Outfit: J Crew Field Jacket

AG legging jeans
LnA t-shirt
Splendid thermal long sleeve tee
J Crew Field Jacket (on sale for $103 at J Crew)
Repetto BB flats
Jas M.B. bag

Whew! Are you finished shopping? I hope not, because I’m sure there will be lots more great deals before the end of the year. One of which is the J Crew field jacket – on sale for $103 through tomorrow at J Crew. My dad bought mine for me when he was here, thinking it would work for Amsterdam. It will not. It’s 54 degrees today and I’m cold…But then again, I’m only wearing tees underneath. The jacket is great for what it is: a lightweight, water-resistant, outer-layer for cooler, but not cold weather. I’m wearing a size large, although I originally got the XL so it would be bigger and more layer-able, but it turned out to be way too big on me.

Speaking of Amsterdam, I got the Uniqlo ultra light down parka yesterday and it’s too small (I ordered a large). Well, actually it’s too small and too big. It was a teeny bit big on top and barely zipped up over my hips/butt. I’m really disappointed, and am going to send it back. I would have exchanged it for the jacket style, which is shorter, but they’re sold out of my size and color :( So I think I’ll have to take my old Marc by MJ wool peacoat and just layer with lots of cashmere to stay warm!

And finally, the jeans. I got the AG ankle legging jeans from Shopbop with some credit I had and I’m not convinced that I’ll keep them yet (I haven’t worn them out). I love them, and would like to never ever take them off, but they’re not that different than the HELMUT leggings I just got. Except they’re jeans. Hmm….

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  1. irene says

    Oh, it’s too bad the Uniqlo jacket didn’t work out! I hope they restock. I’m also a big fan of the HeatTech items, which are GREAT for layering.

  2. eleanor says

    I love my field jacket – it’s great for light rain too since it’s water-resistant. I wasn’t sure about its usefulness in the winter due to its lack of lining, but I have found that with a scarf, gloves, and a hat it does pretty well since it keeps the wind out. (Of course I’m an East Coast girl so I don’t dig out the winter coats until it’s *really* cold—no down until it’s below freezing.)

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Are these AG’s the ones that Sydney and I both love? I have never tried the HL ones. I love your jacket! So cute. I’d be sweating up a storm, however, with all of those layers. It’s about 32 here today and I’ve got on a Splendid tank with a lightweight Nation LTD dolman sleeve tee over it and I’m warm (inside)!
    Are you finding, like I am, that it’s very hard to find exactly the right fit in a garment that’s ready to wear? I have been having troubles with my old J Crew standby, the Perfect Shirt, lately. The upper arms are tight but it fits everywhere else. GRRR… And similar probs with your uniqlo jacket on some of my other brands. What’s up with fit? Have American women changed or have the manufacturer’s fit models changed?

    • says

      i’m not sure which ones sydney likes…

      there’s hardly anything i try on that fits PERFECTLY. i almost always want to change at least one thing about a piece. except these AG jeans, they’re kind of perfect. i have the upper arm issue as well – that’s why i have a hard time with Equipment. And don’t even get me started on my hips. it’s not news that women have hips. granted, some are larger than others, but most of us have them, why is it so hard for designers to accomodate them??

      • Mamavalveeta03 says

        Agreed. I feel like things are just cut on a more slim model these days. I don’t know…could be wrong about that and maybe I’m just bigger! (the jeans are the “Prima” midrise stretch jean)

  4. Lina says

    Hi, i am new here. I thought I just stop by and help you with your quest for a jacket for your trip to Amsterdam. I live in Europe and December can be really cold and rainy. I don’t know at wich price point you are looking for, but have you ever heard of the brand wellensteyn? They make water-resistant, warm jackets in several styles, sporty and more elegant. They are a little expensive and I don’t really know if they have a boutique in the US, but you can find their site and have a look. For me it is important to have a waterproof jacket, because I don’t like carrying an umbrella.
    Sorry for the long post, nice blog, thank you for accommodating me.

    • says

      thanks for your input lina! my ultimate goal was to find a jacket that was warm and waterproof, but my budget right now is very very tight, so i’m pretty limited! i do like the wellensteyn jackets very much though, thanks for your suggestion! when i have money, and if we continue to do “off season” traveling to cold climates, i’ll definitely invest in something ‘perfect’ – although for now, i’ll have to make due with what i have!

    • says

      your link isn’t working, but i’m pretty sure this is the one i wanted to get since the parka didn’t fit…but i don’t like the current selection of colors/sizes. i wish i wasn’t so color-averse sometimes 😉

    • says

      i took a 32, and i usually take a 31 in AG jeans. but for skinny, i size up. they have stretched a bit with a day of wear, but not enough to size down IMO

  5. amy says

    it’s a really muted olive color really awesome, the lining is hot pink but you barely see it. Fun without screaming COLOR!

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