Outfit: The Year of Living

Goldsign jeans (leia style, very old!)
James Perse Casual tee
Splendid cardigan – on sale for $50 at Nordstrom in different colors
Repetto BB flats
Francesco Biasia tote bag (courtesy of Forzieri, see my review and enter to win your own!)
Cuff by Goti (courtesy of Forzieri)

So, it’s here. The big 4-0. While it’s silly to say “I feel different” – I do FEEL different. But the feeling’s been building over the last month or so. I think I just made a decision that I want to be different – I want to be better – I want to GROW UP – and I want to have FUN. And while it’s been difficult at times, I have begun to try and “fix” or at least deal with the stresses and then let go instead of dwell on them. I am trying to behave as if my actions have consequences (gasp! I know…it’s about time), which is why you haven’t seen me wear any new things that haven’t been gifts or purchased with credits (thank you Forzieri & Karen Kane, Beija-Flor, Sharon – and Leo), and it has been very hard for me (the Nordstrom half-yearly sale is KILLING ME!) although I am learning to love and be happy with what I have – which is a lot. I feel sad knowing that if I’d lived this way up until now, I would now have more freedom and money to spend on the things I WANT, but such is life and 40 isn’t too late to move forward doing the RIGHT thing. At least I hope not 😉

And while maybe I’m not exactly where I thought I would “be” at 40, I’m happy. I have the amazing privilege of doing what I love for a living (thanks to all of you), a wonderful husband & step-son and the best dog EVER (although Sharon’s are pretty awesome too with their new haircuts). Of course there are things I’d still like to work on and change, but that’s the point of life I think I might have been missing before: it’s not about getting to a place and then being done, it’s about what happens on the way, and NEVER being done.

Happy weekend! And I hope all of you who have been affected by Sandy are warm & dry – or at least will be soon.

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  1. Taylor says

    Happy Birthday! Mine’s right around the corner (April) and I think about it a lot. I happened on this post a couple months back and saved it, found it really inspiring: http://bit.ly/YghHKS

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday 😉

  2. melanie says

    Happy Birthday! I’ve also been a big fan of Justine Musk because her writing is so inspiring in all her posts. You should read it as taylor suggested!
    i really like this outfit!

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Happy birthday, Grechen! You have taught me so much and for that, I thank you. What a birthday post! I would say you’ve certainly learned a lot about yourself and you’ve been so brave to share that with all of us. Thanks for your transparency! (as they would say in politics 😉

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