Outfit: I don’t care

HELMUT leggings
Rick Owens (lilies, DRKSDW, I don’t know…) tunic from My Habit (I wish I had a dozen of these…)
Dieppa Restrepo Loafers (mine are nubuck and a year or so old)
Vince cardigan (old)
Jas M.B. bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)
Lizzie Fortunato jewels necklace (old)

You know how there’s a button to get rid of red-eye in picture editing software? I wish there was also a button that opens your eyes when you have them closed. Oh well…sorry my eyes are closed, but you’ve seen them before – and this was the best outfit picture I got.

Anyway, I don’t care. I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a LONG post on my feelings about my legs, insecurities, etc., but then I said “f— it” and deleted it all. I’m too old for that shit. (I can say that now, since I’m 40 ;)). Seriously. I have thick legs. Duh. They’ll always be thick, even if I lose 50 pounds. Big deal. That has exactly zero impact on anyone else’s life, and it should have even less impact on MY life.

This is what’s supposed to happen as you get older, right? you stop living your life for others and start living it for yourself. Not that I haven’t done that, generally, but I have spent a disproportionate amount of time worrying about my legs/hips/thighs/butt and how others might judge my sartorial choices. I’d like to be finished with that now. I don’t care what you think.

Consider yourself warned. I’m going to start wearing my Dansko clogs with abandon…

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  1. Irena says

    Good for you Grechen! Who cares what people think unless it’s a compliment lol. I think your legs look great. Love the outfit too.

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I was noticing how quickly your hair has grown! A lot of progress already. I don’t think other notice our supposed “faults” the way we notice our own. I focus on my big nose all the time, and how much weight I’ve gained. But I realize, it’s NOT a healthy message to send to my 14-yr. old daughter. We should love ourselves! (Love fest <3 )

  3. Shannon says

    You go girl! I totally agree. My body is not perfect, but I’m 47 now, and you know….time to just be me..and like it!

  4. says

    Grechen you look fab, love the outfit! As you know we are our own worst critics. My legs are not my favorite part of my body but they carry me around.

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