Outfit: I Can’t Help It


AG Legging ankle jeans (on sale at Shopbop now, but after having these for a while, I do recommend sizing down. Can you see how baggy they are in my knees? Miraculously, I’ll wear these, put them back in the closet and pull them out again NOT baggy, but they stretch so much just wearing an hour or so. They don’t look like legging jeans anymore…)
Splendid long-sleeve top (mine is v-neck)
Dansko clogs
Jas M.B. bag (same style as the one linked, but different color)
James Perse hooded sweatshirt

When this James Perse sweatshirt, poncho, hoodie-thing popped-up on sale at Shopbop with the extra 20% off recently, I couldn’t help myself; I’m a sucker for a good grey sweatshirt. I get it though, it’s not very flattering on me, and hides my waist under the oversized fit, but it’s oh-so warm & cozy that I decided to keep it anyway. sue me. 😉

Oh, and remember when I said I was going to grow my bangs out? I lied. Not really, but when I went to see my stylist yesterday we talked about my long-term hair goals and tried out different options and I just kept thinking that I need to keep my bangs. I’m definitely growing my hair out again, but I think a short bob with bangs is the perfect hairstyle for me, so hopefully in a couple months, I’ll be there. I’m so tired of waiting…I’m actually thinking of trying out a drastically new hair color to make things a little more interesting during this painful growing out phase. Maybe brown/orange/red??

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love the new cut! I really do think that bangs are VERY flattering to your face. So why not stick with what works (That being said, do I EVER stick with what works? No! I think we women have an “experiment with your hair” gene.) Hair color….hmm…I’ll have to think about that one. Why do you want to go radical? One word of caution: When you go red and you have a lot of pink in your skin, it just makes it look pinker! I should know… ;-(
    Same thing with the sweatshirt from JP, if you love it (and you know you do)then wear it!
    Oh, and the AG jeans came from haute look already…and I couldn’t even get them over my thighs!!! I think they are mismarked, because I have other pairs of AG’s in a 32 and they are perfect. But they’re final sale, so ebay, here I come! (which makes me very nervous given that my daughter has experienced 2 non-payments in the past month!).

    • says

      oh..sorry about the AG’s. you could try threadflip, i sold a bag on there pretty quickly, and they handle all the money and stuff for you. they take a percentage, but it’s non-hassle. i’m going to try and unload my itchy club monaco cardigan there ;(

  2. says

    Love the sweatshirt! I found a lot of great deals on shopbop, including the cute grey dress by Velvet, the other day and got the extra off thanks to your post. Thanks for posting it! Things I’m looking for now are scarves (especially with pink in it) and riding boots (black) if you know where any good deals are I would appreciate it.

  3. Susan says

    First of all, Grechen, I love your hair right now. It’s so cute. Stop worrying about the grow-out because it looks fantastic. Believe me on this one. I’ve been watching the Grechen hair evolution for a few years now and it looks great at the moment, seriously!

    And, I love your outfit today. Mainly because I bought the same JP sweatshirt thing on the 20% off day (thanks for the tip!) and it is just as you describe. Not exactly the most flattering thing on me either, but SO comfortable and cozy and therefore I already love wearing it! I’m thinking staightleg jeans and my favorite silver Simple sneakers will look cute with it but will need a pop of color for the handbag. Right? I just got a royal blue Rebecca Minkoff Cupid for Christmas, so I’ll try that first. :-)

    • says

      yay!! James Perse twins :)

      i do like my hair now, and i loved it when it was shorter too, but it’s just way too much maintenance for me…the pixie cut was anyway. i really just have an aversion to doing much to my hair – i don’t even like washing it – so the easier it is to style, the better. i just need something that looks great without any effort. a few more inches on the bottom and i think it will be just what i need…

      and LOL at the “grechen hair evolution”….

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