Outfit: H&M Basics

James Perse leggings
H&M mini skirt
James Perse tank top
H&M Cardigan
Repetto BB flats
Jas M.B. bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)

Since we haven’t – until now – had an H&M in Austin, I only shop there when I visit Atlanta. And honestly, I don’t ever find much to buy, what I do buy, I don’t wear that often. BUT, I have always had in the back of my mind that I’d love to have a short black skirt to put on over leggings without spending a lot of money. I love the idea of these C&C California leggings with the built-in skirt, but I have leggings I like, I just needed the skirt. Of course, James Perse has a great ruched mini-skirt that would also work, but I didn’t want to spend $99 for something I would only wear with tights/leggings.

Anyway, while in Atlanta earlier this month, my sister and I took our usual trip to H&M where we tried on everything in the store and I ended up with this cardigan and mini-skirt. The cardigan isn’t anything special, but I have been living in the mini skirt. It’s the perfect thing to throw on top of leggings to keep my butt covered. I do wish it was a little more opaque, but for $5, I can’t really complain. Yep – $5. Eventually I’ll probably go back and get a charcoal version, a striped version and maybe a second black version. It’s so versatile; I can also see myself wearing it over my workout leggings if I need to run errands before/after.

That’s what I think H&M is good for, simple, really inexpensive pieces. I like some of their more interesting items also, but I feel like they’re pretty hit & miss. For the price, it seems like their basics are perfect for what they are.

What have you bought at H&M that’s really been worth it? What do you find the most value in?

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  1. CC says

    I LOVE this look on you – perfect cool/casual — a grey tee is the sexiest top, always, ever. And I’m loving the hair and makeup too!

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