Outfit: Inhabit NY #3

Inhabit NY cables & links turtleneck (gift from Inhabit NY)
H&M dress
Splendid leggings (25% off at Bare Necessities with code FRIEND1212)
Dansko clogs (similar – mine are not patent leather)
Jas M.B. Bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)

It is WAY too warm to actually wear this today, but it will be my airplane outfit for tomorrow’s trip to Amsterdam, so it’s technically an outfit 😉 This sweater is AMAZING. Of course it’s amazing, but really, it’s perfect. I love how long it is, and I’m a sucker for a cowl-neck…

Did you see the Inhabit NY giveaway I announced earlier? Enter it now, and check out their flash sales this week. Today it’s the ribbed cashmere cardigan for $138 ($118 if the code SNOWFALL works for $20 off).

Question – how long to you keep lip gloss? I’ve had this Laura Mercier lipgloss forever (I mean years) and wear it off and on, but I’m not sure if I still should. Is lip gloss like mascara? You should change it out every few months? (If so, I’m in trouble ;))

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  1. nanashi says

    I just went for the ribbed v neck cardi, but one size up than usual since they were out of stock for my size (hope they work!).

    for cosmetics that touch directly on lips, it depends on what the container is (if it is one where you dip your finger to get the gloss out of a can that is harder to keep it clean than tube, but tube, too, accumulates germs), so I think it was 3months or so for lip gloss, six months for mascara, a year for foundation or something of the sort. after I read about that and realized how many i had for over years and years I threw away the ones older than one year and tried to tell myself not to have more than two lipgloss at a time. (it’s hard though!)

    • says

      whoa. 3 months? i should get rid of all of my lip glosses then!! i should probably do a purge and start over, maybe with less, but that’s hard!!
      i hope the sweater works for you, i bet it will 😉

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I LOVE that sweater. My daughter and I went shopping in East Hampton at Henry Lehr (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Henry-Lehr-East-Hampton/322448754437189) last night, and they had TONS of Inhabit on sale (but a $798 sweater on-sale is still a heck of a lot of money!!). You’d love their store, Grechen! Oh, and we hit up Steven Alan, too. They had some gorgeous Rachel Comey booties and oxfords on sale. I didn’t buy….:-(

    I’d suggest 3 months for mascara (it’s by your eyes, so more of a chance for bacterial infection) and 6 months to a year for lipgloss. Smell it; If it smells OK, it probably is. But years??? Toss it! LM has some great new colors out. Get one and treat yourself!

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