Outift: Genetic Denim


Loft striped top
Genetic Denim riley bootcut jean (I got mine via Gilt a long time ago, here’s a selection of Genetic at Shopbop)
Robert Clergerie shoes (SOOOOOOOOOO old)
Dannijo necklace
Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag with added long strap (see my review here, where to buy Jerome Dreyfuss online here)

So, yesterday I went to Loft to see if I could exchange my “faulty” striped top for a new one, and here it is! I got my original top a few weeks ago and after wearing it twice, the hem completely came out in the back. Then I washed and dried it and it shrunk a lot in the length so it really didn’t fit me like I wanted anymore. I took it back yesterday and asked to exchange it and it took less than 5 minutes. The sales associate was apologetic, grabbed a new one for me and that was that. I was very pleased with the service I got. Now maybe I should shop there more often LOL.

The jeans are by Genetic and they’re a “skinny” bootcut style. I generally love the fit (they’re good on my hips/butt), the wash could be darker, but they’re still too long (I have them rolled under right now). I took them to be hemmed and my alterations lady hemmed them LONGER than I asked her too! This isn’t the first time that’s happened – I know she thinks my jeans should be longer than I want them, but I tell her when I’m there, No, Shorter! And then she hems them to the length she wants to anyway. I love her – she’s very good, and cheap, but really…I guess I should go back and ask her to shorten them.

Following on our conversation about “reasonable expectations of quality” – have you ever taken something back to a store that didn’t meet your expectations? What happened?

Have a great weekend!!!

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