Outfit : Online vs. Offline shopping


MiH Paris jeans (on sale for $69 at Barney’s Warehouse – they do run a bit small)
CP Shades blouse (not available online anymore!)
Rachel Comey sandals (not online anymore)
Jas M.B. bag (mine is the same, but quilted, and with black hardware)

My husband and I went shopping yesterday – he needed sport jackets/blazers – and I wanted to stop at Nordstrom and look for a comfortable, high, black wedge. I ended up with the Ivanka Trump “indico” kitten heel pump in a bright, floral print. I know…WTH? right? But since I’ve recently become enamored with a lower-heel pump, and I don’t have any dressy, pretty shoes for going out to fancy dinners and such, AND, my husband really liked these, he got them for me. They’re very comfortable, easy to walk in (though I can’t say I’d wear them out shopping or anything), and really pretty/fun for spring/summer. I can picture them being perfect with a slim pair of black pants and a silk blouse (when I can find one to fit me…).

While we were at Nordstrom, I also tried on a pair of Paul Green slashed leather “nude” high-heel peep-toe booties that were EXQUISITE. I can’t find them anywhere online, but I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, and so chic – not typical Paul Green. And I never would have tried them on if I hadn’t seen another woman trying them on first. If I’d seen them online, I probably wouldn’t have given them a second look – which leads me to my question/observation that I could not live by online shopping alone. I try on/buy a lot more things that I wouldn’t normally when I see them in person (a good think most of the time, except at Sephora, it’s the kiss of death).

Online shopping is my passion – well, more the hunt, and getting a deal online – and I think it’s wonderful for exposing smaller designers to more people, but I’m disappointed that some retailers close brick & mortar stores in favor of selling online only. I’m also encouraged that a lot of online-only retailers (Piperlime, etc) are opening B&M stores to people can get it and see things in person; sometimes there’s no substitute for that. As big a fan as I am of shopping online, I would never want that to be the ONLY way I had to shop…

What about you? Do you tend to buy more/try on more in person? or online? Do you do most of your shopping online?

30% off Rachel Comey shoes *today only*

Today ONLY, all FW12 Rachel Comey shoes are 30% off at Creatures of Comfort. The price should be adjusted automatically online, but I’ve tried to add a couple pairs to my cart and didn’t see a discount reflected there. Maybe they’re not ready yet, or maybe you need to go further through the checkout process. Anyway, I’ve ordered from CoC before and they’re very helpful, so if you have problems, just contact them.

DO NOT pass this up if you can do it!! I wish those rain booties were in my budget for my trip to Amsterdam…

rachel comey shoes 30% off

Outfit: James Perse is a genius

James Perse ruched pencil skirt (in stock and 20% off at Saks – use code AFF12 – in black, more sizes at James Perse, and in bluish-gray at Shopbop, also 20% off with code WEAREFAMILY)
James Perse funnelneck sweatshirt (old, not available anymore)
Rachel Comey sandals
Jas M.B. bag (black with quilting, sold out, but similar style here)

I don’t have to tell you again how much I love James Perse do I? I mean, I will…but I’m sure you know by now. I tried this pencil skirt on before, but wasn’t able to get it (got a Target pencil skirt instead) until now with the Saks friends & family coupon (and thanks also to my generous husband). I put it on and instantly knew I was going to leave with it. Maybe it’s just me, but I looked in the mirror and was all: “whoa who’s that?” for a second. I got a size 3 so it’s a bit snug, but in a good way, and not as long as the size 4 was on me. You can basically scrunch it up as much as you want to make it shorter, which is what I did, because it’s calf-length if it’s fully “extended”. But the ruching is SO flattering, it’s crazy. I’m sure I’ll wear this all the time; in every season. And I will definitely dry clean it (at home) instead of put it in the washing machine. I’m afraid it will end up too twisted if I don’t.

I’ve definitely got my money’s worth on this James Perse sweatshirt also, although it’s really too big on me now, but I love how it drapes and balances out the slim skirt. I’m going to look for something similar but smaller to replace it, perhaps this James Perse top will be “it”? It’s been in my cart at Shopbop since yesterday…What have you guys bought at Shopbop?? It’s the last day for the 20% off!!!

Oh, and my hair is done – I’m very happy with it now and think it will grow out beautifully. I’ve yet to get it colored, so I’m letting my grays be my “highlights” for now, but I’m trying to decide if I should go darker or lighter this time.

Outfit: Lanston dress at Shopbop

Lanston Dress ($96 after the WEAREFAMILY code for 20% off at Shopbop – mine is a size medium)
Demy Lee sweater
Rachel Comey clogs (old, not available anymore)
Lizzie Fortunato necklace (not available)
Jas M.B. bag (black with quilting, sold out, but similar style here)

You’ve seen this dress so many times you’re probably as sick of it as the T by Alexander Wang asymmetrical dress…but I’ve gotten so much use out of it in the year that I’ve had it, I wanted to make sure that you could snag it now for 20% off during Shopbop’s friends & family sale.

I’m wearing it today to convince myself that black is enough; I don’t need the gray one also, or anything else for that matter. I’ll let you know how it goes ;)

And in case you’re following along, I’m getting my hair cut later this afternoon, so tomorrow you’ll see the new do. I’ve obviously given up today, I pulled all my hair back to pretend that I don’t have any.

Outfit: Madewell Denim Wrap Skirt

Madewell Denim Wrap skirt (early birthday present from Sharon!!! sold out)
Equipment Brett blouse
Lizzie Fortunato jewels necklace (no longer available)
Rachel Comey sandals
Jas M.B. bag

I know I mention Sharon and Sydney often here, but I just want to also publicly state for the record how awesome they are. We’re not only just friends, we’re also business partners in hunt.gather.style and during our pop-up shop last weekend, Sharon gave me this Madewell denim wrap skirt I have been obsessing over since it came out. I didn’t want to buy it at full-price, but once it went on sale it was NO WHERE to be found in a medium. But Sharon, amazing friend and expert shopper that she is, happened upon it while she was in Dallas and picked it up for me. Thanks Sharon :)

I love it with my Equipment blouse and Rachel Comey sandals; I think they feed off it’s 70′s-but-still-2012 vibe. Or not. I could be all in the 70′s right now…

Outfit: With Dog

Target pencil skirt
LnA tank
Forever21 jacket
Dannijo necklace – for sale, gently used from the Dannijo ladies themselves, at Refinery29 Shops
Rachel Comey clogs
Jas M.B. bag (link goes to black version)

It’s so hot, he didn’t want to move, so I just let him stay in the picture ;) And I think it’s funny we’re both looking in the same direction. He is presumably looking AT something; I’m just looking in that general direction.. Anyway, this is a slightly better picture of the Target pencil skirt than the one I took in San Diego, but since I’ve washed/dried it, I wonder if it shrunk a little? It looks a bit shorter, no?

No big deal, I still love it. And it held up well to our usual city-walking in Coronado while we were in San Diego – it’s really easy to walk in. Which I can’t say for a lot of pencil skirts. Totally worth $19.99.

14 Pairs of Rachel Comey Mars Boots on sale for $211

Solestruck is having a one-day only 20% off sale code (SECRET20) and they have FOURTEEN different colors/styles of Rachel Comey’s Mars boot already marked down to $264. That means each pair would be just over $200 ($211 to be exact ;)) I have been waiting for these to get down to around $200! Sadly, I can’t take advantage of the amazing price, but maybe you can?

rachel comey mars boots on sale

Let me know if you get a pair so I can live vicariously through you…

(there are also lots of other styles on sale, including clog styles)