Outfit: Modern Family

james perse

Splendid skirt
James Perse top (mine is the slub cotton version, but you can always find the poplin version on sale in several colors at Last Call)
Calvin Klein sandals (on sale at Piperlime for $59, limited sizes left, but they’re still doing their birthday promotion today)
Candace Ang necklace
Jas M.B. bag (same style, different type of leather at Barney’s)
Cuff from the Renegade Craft Fair a couple years ago (nearly identical cuff by Cornelia Webb at Shopbop – but WAY more than what I paid for mine!)

Do you watch Modern Family? It’s the best show on tv if you ask me, and it’s not JUST because Julie Bowen’s character almost always wears exclusively James Perse tops. Did you notice? I’m a nerd like that, and always notice that she mostly wears different colors and versions of this shirt. I’ve also spotted the same shirt in lots of commercials. At $155, it’s not cheap, but it ALWAYS looks perfect, it’s very flattering, and even though I’ve had mine for nearly 5 years, it still looks brand new. Cost-per-wear is nearly nothing at this point, and I know I’ll keep wearing it for another 5 years. In fact, it might be time for me to invest in a few more colors.

Do you pay attention to tv/movie fashion? Can you recognize designers? I’ve always been kind of fascinated by character wardrobes on tv and in movies – in most instances, the clothing itself isn’t meant to be very noticeable, it’s simply meant to lend specific attributes to a character, and reinforce what you already believe about them. Dressing a character mostly in James Perse & jeans says to me that she leads a casual lifestyle, but still cares about looking put-together & stylish. Gossip Girl fashion is the opposite; their clothing says they’re completely over the top, and high-maintenance. Which I can’t say I mind looking at, but I’d rather be the character dressed in James Perse. Oh wait…I guess I am… 😉

Which character are you?

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  1. says

    I love that TV shows do this. You look great as Julie Bowen’s character in Modern Family! I aspire to be Blair from Gossip Girl. My only problem is that I feel like I cannot pull off all those headbands.

    • says

      it’s funny, as opposite as blair and i am (in terms of style & probably character!), i love her outfits and styling. and she definitely pulls off headbands! those are tough…

  2. Shannon says

    I totally have noticed Claire’s character wearing James Perse! It always makes me want to break out my shirts, and put one on. I too have this white shirt, slub style, and have had mine about 4 years, and it still looks great! I saw that Mila Kunis has a Vkoo sweater (they boyish cardi) that I have. She is always spotted in Vkoo.

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