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Splendid leggings
H&M mini skirt
LOFT striped top
No6 Clogs
Jas M.B. bag

It’s warm enough for bare legs here today, but in principle, I’m opposed to bare legs in January. Don’t ask me to explain.

Also, I’m behind on this, but is there anything I can help you find? What are you guys looking for? And what should I do for my essentials this week? Any suggestions?

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I feel the same way about bare legs in January…could be that I grew up in Wisconsin, and lived for a time in Minnesota, where 35 degrees below zero temps were NOT uncommon! (bare legs would have meant committal to a psych ward) I usually wear black on my bottom half anyway if I’m doing a skirt, or a dress for that matter, so black opaque tights work great.

    Essentials this week: How about the perfect belts? Or maybe booties?

    And I do have a search for you, for which I’ve had NO luck: I would love to find a long-sleeved cotton knit sweater in an oversized tee shape, like my favorite Nation LTD pieces, or my Free People thermal (shorter in front, longer in back). But because of my itchiness, it has to be cotton! Thx, Grechen! <3

    • says

      you are in my head. i tried on an AMAZING vince sweater yesterday that is exactly what you’re describing. maybe not in the price range though…
      any more details?

      • Mamavalveeta03 says

        I was thinking Vince, too. But it would depend on how expensive it is. I really didn’t WANT to spend more than $100, but if it were a little more than that, I could handle it. I have scoured the sales sections for T by Alexander Wang, Vince, Daftbird, Wilt, and no luck. I’m open to colors (I love navy, grey, rust, chartreuse-yes, really!-deep green, wine or plum, so pretty much anything but hot pink or yellow. Size L.
        You’re a gem of a person!

    • says

      you would have to give me a hard one…
      i’m finding a few things, not a lot on sale though, since now, all the sale pieces are cashmere, etc…not cotton.
      anyway, i’ll have a post tomorrow, i hope :)

      • Mamavalveeta03 says

        Well, OK, so let’s say it doesn’t have to be cotton, but just not pure wool (or not itchy wool!!!). I’m just afraid of spending a lot of money on a wool blend that ends up itching. Thanks so much for doing all of this leg-work for me! I’ll try not to be so rough on you next time! 😉

  2. Robin P says

    I second the vote on belts for the essentials!

    And on that note, I am looking for a double or triple wrap belt. I just bought a triple wrap rag and bone on sale, but it was way smaller than they listed and I had to return it :(

    I can’t do bare legs right now either, unless I am running.

    • says

      i can’t really do an “essentials” post on belts, since i only own one, and NEVER EVER wear them!! (essentials are more my own experience with things). but i can do a find me post…coming next week!!

      • Mamavalveeta03 says

        You know, now that I think about it, neither do I. So I don’t really know why I suggested that….”Earth to Val! Earth to Val? Come in, Val!”

  3. Jessie says

    Hi Grechen! I would love your help/expertise on a current search obsession. I’m looking for some cool motorcycle boots, leather, something along the lines of Fiorentini and Baker, Frye, n.d.c. made by hand, etc. – BUT under $200. I’m pretty open color-wise, I like tans, browns, grays, distressed blacks. I’d prefer not all black unless it has some interesting hardware. I like the biker boots from Madewell – I’d prob have to get them on ebay to fit the budget, but I’m also curious if you know anything about how those hold up. The only other requirement is I have to be able to tuck in skinny jeans.


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