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James Perse funnel-neck sweatshirt dress
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Jerome Dreyfuss billy bag with added long strap (see my review here, where to buy Jerome Dreyfuss online here)

I’m sorry to simultaneously blind you with my pasty white legs and make you jealous that I can bare my legs in February, but it’s going to be quite warm here today (low 80’s), so I thought I’d go for showing some leg today. But mostly I did it so I could show you this dress so you can get it before the James Perse sample sale is over (on 2/10) if you’re interested. This is the first time I’ve worn it, so I can’t say a whole lot about it other than first impressions are great. I am wearing the size 3 because I wanted it to be slightly fitted. Also, I’m sure this will stretch a bit with wear, so it won’t always look so snug. The material is substantial, but not too thick, and is VERY comfortable. It’s different, and more snug/stretchy than the “original” sweatshirt dress (which I also wanted to try, but not for $99), which in my opinion, also makes it a lot less delicate. The length is great for me, it covers most of my knees, but is also short enough so I can wear it with leggings. As I said, I’ve not worn this until today, so I can’t say too much more about it other than so far, so good 😉

I also got the scoop-back top and vintage cami from the sample sale. I’d wanted both of those for a long time, and since the vintage cami went down to $19 (now it’s $14), I thought I’d snatch it up. I got a size 3 and it fits well, it’s snug and fitted for me around my hips, and looser up top, but not so loose that it looks too big. I’ve worn it a lot since I got it, I’ve also washed it, and I really love it – highly recommended for $14! The scoop-back top is a bit of a disappointment though. Because the sleeve doesn’t actually start on the shoulder, but a little further down on the arm, it’s quite snug and “sausage-y” on me (I have large-r upper arms). I love the scoop back, but it makes the front not fit as well as I’d like. I wish I’d sized up to a 4 in this case, so the arms would fit better and it would potentially look more like it’s supposed to. But I didn’t…I’ll wear it, of course, over tank dresses and with skirts, etc., but if I’d tried it on in person, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Oh well, comes with the (online shopping) territory!!

I also have the t-shirt dress (got it a while ago from the outlet). It’s VERY snug/small on me (I got a size 3), and short, so I really don’t feel comfortable at all wearing it now; maybe in 10-15 pounds. It’s another thing that I wouldn’t have bought if I’d tried on…I do love it, but wish it wasn’t so fitted and short. I have the poncho as well, and I love that. I can’t say anything at all negative about it except that it’s not entirely flattering on me because you can’t see that I have a waist in it 😉 It’s just the most comfortable thing ever.

What have you guys bought from the James Perse sample sale? anything? Have any questions?

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  1. margie says

    Gretchen, I also love how this dress looks on you. Do you mind saying how tall you are? I’m trying to figure out where the hem might hit on my 5’6″ frame.

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’m not really sure which pants I got, but they’re not jersey, they’re more of a twill, in black, with a drawstring waist. I don’t know what I was thinking, (maybe I wasn’t…) because they really don’t work on my figure. I thought they’d be cute, casual for summer. But unless I lose 10 or so lbs., they won’t look or fit right. You’re right…the perils of online, non-returnable [impulse] shopping!

    I love the dress on you. Perfect for you, and I don’t think you need leggings, although, you certainly could wear them with it! Cute.

  3. Susan says

    Well, I am being brave and trying some pants! I ordered the 5-pocket jersey pant in size 4, as I am definitely a size 12 right now, no matter how much I’d like to pretend I’m not. I also restocked with 2 new Casual T’s and 1 Relaxed V-neck… Such pretty colors for spring! I’m also trying the Elegant Tank. That was my spontaneous splurge, but I’m hoping it will be perfect under a jacket with jeans, and also be a nice option in the summer.

    Grechen, I have to echo everyone else that the dress looks great on you! It’s perfect, and now I’m jealous. I really wanted that piece and waited too long. I’m soooo bummed after seeing how cute it is on you. I know you’re going to get a ton of use from it and we’ll be seeing lots of OOTD pics of you in it. :-)

    • says

      oh, please let us know how the elegant tank is, i’ve wanted to try that because of the v-neck. it’s really hard to find v-neck tanks!
      sorry you missed out on the dress – i held out, but when it went down to $69, i had to get it. i kind of knew i’d want to live in it 😉


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