the minimal closet

The Minimal Closet : Surviving Sales

Sports have their “silly seasons” when players field offers and consider where to play next year, well, holiday shopping season is silly season for us shoppers. Which starts…NOW (or already has started…)! And isn’t ending any time soon.

madewell erin booties for sale

WTF Was I thinking?

Pardon my cursing, but seriously…what was I thinking? This refrain has gone through my head many times since I started purging my wardrobe. Now that I’m really finished, I thought I better try and learn as much as I can from those WTF purchases to prevent them happening again.

What I’m Wearing


Outfit // Harem Pants at Costco

It took a while for me to convince myself it was okay to wear my harem pants JUST to run to Costco and the post office yesterday. In my mind, I think “what a waste” to wear these to Costco, but why? why is it a waste to wear something I love to do everyday things?

james perse

Outfit // Favorite

I’m actually wearing this outfit for the second day in a row, I love it so much. You may remember, this James Perse heavy fleece skirt is the “newer” version (and better IMO) of a similar long James Perse skirt I wore TO DEATH from many many years ago, and finally had to part with.

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