Repetto Clothing | At least LOOK like a Ballerina

I don’t remember ever wanting to be a ballerina when I was a little girl; I played piano instead of took dance lessons. And I certainly don’t fancy myself one now, in spite of the fact that my PureBarre classes try to make me pretend that I am (I’m way too uncoordinated and clumsy to feel like a ballerina). But as you probably know, I am OBSESSED with Repetto. Mostly I fawn over (and buy) their ballet flats, but I also love the bags, and now the clothes.

repetto clothing

Each piece makes me swoon. When I watch ballet/ballerinas I am always taken by how graceful, light, and free they seem. Maybe I do long to be lighter, free-er and flow through life like a ballerina…perhaps that is what fuels my obsession with Repetto? Do my bb flats give me a little more grace?

What do you think of the new Repetto clothing line? Did you ever long to be a ballerina?

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  1. Sophie says

    LOVE love love their bags (though not fond of the pink satin lining) haven’t seen their clothes in person yet, but they look pretty — reminds me of Cacharel a couple of years ago

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love the black skirt! I did want to be a ballerina on and off again while I was growing up. I took piano, too. But I grew so tall (5’10″) and I think most of the guys are short, so it wouldn’t have worked anyway. So I live vicariously through them by attending performances at Julliard, and there are a couple of young women I know who are excellent dancers. It’s just fun to watch them perform.

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