1200 but the real value was $1500, so I just saved $300! That’s found money! So I will buy those $500 shoes, and use the $300 I just saved at the other store, and so the shoes are now only $200! What a bargain! (I kid you not … I actually used to reason like this). I would put a smily face here, if I could find my emoticons, which have vanished (signal “sigh” face).

      • Sophie says

        Stay strong :)
        (I did just splurge on a cashmere sweater even though I swore up and down I WOULD NOT BUY CASHMEEEERRRE again. Habits are tough to break.

        • says

          i’m trying…but the vince trenchcoat i posted yesterday is NOW ON SALE!!! but not in a medium (khaki). i wonder if a small will fit eventually….or if i can convince my husband to buy it for me 😉

          • Sophie says

            Uh huh, the husband, good thinking! About the “small” the only thing to consider is whether or not you would be able to layer — I find with coats, it’s always the armhole that they cut very small, so I go up one size at least, or two sizes in the Burberry so I can still wear blazers and big knits under the coats. But maybe you don’t need to layer, given your climate. Vince is good, but have you checked out APC?

          • says

            ha! you’re right aout the small, the arms are always a big problem for me.
            i love apc, but i like the vince one because it’s cropped, a little better for a shortie like me i think. does apc make a cropped one? maybe a full-length one will be okay, it just seems like it would be quite long on my fram.

            i really just want one i can travel with, but it needs to be layer-able over cashmere, etc.,

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    This is just a “dream list” because it isn’t going to happen right now! But I’d get both of those VINCE sweaters you turned me on to. And I’d get a pair of the Jenni Kayne D’orsay flats that I’ve been craving, and maybe a Rebecca Minkoff Watersnake Mini Ascher Bag in Poppy Pink, and finally, the Bop Basics
    Draped Jacket (that is so much like Rebecca MInkoff’s) . So that probably hits my limit!

  5. Sophie says

    So I checked out the Vince one and you’re right — it’s definitely shorter (more fingertip length). APC is definitely above-knee, but when you say you’re a “shortie” I don’t know your actual height. I’m no help there, as I’m tall but I can tell you that *everything* APC is too short on me.

    I scoured the net for a cropped APC but it came out zilch. Here’s something that might help — I found an online store that’s great for posting garment measurements so I’m linking the APC to you http://www.forwardforward.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=APC-WO7&d=Womens. Just check the box on the left of the photos for measurements. I wish all online stores did that! But the Vince is cute too – I just think the length of the Vince makes the shape sort of boxy. Can you try it on in a store and take a pic?

    • says

      I’m about 5’3″ – so pretty short! I’m just going to wait until I can really afford to shop around and find the perfect one – I want it to be my last!!

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