How to make your closet more sustainable without buying a thing

Consumption is a double-edged sword: we as consumers have the power to influence and shape the fashion industry by speaking with our dollars, by choosing NOT to buy fast fashion, or from companies who are not transparent, but on the flip side, consumption will not change everything. Buying the newest eco-friendly product on the market is not the only way to influence environmental sustainability, and in fact, it may not even be the BEST way.

What I’m Wearing

denim made in the US

Outfit | Earth Day

Happy Earth day!! What have you learned so far on your Conscious Closet Challenge? Have you signed up yet?


Outfit | My Mission

Ugh. This is what I am wearing right now. What I was going to wear today to go see a friend and wander around an outside shopping area for a bit. But now, I don’t want to.


Outift | Not quite Pink

This sweater is actually more “beige” than pink in real life (it’s the same color as this dress – OMG, remember this dress??), it just turns out more pink in photos.

Made in the US

cuyana leather made in the US
yoga barre clothing made in the US
denim made in the USA, where to buy jeans made in the US
made in US leather tote