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HELMUT leggings
CP Shades Carine plaid top – link goes to a black one at Worthwhile, I got mine from Isaay.com – I also have a gray flannel version – for $36 before they (apparently) closed up shop…I HIGHLY recommend all things CP Shades – EVEN full-price.
Demy Lee sweater (sold out)
Swedish Hasbeens clogs
Jerome dreyfuss Billy Bag with added long strap

Sorry for the plea, but I really need your input on something. I get a lot of emails from people asking about sizing, colors, fit, fabrics, etc., for the brands I talk about here (Inhabit, James Perse, etc.,) and I always answer them to the best of my ability, but sometimes I don’t have experience with a certain piece or fabric and I wish we had a place here for readers to post questions and get answers from the broader community. I think I added a message board/forum to Grechen’s Closet a few years ago and it didn’t take, but I’m seriously considering doing it again. Not that I mind the emails (I love the emails!!), but I also love the idea of making a place where you guys can post your questions about things I mention or talk about and get other opinions – besides just mine 😉

And I’ve also gotten some wonderful notes from readers wanting to join me on my weight loss journey; wouldn’t it be fun to have a place here to support each other?

Anyway, I’m totally on board with adding a forum here, but there needs to be enough participation from the community (you guys!) to make it really worthwhile and helpful to everyone. Are you interested? Would you participate? Please let me know your thoughts!!!

Thank you :)

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  1. Karin says

    I love the idea of a forum. Clothing is a challenge because of my weight so I would join in on the forum. When I found your site I had to look through many of your posts to figure out size and if it would fit me. Knowing someones weight means less than knowing there size, height and shape. I like how you would put down the size and if you bought it to fit loose or snug. Thank you for your site. It is so nice to see real clothes on a real woman that I can wear in my real day to day life.

  2. says

    I would like it if each brand could have an overview/main page where readers could vote on a few main questions- like sizing (does the line generally run small or run big), do readers feel that the item is good quality/lasting, etc. Down the line you could add to the main brand page by listing the areas where the brand seems to excel, the comparable brands, and the common complaints, based on the comments that show up on this blog and in the forum. It would be nice to be able to get a quick answer on those common questions without looking back at potentially lengthy threads. Then maybe commenters could have the freedom to initiate other conversations or ask more specific questions within the brand’s subforum.

    • says

      i would love to do that too – maybe we can do it in comments on a post or something, i’ll put it together. but i think a forum would be a good addition as well, that way all the information will be in one place. for eternity 😉

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I like the idea of a forum, but I’ve been on other sites where the thread gets SO long that it’s impossible to sort through, and I don’t end up reading it. So I am a fan of “Sarge’s” idea. Some process of sorting,categorizing…etc. (I’m thinking out loud here). Count me in!

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