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New things for sale HERE!!!

So you know I’ve been trying to minimal-ize my clothing lately, and generally I think I am being quite successful. But then I got out my sandals/summer shoes a couple of days ago, and OMG, I have more shoes than I know what to do with. I think because they’ve been put away for so long I forgot they were there, and a few I’ve just been collecting, but really don’t wear, so I decided at midnight last night that I NEED to get rid of them all. Then I couldn’t sleep because I was so overwhelmed by all the shoes. So here they are…

For reference, I normally wear a size 8/38 shoe and all the shoes I’m selling fit me very well. If you’re interested in something, please email me (grechen – at – to confirm or ask questions. I’m happy to send more pictures or answer any questions I can.

I’ll accept payment via PayPal and the item is not yours until I receive it! I will make every effort to ship things out within 24 hours. I’ll use USPS priority mail shipping and will base shipping on the size box I’ll have to use. If the shoes come with dustbags I’ll send them inside them but NOT in their own box. You can definitely buy more than one thing :)

First, some clothing:

SOLD Splendid woven athletic pants – mine are a lighter green (seen here), size large – the elastic in the waist is slightly twisted, but otherwise, they are in perfect condition. I’ve always washed them in cold water and hung to dry. I find these to be VERY stretchy. They’ll be tight when you put them on (these are tight on me, and I usually wear a medium in bottoms) and by the time i wear them around for a bit they stretch out. $35

SOLD Etoile Isabel Marant long cotton guaze skirt – size 38, black. It pains me to part with this, but it’s just too much for me right now (last seen here). I wore this comfortably when I was a size 10-12. It is double-layered and has a drawstring waist. In excellent condition (has only been DRY CLEANED – never washed in cold water), except for a small “tear” in the front, which is hardly noticeable. I stepped on it in the front and tore a little of the fabric. $75

SOLD James Perse slub button front 3/4 sleeve shirt in white, size 4 – in great condition – old, but doesn’t look it! Last seen on me here. $25



1 Splendid criss-cross wedges – size 7.5, hardly worn. $35 (similar to these – same footbed – at Zappos)

2 Calvin Klein platform sandals – size 8 – excellent condition, barely worn – $35

3 Kurt Geiger platform peep-toe clogs – size 38, in really good condition, but there’s a chip out of the wood on the toe of the left shoe. If I was going to keep them, I’d take a sharpie and just color it in…$35

4 Vince Kia flats – leather “snake” print, size 7.5 (eur 38 – they fit a size 8 US) – in great condition, this is their first sneaker and really comfortable. The leather is very soft, textured and malleable – NOT stiff like a regular sneaker, more like canvas. Seen on me here. $35

5 Ishvara Ibiza black leather sandals – size 38 (8). Hardly worn, I got them at Saks last year during F&F…they’re in perfect condition, some wear on the bottom. $75

SOLD 6 n.d.c. made by hand flat sandals – gold, size 38, in great condition. $50

7 No6 Clogs – Olive with black bottoms, size 39 in great condition, seen on me here$75

SOLD 8 No6 Clogs lace up peep-toe slingbacks – size 39, in excellent condition, seen on me here – in “penguin” which is a nice light gray/green color – $75

SOLD 9 Matt Bernson love sandals, both size 8, one black and one silver. They’re pretty old, honestly, and well broken in, but still look generally good. The black pair always felt a little smaller on me, so I didn’t wear them as much. The silver pair I wore a lot, but not in the last several years. $20 each or $30 for both.

These two I couldn’t really put a price on, and they aren’t in great condition (just good), but will entertain offers if you’re interested:

10 Melissa Plastic sandals – so cute and comfortable, I’d always get a ton of comments when I wore these. They’re still in very good condition; perfect for the beach or pool as an alternative to flip flops.

11 Swedish Hasbeens low clogs – size 38 – “natural” color. They’ve been treated with olive oil, but have some water spots on them which can probably be cleaned off. Not worn very often, the soles are still in great condition. Already broken in for you ;)

12 Riudavets “avarcas” sandals in copper, size 38 – they are just a teeny bit snug on me right now, but they are generally comfortable for a size 8. Hardly worn, but so cute…just not “me” – $75

13 Camper wedges – size 8 – seen here on me, similar style at Zappos. In very good condition, no real signs of wear except on the sole. SUPER comfortable. $75



Repetto x Rodarte BB flats – size 39 – in great condition – seen here. I always take a size 39 in Repetto flats, but these are just a teeny bit bigger feeling, so they might work better if you’re a size 8.5 rather than a size 8. They still fit me, there’s just room, if that makes sense. I didn’t wear these as much as I’d hoped I would – I have no idea why…but now you can if you’ve always loved them! Repetto doesn’t come with dustbags, so I’ll send them in an extra one I have, or I can send the box if you ask for it. $100

SOLD Jas M.B. perforated hoboseen hereand here – more details at Barney’s Warehouse$150 (this is an amazing bag, just too big for me now. It comes with two different straps you can change out, has tons of pockets and is great for wearing crossbody too)

Again, everything will go to the first person who emails me/pays for the item. If you’re outside the US, I don’t mind shipping to you if you’ll cover the cost of all that’s entailed. Please email me if you have ANY questions at all. (grechen – at –

Happy Friday!!

Outfit // Weekend Homework


Hope News Trouser | I’m wearing size 40
VKOO cashmere sweater | gift from VKOO, they’re out of business now unfortunately
Repetto BB flats
Admonish leather bag | similar styles available in the shop
Candace Ang necklace | old

Following on yesterday’s post and another gem I found over at The Vivienne Files (dream wardrobe post), I’m going to spend the weekend in my closet.

I love Janice’s idea of her dream wardrobe – and I thought I would just create favorite outfits for now, leading up to a dream wardrobe. As I’m going through and cleaning out and taking inventory of my closet(s), I’ll make note of my absolute favorite outfits and either photograph them, or create collages with them, so I can have evidence! Oh…I wonder if I can find a Polaroid camera! there have to be some still around – wouldn’t it be great to have photos of favorite outfits right there in my closet, so I am reminded whenever I’m in there the combinations I love? I could print digital photos I guess also…

Here’s my problem though – everything I own goes together (neutrals FTW!!) and I only buy/keep things I love. Or maybe I don’t. I do have things in my closet that I THINK I love, but then I put them on and take them off again only to wear something else. That will be part of my homework this weekend, then also, putting things on and noting if I want to take it off again in favor of something else I like better, or something that looks better on me. Those things I take off most frequently should go in the “get rid of” pile – or at least be relegated to the other closet for a while. If I never go back to claim them, THEN it’s time to get rid of them.

I’m going to be a busy, busy girl!!! Good thing my husband’s away all weekend, so I can spread out and make a mess ;)

I also need to finalize my packing list for San Francisco next week (we’re leaving on Wednesday to go to Austin, then flying to SFO on Thursday from Austin, returning on Sunday). I think I’ve got my outfits mostly down, and I know that for 5 days I should only really bring two pairs of pants (according to Laurel’s packing math!), but I can’t really do that if I bring my James Perse sweatpants because they’re really only good for two wears. UGH.

Hopefully it will all come together after I spend some time in deep with my clothes. And a nice bottle of red wine ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

Repetto Flats on Sale at Forward by Elyse Walker

There are several great pairs of Repetto flats on sale at Forward by Elyse Walker right now, my favorite pair, the Distressed in Silver still has lots of sizes available! For reference, I usually wear a size 8 but in Repetto flats I take a 39, sometimes 38.5.

repetto sale

Repetto suede flat in navy | $168 (size 36 left)
Repetto distressed lambskin flat in silver | $171 (lots of sizes still available!)
Repetto glazed flat in floyd | $176 (sizes 36.5, 38, 38.5 and 40 available)
Repetto flat in rosegold | $186 (36.5, 38.6, 40, 40.5 and 41 available)
Repetto flat in cuba | $203 (37 and 40.5 available)

Repetto Sale at Yoox

Yoox has quite a few Repetto flats (formerly BB, now Cendrillion) on sale. I recommend sizing up at least 1/2 size from your normal. I prefer to size up one full size. (as always, they are selling out super-fast!!). Also use code LOVEMOM for 15% off through 5/3 – it’s only valid on the Spring/Summer collection.

Outfit | Always in flats


Splendid leggings
Converse one star skirt from Target
H&M striped top
Inhabit cotton cardigan (no longer available)
Jas M.B. bag (on SALE!! I highly recommend this bag)
Repetto perforated BB flats

I’m such a bad short person. Although, as Sophie mentioned on my post yesterday, I’m not actually short; at 5’3″ I am exactly average. woohoo! Anyway, I used to love to wear heels – nearly every time I’d leave the house, I’d wear heels of some sort (mostly clogs & wedges, but still). Lately, though, I default to flats. I’ve succumbed to ease and comfort over everything else, and I can’t even use the “busy mom” excuse. I think I still look stylish, but I would FEEL more stylish, less like I’ve given up if I put on a pair of heels every once in a while.

This really hit home on Saturday when my husband and I went to a party and all the ladies were “dressed up” in dresses & heels. I had no idea what to expect; it was at the couples house and I didn’t know anyone, so I defaulted to chic, but “normal” and comfortable, wearing my Repetto bb flats in “nude,” black jeans and a Tory Burch cardigan. The hostess’ mother (who is very stylish and not old at all) was even wearing high wedges (I’m pretty sure they were satin Pedro Garcia wedges – remember those from a few years ago?) and here I am, wearing my “comfort” shoes. I wasn’t worried about it at the time, and honestly didn’t think about it much, but since then, I’ve really been starting to think I’ve given up.

I used to make an effort, but here in Austin, NO ONE dresses up or wears heels, and I was always feeling a little out of place, so I started to do my own version of Austin-chic, without being too Austin if you get what I mean. I still feel relatively dressed up in Austin, because, you know, I’m wearing PANTS, and not flip-flops, but I don’t know when or why I started to want to blend in more. I’ve never wanted to blend in…

So, even though I would probably have worn flats tonight to the grand re-opening part of MOSS (my favorite designer consignment store EVER), I’m going to suck it up and wear my super-high Robert Clergerie wedges instead.

Do you wear heels all the time? or flats? or do you think you’ve found the right balance?

Outfit : Elusive Quality


HELMUT cocoon leggings
CP Shades top
Repetto flats
Lizzie Fortunato necklace (not available)
Jerome Dreyfuss billy bag with added long strap (see my review here, where to buy Jerome Dreyfuss online here)

I think I have reasonable expectations of quality…I expect that leggings I paid $150 for would not start falling apart months after getting them. I exaggerate, they didn’t start falling apart, only the stitching at the waistband started unraveling (a lot) about a week ago. Yeah, that happened. I took them to my alterations lady and she fixed them, and re-enforced them for me, for about $7. No big deal, but should it have happened in the first place?

I’m writing a longer piece on this as we speak, so more on this later, but I still love these leggings, and I still recommend them, I just wonder if there is such a thing as an expectation of quality anymore….

Oh, and about this top. Aside from the obvious dissheveled look I have going on (I don’t own an iron, or a steamer – you know I don’t own anything that needs ironing! except for this top…), I LOVE LOVE LOVE this top and highly recommend it. Especially since it’s $36 at right now with code CLOTHING60 for 60% off (ALL SALES FINAL!!!). Well, not this color, but a really nice plaid. I love everything about this top, but mostly that it’s super-long in the back. It’s basically a mullet. It’s also very soft; so comfortable to wear.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a discussion on quality – in the mean time, share your thoughts. Do you have any expectation of quality anymore? or do you just have a really good go-to seamstress??

This week I love | Spring Colors

I’ve made a pact with myself: I don’t need any more clothes/shoes/bags, BUT, if I buy anything in the next few months, it must be a color – no more black, white or gray for me. I have enough “neutral basics,” what I need more of are accent colors. Like any of these:


Coral/Red | Splendid maxi skirt | $108 at Shopbop (remember my bright pink skirt from a couple of years ago? I kick myself everyday for selling it…this will be its replacement, and I WILL NEVER EVER SELL IT)

Pastels | Lizzie Fortunato calla lily pink necklace | $194 at Hampden Clothing after GRECHEN20 code for 20% off

Tangerine | Baggu Tangerine Pouch | $40 at Baggu

Lavender | Repetto Cendrillion flat in Argon | $275 at SSENSE (they’ve changed the name from BB to Cendrillon – I still think you should size up a full size ;))

Cobalt Blue | Loeffler Randall Pouchette | $195 at Loeffler Randall

Hot Pink | TKEES pop color flip flops | $50 at Shopbop (I don’t really wear flip-flops that much, because I forbid my stepson from wearing them when he’s with me during the summer…but when I do, I love my TKEES)

Natural | Swedish Hasbeens lacy sandal | $175 at Swedish Hasbeens (I REALLY REALLY REALLY love these…)

Green | Alexander Wang rocco bag in vine | $875 at Shopbop

What are your favorite spring colors? what color are you looking forward to adding to your wardrobe in the coming months? Do you wear color?

**just got this email from The Outnet: extra 40% off color-pop looks for the weekend. How convenient ;)

Outfit: H&M Basics

James Perse leggings
H&M mini skirt
James Perse tank top
H&M Cardigan
Repetto BB flats
Jas M.B. bag (mine has different hardware and is quilted, but is the same style/size as the one in the link)

Since we haven’t – until now – had an H&M in Austin, I only shop there when I visit Atlanta. And honestly, I don’t ever find much to buy, what I do buy, I don’t wear that often. BUT, I have always had in the back of my mind that I’d love to have a short black skirt to put on over leggings without spending a lot of money. I love the idea of these C&C California leggings with the built-in skirt, but I have leggings I like, I just needed the skirt. Of course, James Perse has a great ruched mini-skirt that would also work, but I didn’t want to spend $99 for something I would only wear with tights/leggings.

Anyway, while in Atlanta earlier this month, my sister and I took our usual trip to H&M where we tried on everything in the store and I ended up with this cardigan and mini-skirt. The cardigan isn’t anything special, but I have been living in the mini skirt. It’s the perfect thing to throw on top of leggings to keep my butt covered. I do wish it was a little more opaque, but for $5, I can’t really complain. Yep – $5. Eventually I’ll probably go back and get a charcoal version, a striped version and maybe a second black version. It’s so versatile; I can also see myself wearing it over my workout leggings if I need to run errands before/after.

That’s what I think H&M is good for, simple, really inexpensive pieces. I like some of their more interesting items also, but I feel like they’re pretty hit & miss. For the price, it seems like their basics are perfect for what they are.

What have you bought at H&M that’s really been worth it? What do you find the most value in?

Repetto Clothing | At least LOOK like a Ballerina

I don’t remember ever wanting to be a ballerina when I was a little girl; I played piano instead of took dance lessons. And I certainly don’t fancy myself one now, in spite of the fact that my PureBarre classes try to make me pretend that I am (I’m way too uncoordinated and clumsy to feel like a ballerina). But as you probably know, I am OBSESSED with Repetto. Mostly I fawn over (and buy) their ballet flats, but I also love the bags, and now the clothes.

repetto clothing

Each piece makes me swoon. When I watch ballet/ballerinas I am always taken by how graceful, light, and free they seem. Maybe I do long to be lighter, free-er and flow through life like a ballerina…perhaps that is what fuels my obsession with Repetto? Do my bb flats give me a little more grace?

What do you think of the new Repetto clothing line? Did you ever long to be a ballerina?

Outfit: The Year of Living

Goldsign jeans (leia style, very old!)
James Perse Casual tee
Splendid cardigan – on sale for $50 at Nordstrom in different colors
Repetto BB flats
Francesco Biasia tote bag (courtesy of Forzieri, see my review and enter to win your own!)
Cuff by Goti (courtesy of Forzieri)

So, it’s here. The big 4-0. While it’s silly to say “I feel different” – I do FEEL different. But the feeling’s been building over the last month or so. I think I just made a decision that I want to be different – I want to be better – I want to GROW UP – and I want to have FUN. And while it’s been difficult at times, I have begun to try and “fix” or at least deal with the stresses and then let go instead of dwell on them. I am trying to behave as if my actions have consequences (gasp! I know…it’s about time), which is why you haven’t seen me wear any new things that haven’t been gifts or purchased with credits (thank you Forzieri & Karen Kane, Beija-Flor, Sharon – and Leo), and it has been very hard for me (the Nordstrom half-yearly sale is KILLING ME!) although I am learning to love and be happy with what I have – which is a lot. I feel sad knowing that if I’d lived this way up until now, I would now have more freedom and money to spend on the things I WANT, but such is life and 40 isn’t too late to move forward doing the RIGHT thing. At least I hope not ;)

And while maybe I’m not exactly where I thought I would “be” at 40, I’m happy. I have the amazing privilege of doing what I love for a living (thanks to all of you), a wonderful husband & step-son and the best dog EVER (although Sharon’s are pretty awesome too with their new haircuts). Of course there are things I’d still like to work on and change, but that’s the point of life I think I might have been missing before: it’s not about getting to a place and then being done, it’s about what happens on the way, and NEVER being done.

Happy weekend! And I hope all of you who have been affected by Sandy are warm & dry – or at least will be soon.