Sale pick of the day: Splendid thermal dress – $85

Splendid Cowl Thermal Maxi Dress

I’ve mentioned before that I live in my Splendid thermal long-sleeve top & cardigan when the weather cools down; go one better with this thermal dress. Splendid’s thermals are soft, stretchy, and so comfortable. And warm. REALLY warm & toasty :)

And through Monday at Shopbop, spend $250, get $50 off, spend $500, get $100 off and so on…so add a few more sale pieces to reach $250 and get the most for your dollar!

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  1. mamavalveeta03 says

    Just curious, because I know you’re a master stylist when it comes to maxi dresses, skirts, etc. (well, just about anything, really!–showin’ some blogger lovin’! lol…): How would you style this dress so that it doesn’t end up looking like a nightgown? I’m crazy about it, but concerned that I sleep so much that someone might seriously mistake it for my pj’s!!

    • says

      ha! that’s a good question actually. honestly i would just wear it with a cropped cardigan over and call it a day, but belted, i think it would look very nice – and un-pj-like ;)

  2. mamavalveeta03 says

    That sounds good to me, and with the addition of a necklace (your Lizzie Fortunato?) or a cuff, would make it look like daytime. Thanks, Grechen, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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