Outfit | Spring James Perse


Yes, I bared my legs yesterday. I normally don’t do that in February, but I wanted to wear this dress, and it was the perfect weather for it (mid-60′s), so I shaved my legs and went for it.

Outfit | Oops, I did it Again

everlane cashmere sweater, james perse pants, proenza schouler ps1 blogger

Here I go again with the matchy matchy! I won’t say it doesn’t still “concern” me, but less than it did when I was just thinking about it. I mean…I don’t enjoy matching my bag with my sweater, but it is what it is.

Outfit | Joy?


I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t applied the “KonMari” method to my clothes yet (mostly because I’m too scared…), but until I do, I will be trying to specifically think about “joy” when I choose and wear my clothes.

Outfit | Still here…


So. I wore similar “colors” in my outfit yesterday, and we’re all still here. Hooray! *rolls eyes* – yes, I knew we would be, I knew the world wouldn’t come to an end if I wore variations of olive green in TWO pieces in my outfit today, but still. I can’t say it wasn’t a struggle to pull it off. I’m sure no one even noticed…and frankly, once I left the house, I didn’t either.

Outfit | Substitute Poncho


I don’t know what possessed me to pull these two things (Karen Kane shirt & Zara sweater) out to wear together. Except maybe it’s my way of trying to appease my desire for a sweater cape/poncho? I REALLY REALLY want a heavier weight poncho/cape to “throw” on when it’s cool. How cozy would that be? Of course this one by Vince is a top contender, but I’m also drawn to this way cheaper one by Glamorous.

Outfit | Black, Black, Gray & Olive


It’s no secret that I think WAY too much about my wardrobe, what I’m wearing, and what’s in my closet. I analyze, analyze again, and then once more, how any given item I’ll add will fit into my wardrobe, how many things I’ll wear it with, how often, what I’d have to get rid of if I bring something new in, and on, and on, and on…until the horse is dead, as it were.

Outfit | Oliver Peoples


Hello! Well…what an eventful week so far. Who’s caught in the snow, besides mamavalveeta? I’m sorry (not sorry) to say it’s been really beautiful here; on Monday and Tuesday we were in Austin for a friend’s birthday, and yesterday, I met a friend for the second meet-up for the Minimalist.org group here in Dallas. AND, I picked up my new glasses and sunglasses.

Outfit | Lesson Learned


Maybe you’re getting tired of hearing it, but I’m learning so much about my style/wardrobe lately. This exercise I’m putting myself through, of being deliberate about wearing things I wouldn’t “normally” to see if I should keep them, or at least hone in on my style a little better, is eye-opening.

Outfit | It’s Working…


This CP Shades shirt is the first thing to go from my wardrobe this year; I’m trying to wear things I wouldn’t “normally” wear to determine if I should keep or get rid of them, and I do believe it’s working.