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james perse drape front shirt

Black Crane carpenter pants | sold out, the linen culottes are very similar
James Perse drape-front shirt
Dieppa Restrepo penny Loafers
Lizzie Fortunato necklace | use code GRECHEN15 for 15% off at Hampden
Balenciaga bag (secondhand) | new version

This outfit was a result of being inspired by Materfamilia’s recent “navy” post and a how-would-totokaelo-style-it moment. I love navy, but don’t have many pieces that are navy. Only these pants actually, and that’s because all the other colors were sold out when I bought them. So it wasn’t exactly on purpose…but I do love them, and think a navy dress would be nice.

Also, since I don’t wear color, I love to play with shape and different silhouettes, and am often inspired by Totokaelo’s styling. They seem to take the biggest, most oversized pieces and put them together to make them work. In real life, they don’t work very well on me, but I do like to try. And they always look amazing on the models. Unconventional, yes, but very modern and stylish in my opinion.

AND…since I’ve had a problem with this shirt since I bought it, I thought I’d try and wear it with these pants to create a “don’t” outfit for my shape. Which works actually, and I love it. But I don’t think I’m going to keep the shirt (I didn’t wear it out, only for the photo). I bought it at the same time that I bought the double v-neck shirt from James Perse and I’ve worn that one already a few times. Every time I pull this draped one out and put it on, I take it back off again. Not because I don’t love it, I do, but the more I try it, the more I think it’s just too big on me. I can’t size down, because then the arms would be way too small on me, and anyway, the drape just adds bulk around my waist, which is what I should be accentuating instead of hiding.

Not that I always WANT to accentuate my waist, which is why I bought this top in the first place; because it’s so beautiful and interesting. I tried it on with my Hope news trousers, which are slimmer in the hips and legs than these pants, and it’s beautiful, but still not perfect. And I’ve purchased quite a lot of oversized pieces, things to hide my body, since I lost weight, so I have enough of those. What I don’t have are pieces that really show off my body & my curves.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? When I was heavier, I did tend to wear things that were cut closer to my body and showed it off, remember? Now that I’m smaller, I am happier to hide it more often. I don’t know why that is, other than perhaps I’ve been experimenting with oversized, since I could never “do” oversized before – as nothing was really oversized, and wearing bigger things always made me look SO much bigger than I was, which I didn’t want.

So, while I do love this shirt, I’m going to exchange it today. I will definitely re-purchase it once it goes on sale somewhere (for 50% off), because I’d love to have it in my closet, just not at the expense of other things, or for full-price…

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for the mention! So much in this post for me to think about — I’ve recently dropped a few sizes myself, and as I read your post, I thought of how I’d tried to stick to as lean a silhouette as I could when I carried more weight (I’m only 5’3, but was wearing 8 or 10, mainly because of short thick-ish waist). I’ve always loved drapey pieces but have tended to avoid the bulk the last couple of years. Now I’m wondering if I might indulge myself again — I love those pants, for example, and can imagine how comfortable they’d be in moderate summer warmth. . . (love the shoes as well, and that bag! — I think the top looks great on you, but my short waist makes it hard for me to even think about that kind of draping above the hips. . . )

    • says

      the pants are fabulous!! the ones i’m wearing are more flannel-y and not great for summer, but perfect for the weather right now. the linen ones i linked to would be great for warmer weather. and even though i’m short (also 5’3″), i think the wider leg, if it hits right at the ankle, would be perfectly flattering :) and it’s such a fun silhouette to wear

  2. Rachel says

    I really wanted to buy this top, in black, for a family party coming up in a few weeks. I am really blessed in the chest area though. Do you think it would show too much skin, pulling apart on me?

    • says

      Rachel, I think it would be perfect on you. Most of the problem for me is that I don’t have anything up there! There’s plenty of room that I don’t think it would pull apart on you either. It’s a much better top on someone who’s better endowed than me for sure…

  3. says

    Go Mater! One of my always-read blogs:).

    And I own, your fault entirely, the Black Crane pants in white. Where I live, I think they will be good for our summer evenings, as the marine layer cools us down.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Under The Influence

  4. Jen says

    Navy has totally become my new black. ;-) After years of exclusively wearing black, I’ve come around to liking navy a lot. And I like navy and black together.

    What size is that top? I ordered the past season version of the wrap top from Gilt, and got a size 3, and it was so tiny I could barely get it on. And I usually wear a size 3 top in JP with some room. It was very odd, as I’m more used to having to size down in the JP tops.

    I love this outfit on you, it looks chic and comfortable, the best combo.

    • says

      the top is a size 2. that’s weird about yours though. i wonder how different it is…this one is VERY drapey, more than it looks on the model even (I’m sure they pinned or taped it somewhere), so i’m sure a size 3 would work for you in this one if that’s your “normal” size. i’m sure it will get discounted for sample sale time, so i’m not too worried about missing out on it. i WILL have it, just not for full price. anyway, i went back to exchange it and got something WAYY better for me!!

  5. Maryann says

    I love the draped top. I have tried a few on but never feel comfortable in them so they never made it out of the shop.

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit on you! You look so freakin’ fit, so classy, and like you’re going somewhere nice. ( You’re goin’ places, lady! ????) I think you could possibly be right about the top being just a tad too big for you in the shoulders, but it’s certainly not noticeable to the average human eye. Of course, the average fashionista eye has x-Ray vision, so Anna Wintour would notice.

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how you pulled-off the drapery top with the fuller bottoms. It’s a very flattering combo. (I still have a stinging comment made about my “ass looking like 2 cats fighting in a burlap sack” while I was wearing linen drawstring pants. Note to parents: Don’t put your kids down about their appearance or weight.)


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