Outfit | I went shopping


I’ve been to the “mall” a couple times in the last week. I had to go to the Valentino store to see if they could replace a stud that had fallen off my small rockstud crossbody (they did, graciously. More on that in a review of the bag later), and I had a bit of “extra” money I’d saved up from my monthly discretionary fund so I wanted to check out pants at Eileen Fisher.

Outfit | Pockets


The best thing about this outfit? Pockets. Nice, deep pockets for tissues. Seems I’ve come down with something the last few days. Maybe the flu? I’m not sure, but it feels bad enough to be the flu. But this Everlane cardigan? Miraculous.

Outfit | From my Closet

zady wool sweater review

I sort of just “threw” this outfit together from some things in my closet I don’t wear very often, and because I was getting ready in a hurry I didn’t think too much about it, actually, and I ended up being quite happy with my outfit. (IF I’d had time to think more about it I probably would have changed a million times, and ended up wearing something completely different) Ah…the bane of my sartorial existence: over-thinking.

Outfit | Everlane Slouchy Knit Cardigan


Okay…so here it is. The “boyfriend” knit cardigan that is actually the men’s chunky knit cardigan re-branded (sort of) for women. I’m still rather disappointed that Everlane wasn’t more up-front about what they did with this cardigan (telling us it was the men’s version on the site), but I do understand WHY they decided to offer it on the women’s side for those of us who didn’t like the fit of the women’s version.

Outfit | Inhabit Cardigan + Shopbop Sale


You know what I did yesterday? Went to my hair color appointment a day early. Yes, I am that girl. It’s interesting how that worked though: I had put it in my calendar for Tuesday, and completely ignored the reminder email from the salon reminding me that it was Wednesday, because you know, I KNEW when my appointment was, and OF COURSE I was right. Humph.

Outift | Everlane Ryan long sleeve


So, I’m responding to reader requests today. Alicia asked to see the Everlane ryan long sleeve tee and Christine “hinted” that she’d like to see the chunky turtleneck without the blazer. Et ViolĂ .