Outfit: HELMUT Jacket


AG Stevie Ankle jeans (AG is having an extra 20% off sale items this weekend!)
Rick Owens Lilies tunic top (via My Habit – I’ve worn it a few times, already has multiple holes in the front :( )
HELMUT fleece jacket (I’m wearing a medium)
Dannijo necklace
No6 Clogs
Jas M.B. bag (link goes to the black version)

I don’t wear jackets much; I prefer cardigans, and to be honest, even when I got this jacket (with the rest of my birthday Barney’s GC from my dad), I didn’t wear it for a while, and I wasn’t sure if I should keep it. But it’s SO ME, and so wonderful, that I decided to keep it and I’ve worn it several times recently. It’s quite warm actually, but since the sleeves are so slim (on me), I can’t layer it over a long sleeve top, so it’s not ideal for 40’s or 50’s. I can see it being a great travel jacket, because it holds up well and is easy to layer over tanks or tees. I haven’t washed it yet, but although it is washable, I think I’ll dry clean it because I’ve seen too many similar things lose their shape after machine washing.

I’ve become obsessed with all things HELMUT lately – I see the line as a more edgy version of James Perse, which I appreciate. I’m impressed with quality so far, but I don’t own any tees yet, and I can almost guarantee that they’ll get holes just as fast as everything else lately…

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    What is it lately, with all of the holes in expensive tees and tops? It seems like some of the cheaper stuff I have wears better than the “better” brands! If I spend $50+ on a tee, I expect it not to get holes! C’mon designers!! How ’bout some better quality fabrics? (I seriously cannot believe that a Rick Owens piece would get holes after only several wears….That’s crazy.)

    • says

      I’ve thought a lot about this, because it’s happening to all of my tees that are the least bit thin, and i really think it’s just inevitable that the tees get holes. the cotton on the RO tunic is paper thin, if it just gets pulled too thin or whatever – hole. my only tees that don’t have holes are my long sleeve t by alexander wang and my splendid 1×1 tees. but again, this is another post….

        • says

          i like t by AW long sleeve tees (i don’t like the sleeves or the neckline on the short sleeve tees) BUT, DO NOT DRY them or they will SHRINK. i still wear mine under stuff, but it’s a completely different tee than the one i bought…it’s much more fitted LOL

          i was looking at that splendid tee this morning also. i only have one of their lightweight tees (the orange one) and it’s held up very well since Summer. i’d say go for it, i’ve ALWAYS had good luck with Splendid. although i think i did get one comment here from someone who was disappointed…

    • says

      it is machine washable, but i prefer to dry clean it – and in my world that means in the dryer with a dryell sheet šŸ˜‰
      i think it pills less that way, but it does pill under the arms a bit and where anything rubs against it!

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