Find Me…an oversized cotton sweater

This Find me…post is thanks to Val, and her quest for a 100% cotton oversized sweater. As I’ve already told her, this turned out to be quite a challenge! And I did a poor job of keeping to her “around $100” price range, because as you get much cheaper than $100, you’re entering into acrylic/poly territory and I wanted to stay far away from that…And since not all of the spring/summer collections are out yet, there is still an overabundance of cashmere, and not a lot of cotton sweaters. Except for Vince. Which I recommend HIGHLY.


from L to R (yes, they’re all 100% cotton):
Soft Joie sweater | $138 at Joie
LA Made striped sweater | $70 at Revolve

Vince v-neck slub sweater | $145 at Shopbop (also in a gorgeous geranium color) – I tried this on and it is wonderful. I loved the way it fit and was longer in the back. A lot of Vince tops are weird on the arms on me, and this one isn’t because it doesn’t have the seam at the upper arm. I HIGHLY recommend this one Val ;))

Vince oversized cotton boatneck sweater | $135 at Shopbop (in the interest of research, I tried this one on yesterday and was quite impressed. The color is weirdly flattering, and it’s still a good oversized shape. The arms were a little tight on me, but I did like the overall shape. I’d go with the v-neck though…)

Hope hooded top | $70 at La Garconne (after 20% off sale items with code JAN2013) – I couldn’t resist this one, in spite of how sickly the model looks. And the hood.

honorable mentions :
Vince raglan tee | $95 at Barney’s
Velvet by Graham and Spencer mesh pullover | $125 at Revolve (it sold out as I was working on this post)

Also, I always recommend Inhabit NY cotton, but they don’t make many oversized pieces.

Do you have any 100% cotton sweater recommendations? Please share!

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    OMG! Have I told you lately, just how amazing I think you are? If not, I think you’re AMAZING!!! This is great. You know exactly what I am looking for and the two pieces by Vince, esp., hit the nail right on the head. I keep looking at that yellow and wondering, would it work for me? I never wear that color, but maybe I should??? I have to say, the Vince at is my fave, and you’re SO right: v-necks are best for me (I used to have a neck…where did it go??) and the geranium sounds lovely. Gonna’ go check it out right now. Thanks a MILLION!!!! <3

    • says

      that yellow is really nice actually, i was surprised at how good it looked on me! i would still recommend the v-neck one though, the arms fit better and it’s a little longer in the back. i will get it eventually, hopefully i can wait until it goes on sale 😉 the geranium is soooo pretty, it looks really good on too, but you know me and color…

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’ve had that same issue with the arms in some of my Vince long sleeved tees. Kind of tight. But this one looks great. I love reds, had I mentioned that in my request? Probably not because of my menofog. But it’s perfect!

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