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Eileen Fisher sandals | They have a coupon now for $25 off – also available other places
James Perse tomboy shirtdress | was on sale at Nordstrom this weekend for 20% off, wearing size 2
3.1 Phillip Lim large Ryder satchel (black) | small version at Azalea for 25% off with code GRECHEN25, quilted version at Nordstrom

I keep joking with people that now I’m officially old – I own a pair of Eileen Fisher shoes. It’s truly just a joke, because I honestly don’t associate Eileen Fisher with old anymore. Or maybe I do, it’s just that I am “old” now too – at least in terms of my simpler sartorial choices, and definitely compared to many of my fellow “fashion” bloggers…

Every spring I go on a search for a new pair of sandals. Ideally, I hope to find a pair that will look equally great with pants/jeans and short skirts/dresses, which is a challenge, to say the least. And I’m not convinced that these sandals look “great” with a knee-length dress, but I do love them. It’s a different look for me, to be sure, but one that I like; sort of grown-up, but not too, if you know what I mean. These are definitely “fancier” shoes than I normally wear, which is why I got them. I was thinking of getting a pair of Rachel Comey platform clogs/sandals for a while, but I wanted something that I’d actually be able to WEAR to walk around in, not just take pictures in.

The EF sandals look AMAZING with my jeans/harem pants/James Perse crepe surplus pants, so I know I’ll wear them into the fall as well. And you know what? Even though these aren’t THE MOST FLATTERING SHOES for my larger calves/ankles, it’s okay. I have thick, short legs. And unless I want to be teetering around on my super-high Sergio Rossi patent nude platforms all the time (they ARE super-flattering), which I don’t, then I will have to just buy/wear what I love and what I find comfortable. Done.

And the dress…I’ve been talking about this dress since I first saw it, but was going to wait until it went on sale to get it. And so thanks to a note from a reader who let me know that it was on sale at Nordstrom for a few days, I went to try it on. To be honest, at first, I didn’t exactly LOVE it, but I also HATE Nordstrom’s dressing rooms, so I walked around the mall for a while to think about it. In the end, I thought I had to at least bring it home and try it on with my own shoes, in front of my own mirror just to make sure. Now, I love it. The waist hits me a little lower than my natural waist, but other than that I think it’s pretty good. It’s SO EASY to throw on, and I really like how it’s sort of in between casual and just a little dressy…and it’s very different from anything else I own.

And now, I’m finished. Well, not exactly, I am still looking for a “nice” pair of flat black sandals, but then I’m done (oh…I did order one of the new silk tanks from Everlane today though. I have to try it..). I have officially created a wardrobe that I love. I know that everything I own works well together, and that I can throw pretty much anything on and it will look and FEEL good. I’ve also been thinking quite a lot as a result of Janice’s post recently on the idea of “loving one’s closet as much as one’s favorite store.” Interestingly, she uses an Eileen Fisher store as a visual representation of what she’d like her closet to look like (I concur, but would choose a James Perse store first!), but isn’t this a brilliant concept?

Unfortunately, our bedroom is dark and our closet is VERY small, so I can’t really curate a “boutique” atmosphere for my clothes, but I do something similar in my office, which has a lot of natural light, and is very open. I’m going to try it.

If you could make your closet/wardrobe look like your favorite boutique, which one would it be?

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  1. Lala says

    Love this dress and sandals on you! The heel height makes up for most of your foot being covered…I have muscular legs, and know the challenge in finding sandals that work with both skirts/dresses and pants. The dress is adorable–seeing it is just above knee length on you reinforces that it would be too short on me, sadly (I’m 5’8″).

    Having a wardrobe that is laid out boutique style would be fantastic. I have a few favorite boutiques…but not just one…too hard to choose. My style still depends a bit on the day and what I’ll be doing…

    • says

      thanks lala – yes, this dress would definitely be shorter on you, it would look more like the model. you would love the new shirt dress for summer though – i tried it on yesterday in the store and it doesn’t fit that well on me over my hips (closed anyway – and i’d like the option to wear it closed), but it would be a great length on you!

  2. says

    I think the dress and shoes look great! You’re not old, you’re savvy and stylish. How exciting that you have the wardrobe that you love and everything goes together. That will make packing for trips so much easier. As for your tiny closet, have you considered keeping a rack (like the white one you have) in your office to display your favourite pieces? Or maybe that’s too tempting to increase your wardrobe?

    If I had a walk-in closet or dressing room, I would want it to look like the m0851 stores (based in Montreal but found throughout Canada and in New York City). Kind of old-world European rustic chic. (How many adjectives is that??)
    Laurel´s last blog post ..Make your own safety pin necklace

    • says

      i was kidding about being old – i do still think some of the EF silhouettes are quite matronly looking, but most are not and anyway, it’s all in the way you style it…

      the rack i photograph IS in my office! I actually thought about taking that upstairs to my bedroom and displaying outfits for the week on it. but it’s so dark up there, and my bedroom is definitely not my favorite room in the house! so i think i’ll find some stand up racks and maybe another hanging rack to display my clothes in my office; to create my own boutique. could be fun!!

      • says

        If you set up your whole office like a boutique, do show us pictures. How fab! I share my office with my boyfriend (we both work at home full-time) so there’s no room for me to do that. :(

        • says

          i’m so thankful that i have my own office in this place – and that it has a huge window. my husband does work from home about half the time, but he set up a standing desk in an alcove upstairs, so we have our separate spaces :)

          i’m totally going to make my office a boutique! now i just have to find cheap racks display tables! time to hit up the thrift stores…

      • Mamavalveeta03 says

        I think you’re right about some of the EF styles being matronly. The funny thing is, as I’ve gotten older, my style has become better and while I used to don some of those shapeless pieces when I was younger (AND thinner), I’d never consider it now.

        I think there are very few lines where I’d say, “I’ll take it all!,” with the possible exception of VINCE, so I pick and choose the best pieces for my body and style. But I love the shoes, and your sandals are perfect! And they look comfy (always a plus for me!)

  3. fshnonmymind says

    It totally put a smile on my face to see you wearing a dress and that it’s above the knee. You are totally coming out of your shell in your “old age”. :) I say that very jokingly because I’m well on my way to that age and it is not old!! I love this outfit on you and you have me considering Eileen Fisher because that sandals are fantastic.

    I would love to have my closet look like a boutique. I try my best by grouping things in categories and color, but it’s not the same. I’m trying to think of a boutique that I love to walk into because of the set-up and the only one I can really think to emulate is maybe the Tory Burch store. Not so much in color palette and style, but there are plush couches to sit on, a back-lit sunglass wall, shoes on vertical wall displays, jewelry in glass cases and clothing in multiple sections instead of on long racks. I would love to have all of that in my dream closet.

  4. says

    haha, well those shoes are pretty on-trend, so EF or not, it’s not old-lady until you start wearing old lady shoes. They look great! Then again, I almost bought a pair of Born clogs, so there’s that.

    Interesting to think of your wardrobe/closet like a boutique. I keep trying to make a nice display with my shoes, but it never works out. They’re behind my door on this ugly organizer thing. And we store all of our holiday decorations in the closet. So… One day, one day, a girl can dream.
    jennine´s last blog post ..Bag Lust: Reece Hudson

  5. RJS says

    What a great question! Our closet is crammed with my wardrobe, and my poor hubby hardly has any room. (He kvetches but I ignore it.) I can’t think of a specific store that I’d wanna emulate, however, my dream closet would be shabby chic style. I’d love a vintage chandelier, fluffy rugs, and interesting art. Although I own a lot of Eileen Fisher clothes, I don’t have any of her shoes yet. They’re on the “lust list,” along with her harem pants.

  6. says

    NO SURPRISE to see you sporting two items on my spring wishlist!! I have been wanting some minimal sandals (that also cover my fugly feet) and those are definitely the best option I’ve found. Also- The dress looks really, really great on you and I can’t believe you doubted it. Like Lala said though, it is going to be too short (at least for office wear) if it is above the knee on you :(

    • says

      GET THE SHOES!! they’re so great.
      yeah, this dress is definitely very short if you’re tall – on the models it is mid-thigh. barely. the good thing about it is that it’s several inches longer in the back, which is so much easier to wear. but probably not appropriate for work…

        • says

          i like those donald pliners…but i AM OLD! lol – they would look great on you. i guess i just have an issue with that wedge – i prefer a slightly more “substantial” one i think. the rubbery ones tend to be too squishy for me, but not always…maybe that’s the issue that i have with my campers? they feel good, but i want more support i think.

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says

    This was a fun post! It got me really thinking about my dream wardrobe and how it defines my style. There’s a boutique in East Hampton called “Henry Lehr” and without a doubt, it’s my favorite. I think it would probably be classified as “Tomboy Chic” and I think that pretty much sums up my style. A few stripes (OK, a LOT of stripes), button-down shirts of all types (silks by Equipment, CP Shades plaids and linens, American Colours by Alex Lehr tunics), CLOSED, AG and J Brand denim, John Patrick Organics sweaters, and Chan Luu floaty cashmere scarves. Henry Lehr’s window displays are so good that I make my husband slow down as we drive by. I am jubilant when there’s a pedestrian in the crosswalk and he is forced to stop! It’s not cheap, but they have the BEST sales! (Like today when I scored a plaid American Colours tunic for my daughter for only $20/marked down from $198!)

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