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MiH Paris jeans
Gap cami
Inhabit NY cotton cardigan
Vince flats
Jas M.B. bag (same style, but black)

I got these jeans recently after a lot of indecision, and another round of markdowns at Barney’s (they were $69), but after wearing them around all morning, I’m quite pleased. Sharon got them too, and initially complained that they were too tight, but after wearing, loosened up, so I decided to go for it. They run a bit small (but all slim fit jeans tend to run small on me), and as you can see, they are NOT CROPPED on me, nor are they mid-rise. My pair is a different fabric content than the one linked to at Shopbop, and the higher cotton (92%) is what I love the most about these. They’re very comfortable, but as I mentioned, they’re low rise on me (I’m short-waisted) so I definitely have to wear long tops/cardigans with them. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with my first pair of MiH jeans, and would love to try other styles, but I can tell already that they don’t fit my curves/small waist as well as AG/Goldsign does.

The Vince shoes I got to replace my TOMS – my pair is VERY old (I got them from TOMS before they even launched) and not fit to wear out in public anymore. I tend to use my TOMS to throw on to walk the dog, go to pure barre in the mornings, or just to slip something on really quick. When I went to Nordstrom to buy a new pair, however, I was really disappointed in the fit – they’re much more narrow than my old pair, and despite trying on several sizes, I couldn’t find a pair that really felt good on my foot. So, I went with this pair of slip-ons by Vince 😉

I went down a half-size, as per the recommendation on the Vince website, and love the way these feel. I did have to wear them around the house for a few hours to stretch them a little, but now that they’re not quite as snug as the first time I put them on, they’re super-comfortable. And I fell hard for the leopard print…I highly recommend these (they come in lots of other colors) as a lightweight, fun alternative to tennis shoes, or loafers – they’ll be great for traveling.

Oh, and my Inhabit NY cardigan I LOVE (I got it via Gilt quite some time ago) – and it’s on sale now at the Outnet, but did you shop the sample sale yet on Inhabit’s site?? It’s pretty good!!

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Isn’t it great how INHABIT pieces never seem to look old? I’m finally learning that quality trumps quantity everytime. It’s about time!!! (and I love the jeans on you….To me, they look like they fit you just right.) Keep on fertilizing that hair! 😉 It’s growing like crazy.

    • says

      yes, my inhabit cotton pieces have held up so well…my only complaint is that the sleeves stretch out. of course, i’m always pushing them up, but i wish there was more elastic or something at the cuff to keep them from falling/stretching so much.

      Thanks, i love the jeans too, it’s just that they fit me so much differently than the model! what else is new…but i always find that very interesting.

  2. says

    I received two pair of MiH jeans that I ordered from their recent sale, and OMG, they are SO SMALL! I’m going to keep them and use them as motivation to lose a few pounds with the hope they one day fit. They really are cute.


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