Outfit: Eileen Fisher Harem Pants Review


Eileen Fisher Harem Pants
Everlane sweatshirt (pardon the wrinkles, I literally pulled it out of the package and put it on. I’m SO pleased with this, it’s dangerously soft, and the “mauve” color is very nice. I wish it was a little shorter, so it didn’t bunch so much around my waist, but it’ll do. It’s a medium)
Camper sandals (I really put these to the test the last three days and I can tell you they’re the best sandals EVER. It feels like you’re walking on clouds)
Banana Republic tote (this is the tote in my “what’s in my carry-on bag” video)

So…these are the Eileen Fisher harem pants. I got them in a size medium; although the smalls fit me, I wanted them to be longer. These are phenomenal, amazing, perfect – any positive adjective you can think of, these harem pants ARE. As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, my stride is pretty small because my legs are short, but I honestly don’t think these would be “walking restrictive” at all even if you have longer legs – I have a long, “lean” James Perse skirt that’s harder to walk in than these. They are lightweight, but not flimsy, and not sheer, although I would recommend wearing “nude” or black undergarments under these pants, NOT WHITE. I was slightly worried about these collecting lint or looking dirty, but they don’t, even after hours of flying time, they looked perfect getting off the plane. The only problem with these, if you can call it a problem, is that you can’t cross your legs one on top of the other in them. I tend to sit like that a lot, and it’s really not possible with the bottom restricted like with a pair of these harem pants. It’s more lady-like to cross your legs at the ankles though, no? so perhaps this is better anyway? 😉

I wouldn’t necessarily wear them for a flight anymore, because of the “restriction” and that you’ll inevitably have to be patted down somewhere because of the nature of harem pants, but I will wear them any other chance I get, and I think because of the material, they’ll be great for traveling (won’t wrinkle) with. I can’t recommend these enough. Sure, they’re an investment, but they’re made in the US, super-chic and easy to wear, can be dressed-up or down, and they make a statement. Here’s another picture:


I did also want you to see how big that Banana Republic tote is, and how it holds so much stuff as a carry-on bag. It was really perfect, I was very pleased with how it held up on this trip. If you’re not picky about a few of its shortcomings (no flat bottom, no zipper closure), then it’ll make a great travel bag for you too. (BR has green and “camel” in stock, and 30% off through 4/7)

Ok. Have I convinced you to try harem pants? Either H&M or Eileen Fisher? What do you think??

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  1. says

    I started out skeptical, but I definitely like ’em! I have to admit that I would be worried about getting strange looks– not that it matters what anyone else thinks, but still. It does seem like harem pants are poised to become a big thing so I’d imagine they won’t seem unusual for long! Perhaps the skirt version would be a way for me to ease into the look, though.

  2. Shannon says

    Looking great! I love that sweatshirt! What size did you order in that, if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t own anything from Everlane yet, and don’t like tight fitting things. :)

    • says

      the sweatshirt is a medium – it fits well up top, on my arms, etc., but it’s a bit long for me, so it bunches up quite a bit at the waist. i love it though – SO SOFT.

  3. Laurel says

    OMG, I just got my first-ever order from Everlane and one item was the exact same mauve sweatshirt! I love mine, too. I got mine in large but since I’m 5’8″, it’s not too long for me. It is really soft and it should wash beautifully since it has no cotton in it. Yours looks great on you. The mauve is more heathered in person than it looks on the Everlane site or in your photo.

    • says

      i’m so excited for your first everlane order :)
      i like the mauve much more in person than on the site – i’m so glad i went with the color now, it’s perfect! (not that i won’t get a couple more colors eventually…)
      what else did you get??

  4. Laurel says

    I got a V-neck T-shirt in forest, and a classic tote in tangerine. I love everything and will definitely be buying more, especially the sweatshirt. I hope Everlane branches in to other products, like shoes and skirts and pants. Since I have free shipping to Canada for life, and there’s no duty on products made in the USA, why not? Now my boyfriend wants me to order him a bunch of stuff, too! Thank you so much for your recommendation–it was your seal of approval that made me take the plunge.

    • Laurel says

      (Oops, I meant to reply to the original thread). Forgot to mention that another thing I love about Everlane is that their colours aren’t neon or pastel, which I despise with a passion!

  5. Ina says

    The sweatshirt looks really nice on you. I’ve been debating whether to buy it or not for a while now. I love the style and the mauve color but the fabric content is what stops me. Too synthetic. Does it feel breathable at all? I’d just hate to be sweating like crazy in it. You look great! :)

    • says

      it does not feel “synthetic” to me at all, definitely not like it came from H&M or something, but then again, i didn’t wear it “out” much today, and it’s cold, so i can’t tell if it’ll be “sweaty”…my first impressions are great – it’s just so freaking soft, i’d like to wear it all the time…

      • Laurel says

        Ina, I’ve only had my sweatshirt a few hours, like Grechen, but I can tell you that I was gobsmacked to see that it was synthetic, because I thought it was cotton. I guess if it’s warm enough that you would sweat in it, then it’s too warm for a sweatshirt anyway. :)

        • Ina says

          So, I ended up ordering it in size S, and it arrived today, and so far I’m in love with the fit, the style, and the color! It does feel not as breathable as I’m used to cotton but I think it will still become a staple in my wardrobe. Now I want another color! I just love Everlane…

          • Laurel says

            That’s great, Ina! Personally, I’m not a fan of cotton sweatshirts as I find they take too long to dry and they tend to sag and stretch, and they’re too heavy for travel. Everlane’s sweatshirts aren’t like that, so I’m really pleased. I may not order another one, though, until they come out with a V-neck style, as I find that’s a more flattering shape for me.

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says

    You drank the kool-ade! I love it, though, because it’s a very flattering, simple, comfy, “Grechen” look. And actually, I think it’s a fashion-forward move on your part! I am not ready to make that move, but then, I’m a pretty preppy/classic dresser, and harem pants just aren’t me (or should I say, they would be around the house, but not at the EF price! H&M, yes!). But you look GREAT!

  7. says

    So the other day you posted about your Sweaty Betty Harem Skirt, which had me totally intrigued! I went to the site and fell in love with just about every piece. Placed an order for the printed harems after a discussion with my fashion blogging group on facebook. can’t wait for them to arrive

    p.s. I love Eileen Fisher, but don’t often buy it because the price is so high. There’s a store I go to when I’m in CT, though, and their markdowns on EF are so great I always scoop up a piece or two. Your harems look great!

    • says

      I got those too!! Along with a pair of cropped lose yoga pants, i forget the style name. I am a SB convert, i just wish they were a little more accessible. At least with the 15 percent off and free US shipping it’s more bearable… Problem is you can only use that code once per email address..

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