Outfit: HELMUT leggings

HELMUT cocoon leggings
James Perse long sleeve v-neck tee
Autumn Cashmere cardigan (old, n/a)
VKOO cashmere infinity scarf (on sale now for $86)
No6 Clogs
Francesco Biasia Brooke Tote (courtesy of Forzieri)

After I posted the outfit last week with my James Perse leggings I started thinking I might be open to wearing leggings more often if I could find a pair that was “blacker” and held me in a bit better. I started looking for some, not in earnest, but then thanks to the wonderful birthday gift from my father (Barney’s gift card), I found a couple pairs to try on and think about buying. First, I tried this Vince pair, and while I did like them, I prefer the higher cotton content of the HELMUTs (90%). The Vince leggings also had the slightest bit of sheen to them, which I didn’t like. They were very comfortable, and not as long as the HELMUTs, but I didn’t feel like they held me in as well. After A LOT of going back and forth, trying on other things in between – literally, I was there for hours – and a lot of convincing from my friend (who is also the manager of our local Co-Op) I decided to get the HELMUT pair.

Today was the first day I wore them out, and I felt great in them. They’re crazy comfortable – these might be my flying-to-Amsterdam leggings – and they didn’t stretch out at all after most of a day of wear. The only thing that bothers me about these, and the Vince leggings, is that they’re dry clean. Not that I wouldn’t normally dry clean them anyway, given how much longer clothing lasts that way, but maybe I’d like the option to throw them in the wash. Overall, I’m very pleased with the HELMUT leggings and can see myself wearing them a lot. But DEFINITELY not as pants 😉

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  1. says

    Ok, normally I’m on board with not doing leggings as pants but I think as long as the shirt or cardi covers the bum, they work pretty well…but not sure I’d personally try it. (I feel like I’m going to dance class…)
    Joyce´s last blog post ..Out And About In Austin

    • says

      my cardigan definitely covers everything, and i actually tried to keep it closed as much as possible when i was out. but still, i did feel a little “under-dressed” given that i never wear leggings out of the house…but really, you can hardly tell the difference between these and my gap legging jeans….

  2. Sophie says

    Yeah for Helmut! I’m so glad you tried them. BTW I handwash mine with Tocca laundry soap, and have even thrown them in the regular wash a few times with no issues and no fading of black either. So I’m not against avoiding the dry cleaner. Enjoy

    • says

      you’re totally the reason i tried them, since you mentioned on the last post that you had a pair of HL leggings…
      i think for now, i’ll just do them in the dryer with dryell or something. if i wear them constantly, i’ll try handwashing them.
      thank you!!

  3. Sophie says

    Oooo, I should mention that they are HL’s main line, not the HELMUT line, so I can’t vouch for the fabric content maybe being different. But mine are mostly cotton too.

    • says

      i love the helmut line, i tried the super-lightweight voltage cardigan and it’s great, but i was afraid i’d have holes in it in no time. and it’s pretty useless in terms of adding any warmth!

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    You hit on exactly what bugs me about most leggings: the spandex content giving off a sheen. I hate that! They look great…really black, which is perfect, IMO. And I love the vkoo infinity scarf. It looks SO soft!

    • says

      yes!! i HATE the shiny-ness of most leggings. my JP and splendid leggings do not shine either, but they’re more “lounge” leggings…
      you don’t have a VKOO scarf yet?? it’s amazing. and i’ve just been given a $20 off code: GRECHEN :)

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