Outfit: I’m thankful for my legs

James Perse leggings
H&M Dress
J Crew field jacket ($103 now at J Crew with code WISHLIST)
Candace Ang necklace (n/a)
PLAY CdG x Converse shoes
Jas M.B. bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)

Happy Friday! It’s a bit rainy here (that just means a few drops here and there…) so I’m excited to wear my J Crew field jacket again.

I’m going back to my putting-something-on-and-not-changing way of dressing again, because I’ve been way too stressed out and “worried” about what I wear lately. This is such an easy outfit, and not bad looking really, even though it makes me look a foot shorter than I am. But whatever, I’m short. And my legs are chunky. But they get me around, and I am SO THANKFUL for that; it’s too easy to take for granted being able to walk. When we were in Amsterdam, in the Anne Frank House especially, which is very narrow and you have to climb a lot of stairs, there were a few people using crutches and in wheelchairs. Of course they could experience it as well, but not in the same way I can, so I realized more acutely (again) that I shouldn’t take having the full use of my legs for granted; it could change at any moment.

I am thankful most of all for my sturdy legs, they allow me to walk for hours around beautiful European cities. That is my mantra from now on 😉

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love that, Grechen! I’m even kind of weepy over that, because I should love myself that way. You inspire me….again <3

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