Outfit // Sweaty Betty harem Skirt


This is another one of those pieces I decided to keep, even though it’s not “perfect.” I’m discovering, during this journey towards having less, that perfect isn’t/shouldn’t be the goal. Good enough is just fine.


Outfit // What I Kept


This Lanston dress was actually on the cusp. I had it on the rack of things to get rid of, but then reconsidered. I’m still reconsidering I think; it’s a bit big on me up top, making it difficult to find the appropriate undergarment to wear with it (here, I’m wearing a strapless bra), and I don’t tend to like blousy dresses.


Outfit // Layers


So. As I was going through my clothing to decide what to keep or get rid of – and trying everything on in the process – I realized that I had largely abandoned what was once my uniform of cardigans and tank tops. Several years ago I specifically remember posting an outfit of a JP skirt, tank & cardigan proclaiming that it was what I wanted to live in. Forever.


Outfit // Denim Wrap Skirt


This skirt is another piece I’m thinking of getting rid of. I love it, and it was a gift from a friend after we’d been searching for it in a medium FOREVER, but I think now, it’s just too big. And even though I’ve had it hemmed, it’s too long, I think. I have considered hemming it again, but overall, it’s the shape that doesn’t work for me.




There it is, the “B” word. I’m ashamed to admit that as an adult I’ve never really made myself stick to a budget. I’ve never even created a budget for myself. I just paid my bills and whatever was left over I spent. Which, as you can probably imagine, didn’t leave any room for savings, unexpected expenses, or anything else for that matter. But dammit, I had all the “stuff” (i.e. clothes, shoes & bags) I wanted.