Outfit | James Perse poncho/hoodie/thing


James Perse hoodie (on sale for $99 during the sample sale – while this is not the most flattering look ever, it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE 😉 )
J Brand twill pants (old)
Prada Loafers
Banana Republic tee (old)
Jas M.B. bag (black version)

Yes, it’s a poncho. And a hoodie. It’s oversized, and grey. But this James Perse top is so cozy and comfortable, I’ve been willing to overlook those other little faults. If you can call them that. I highly recommend this poncho/hoodie/thing, but I wish I’d sized down to a 2. I am wearing it all of the time.

Have you bought anything from the James Perse sample sale? Are you going to? Have any questions about anything?

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  1. Laurel says

    I am a James Perse addict and would looooove to buy things in their sample sale. But they don’t ship outside the U.S. and I live in Canada. Sniff….

      • Laurel says

        It’s probably a hassle to figure out the duty rates for different countries and work with a customs brokerage company. In any case, tonnes of U.S. brands don’t ship outside the country, including Theory and Helmut. Looking at the sales on your site, as a Canadian, is like being a kid in a candy store and your mom says, “You can’t have anything in here!”

        • says

          i guess you’re right, a lot of the brands don’t ship outside the US via their own sites, but most of the big sites (like shopbop) do. that must be frustrating!!!

          • Laurel says

            It is frustrating because the retail sites don’t carry the full lines of all the brands. I had never shopped at Shopbop but I just clicked from the link on your page and see that they have my favourites: James Perse, Theory, Velvet, and Helmut, among others. And free shipping to Canada. Weeee! Thanks Grechen!

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I saw, I browsed, I walked away. Empty handed. I remembered that I would be in Chicago (which I just was, for my “Girl’s weekend” with my preggers daughter), so we went out to eat a lot, shopped a bit on Michigan Ave. and in her old neighborhood (Anthro on N. Southport) and she caught me up on episodes of “Girls.” (I kept asking, “Do girls really do all of this? Really?” I think I was annoying. That’s OK. I like being annoying!) It was tough, but I really did very well at not spending much money on things I didn’t really need. (Progress for me, Grechen!)

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