Since I talk about Rachel Comey, Repetto, No6, James Perse, etc. all the time and tell you where to buy online, I thought I’d create a pre-loved marketplace for the same brands. The Marketplace at Grechen’s Closet is a place to browse for and post for sale gently used items from brands I (and you) love. The Marketplace at Grechen’s Closet is merely a bulletin board, I will not get involved in the buying or selling of items in any way, and if you choose to post an item for sale here (or buy something from one of the posters), you must agree that you will not hold me responsible should you have any problems beyond using the website.

This is a new endeavor, so I’m sure there will be kinks to work out over time, but please also contact me with any problems or issues you might have trying to use the form.

RULES for buyers:

  1. Buyers and Sellers are responsible for all activity after the item has been posted for sale. All communication should be via direct email, not comments here on Grechen’s Closet.
  2. To buy an item, contact the seller via the email address they’ve left in the post and let them know you’re interested. So far, the format is first come, first served, so be quick if you’re interested in something. Please only leave a comment on the post if you have a general question about the item, NOT to indicate your interest in buying it
  3. I cannot be held responsible for quality of items, non-delivery, payment, etc. I will do my best to vet all items before they’re posted, and will generally only post items I’d be willing to buy myself, but I cannot be responsible for authenticating designer items.

RULES for sellers (click here for the submission form):

  1. The Marketplace is specifically for selling items by designers I feature frequently on Grechen’s Closet, like, but not limited to: Isabel Marant, Repetto, No6, Rachel Comey, James Perse, Alexander Wang, Splendid…if you have a question about whether your item will be accepted, don’t hesitate to contact me: grechen (at)
  2. Just because you submit an item for sale doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Please make sure your item(s) are in good condition, you include images, your description is thorough and you fill out the form correctly to increase your chances of having your item posted. If I choose not to post it I will make every effort to contact you and tell you why.
  3. For now, items will be posted and remain for sale until sold or the seller asks me to close the listing. Items will sell to the first buyer to contact the seller via email and complete the transaction. It is up to the seller to let me know when to mark the listing as closed.
  4. Sellers, it is UP TO YOU to check the comments on your listing and contact buyers with questions.
  5. a note on pricing: I do not intend for this to be a place to “make a lot of money” off pre-loved items; please use ebay for that. We are all savvy shoppers here, so please price your item(s) accordingly and take into consideration that we search for sales & coupon codes constantly – we are well aware of what pieces cost and what they are worth. Consider discounting items at least 30% – even NWT items – if you want them to sell. This is not a hard and fast rule, but I have the right to refuse to post an item if I feel like it is over-priced