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AG Stevie Ankle jeans
LnA tee
HELMUT fleece jacket (almost sold out – the hooded sweatshirt version is on sale at Shopbop)
No6 Clogs
Jerome Dreyfuss billy bag with added long strap (see my review here, where to buy Jerome Dreyfuss online here)

I have been ranting & raving all morning on Twitter 😉 First, about this article on Fashionista on bloggers faking that they get free stuff from designers to up their VIP status. OMG, really? WHY on earth would anyone do that? Why lie to begin with? But even more than the idea that bloggers would do that, I am frustrated with Fashionista for even putting it out there, and then not presenting clear proof that it ACTUALLY happens! I think we all THINK that it happens, and people talk about it, but without proof, what’s the point of presenting it as true? Not that I believe that Fashionista is a bastion of journalistic integrity to begin with, but I resent the fact that they couldn’t get any evidence, or statements to back up their claims before publishing the “article” (I use that term loosely).

Then I saw some instagram snaps of the Bryanboy x adrienne landau collaboration and I lost it. I was a big fan of Bryanboy in the beginning (before he because uber-famous and MJ named a bag after him), but now, I’m over it. Anyway, I guess I still see him more as a bag blogger and scratch my head at why he would do a collaboration with a designer who works primarily with fur (besides for financial compensation, duh). And anyway, why does Adrienne Landau need Bryanboy to produce a line of colorful fur accessories? Is it any different design-wise than anything else they do? (I’m sorry, I guess the fur bowtie is a bit out of the norm for them…)

Maybe all of this indicates that mostly, I’m just fed up with seeing the same bloggers, and the same brands working with bloggers, and the same stuff, over and over again…it just makes me tired.

But nevermind! On to other things…some housekeeping notes:

I added a “shop!” page in the navigation bar up top where I’ll feature all my favorite things to buy online. I’ll update it every couple of days with new stuff.

Also, I added an “in my closet” page where I’m posting things I own and little mini-reviews right there so you don’t have to scroll through outfits or reviews to see why I like what I like.

Let me know what you think of them and if you find them helpful at all. Both of those pages are powered by apps that I get via RewardStyle, an affiliate program I use (so I get commission on things you buy through those links). As with all of my content, I only post things I would buy or recommend that you buy, no matter if I get a commission on them or not, these apps just make it much easier for me to organize & publish them!

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  1. says

    well said! – i don’t think a lot of people realize that “models” are now “bloggers” and it’s the same “click” – i talked about this with another blogger privately – and she know’s the INs and OUTs of some of them – and u would NEVER know from how they project themselves on their blog! .. PS there’s a lot of bloggers that ‘pose’ with clothes but it’s just for the shoot – they fail to say that it’s just a shoot and NOT their wardrobe – a lot of people get duped if they don’t know – i know i didn’t know for YEARS!

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I agree, Erika, but those bloggers should state that if they are just promoting for a certain designer. And I get your point, Grechen…Fashionista has NO business publishing if they can’t prove it. I think that’s why I stopped getting their blog. It was so “self-promotional” and the same ol’ same ol’ all the time. I don’t care to read about socialites with their own clothing lines. Doesn’t relate to my life AT ALL. It would be nice if ALL journalists/bloggers held themselves to a standard. But we both know, they don’t. I’m glad you DO!!
    (p.s. I’ve got a similar lightweight jacket/cardi from Splendid that is perfect for Spring/summer that looks like your HELMUT without as much structure. LOVE it on you!)

  3. Laurel says

    That’s the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is fickle, fleeting, here today and gone… before tomorrow. Relationships, things, ideas, are all disposable and interchangeable. Style is honest, timeless, and deep. Grechen, you are stylish, and you are way above the crud that goes on in the fashion world. The great thing about being over 40 is that you can do your own thing, on your own terms, and carve your own niche and not give a rat’s arse what other people think. Water off a duck…. I don’t follow the “fashionable” bloggers because they’re not real, they’re not stylish. I’m focused on building a wardrobe that works for me and my style and I could care less what some 20-year-old did or did not get for free.

  4. says

    I agree – I’m totally over some of the big name bloggers. They also don’t seem authentic and completely self promoting. If I for some reason was ever at that level, I hope I’d stay true to my style!
    The Fashionista article is sad. It is definitely designed to incite conversation and I find it interesting that they didn’t call anyone out specifically. Are they afraid they didn’t get all the facts (unfortunately journalism has been going down the tubes for a LONG time) or are they just being careful about not being called out?

    Either way, it’s a sad situation, but we can just present ourselves the way we want to present ourselves right?

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living
    Chic ‘n Cheap Living´s last blog post ..Comment on Beauty DIY: Heart French manicure and HTC One X+ Winner by Claire Kiefer

  5. Irena says

    I was wondering how your jacket has held up. I just got one at Bloomingdales, the same one you have, and it looks so soft: soft enough to pill?


    • says

      yes, it is pilling. i just noticed it yesterday as i was wearing it…although my friend sharon who also has one, has noticed it too. honestly, it’s not very obvious, and really doesn’t bother me. i feel like dry-cleaning it will keep it from getting a lot worse. it’s certainly not pilling nearly as bad as some of my other fleece has (an elizabeth & james sweatshirt…).

  6. Irena says

    Ok, thanks for the quick response. I’ll just be careful with it, its too cute to go back. But grrrr, why can’t people make fleece that doesn’t pill.

    • says

      good question. i also wonder why they can’t make t-shirts that don’t get holes.
      i wonder if one of those sweater brushes or shavers would work on fleece also. i don’t see why not. maybe it’s time to get one…

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