How to clean denim stains off light leather

After I posted my review of my new Fullum & Holt handbag from Emmy’s Boutique, I contacted Emily (from Emmy’s Boutique) and asked her if she could find out from Fullum & Holt how I should clean the denim stains off my bag. She was so gracious to ask for me, and Fullum & Holt responded that they recommended I clean the stains with dishwashing soap and warm water <--but make sure the dishwashing soap is clear...not blue LOL (talk about defeating the purpose!). Seemed easy enough, and logical, so I tried it out with some ivory liquid dish soap, a white cloth, and a little warm water. I did have to rub quite a bit to remove the stain, but as you'll see, while the leather still has a hint of color to it, the "stains" are largely gone. I was a bit worried about leaving soap residue behind on the bag, but I haven't noticed that it's a problem. Before: hfbagbefore



You can definitely still see the hint of blue on the leather, but it’s not as blatant IMO as before – at least there aren’t big blotches anymore. Overall, I’m very happy with the progress, and will definitely try it out on some other bags. Why can’t they just fix dark denim so it doesn’t stain?? That would be so much easier…

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  1. Mamavalveeta says

    Thanks for posting this Grechen–I’ve been waiting with “baited breath”–especially since I contacted Rebecca Minkoff and they were no help at all. Pretty much, “Take it to a leather cleaner, lady!”

    I, too, have tried everything to prevent dark denim from bleeding (I washed my J Crew dark rinse trouser jeans with vinegar about 3 times! No luck…).

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