Outfit: Inhabit NY #1

AG Stevie Ankle jeans (LOVE)
James Perse tank top
Inhabit NY cotton cardigan (mine is super-old, nothing similar available right now)
Dansko mary jane clogs (told you ;))
Jas M.B. bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)
Dannijo necklace

Happy Monday!! First, I want to remind you to enter to win a VKOO cashmere sweater if you haven’t already – today’s the last day!

I’m going to be announcing a new giveaway on Wednesday, with Inhabit NY (!!) so I thought I’d feature outfit pictures this week with my all-time favorite Inhabit pieces. It’s going to be tough, because the weather here is NOT conducive to cashmere right now, so I might have to cheat a bit and not actually WEAR the items. Although I will definitely be wearing my Inhabit cashmere in Amsterdam over the weekend and early next week :)

I also picked up these AG Stevie ankle jeans late last week and finally decided to keep them. I love them, but I wanted to make sure they’d be comfortable and versatile enough to be worth the money. They are. The only place I’ve seen the ankle length is at Anthropologie, which is okay because I was able to use my birthday discount to get them. And I definitely wanted the ankle because every single time I hem a pair of jeans, I’m a little disappointed in the way they turn out. It’s not my tailor (she’s great), it’s just that the denim changes when it’s hemmed. You know what I mean?

So I’ve decided that I’m taking these, my AG legging jeans and my Helmut leggings to Amsterdam. Should be sufficient, and warm enough I think. And I’m definitely taking my Dansko clogs. To wear with socks of course. Although I LOATHE socks; don’t ask why. They served me wonderfully in Alaska where there was still snow on the ground and it was very damp and cold, so I can’t think of better shoes for Amsterdam. I know they’re not the most attractive shoes ever (although I quite like them), but they are comfortable for lots of walking, and great in snow and rain.

Told you you’d be seeing them more often πŸ˜‰

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    • says

      i sent it back. i’m just going to bring my marc by mj wool peacoat and my j crew field jacket for warmer days. if we are going to continue taking winter trips, i think i’ll start saving up for a good puffer jacket. i’m just getting used to this buying stuff just for travel thing…it’s hard for me, because they never get the cost per wear that i like, but i’m always glad when i have “the right thing”

  1. Patti says

    Have been reading about your packing angst for your upcoming trip. Totally get what you are going through πŸ˜‰ I was in Amsterdam and Brussels a few years back in mid-December and have to tell you that for a Florida-raised girl, it was cold! Think wool scarf, gloves, the whole bit. I did not pack the right shoes and had to break down and buy some Ugg-like crazy fuzzy boots while there to keep my feet warm. They were hideous, but kept my toes toasty and made my trip much more enjoyable. Just some advice based on my experience… Have a wonderful trip!!!!

    • says

      thanks patti! i’m hoping i’ll be okay with my boots and clogs, but i’ll keep my eye out for crazy fuzzy boots if i get cold πŸ˜‰
      i have great scarves, a hat and gloves, and cashmere sweaters, so i’m hoping i’ll be good up top at least!

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love how well your Inhabit pieces have stood the test of time! They look like they could be new (at least in photos, they do!). Stay warm and have a great time in Amsterdam!

  3. joannawnyc says

    I’m a big fan of that clog style (though I can’t wear Dansko comfortably due to a high instep). I don’t think it’s unattractive at all! Though I don’t like them with skirts, really, but that’s up to you. They are super comfortable for walking and standing, and that’s what counts.

    • says

      true. i had the “regular” pair of dansko clogs that i wore when i worked at starbucks. i couldn’t have done it without them, there’s no better shoe for standing & walking than dankos!

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