Outfit // Updates


I just threw this on because it’s easy, and I’m all about slouchy lately. And I don’t wear this harem skirt enough. But now that we have Dagny, I have to consider carefully what I wear around the house. Not because it will get ruined (she hasn’t ripped up any leggings yet), but because I need pockets and closed-toe shoes for treats and traipsing around the grass. This outfit has neither.


Outfit // The Poncho…


Ah. The poncho. Or cape, as it’s called for fall. Much maligned, but I think every girl secretly wants to live in one. What’s not to love? It’s easy to throw on, covers everything up, is cozy, and can be pretty chic, if you don’t go ALL art teacher’d out and pair it with something much too wide on the bottom.


Outfit // Harem Pants for Summer


It’s finally hot here in Dallas. REALLY hot (it took longer than usual to get up to 100, but it’s here…) So, I don’t wear pants much when it’s so hot, or long skirts, or much of anything if I can help it. But unless I’m running or at the pool, I don’t spend a lot of time outside either, so what difference does it make WHAT I wear?


Outfit // James Perse Boxy Collage Top

james perse summer sale

So, yesterday was my big day out this week: I had to go to Nordstrom to return my leggings, to LUSH for deodorant, and to get my hair colored. Since everything is relatively close to each other, and 25 minutes away from where I live, I combined it all.


Outfit // James Perse Wild Rose


The James Perse sale is ending soon!! Who’s placed more than one order? I stuck to just one this time, and I’m happy with that. I’m realizing lately that I bought because I COULD and because I wanted to, not because I needed anything. Sure, I could rationalize all I want that I needed this shirt or that skirt, or whatever, but with few exceptions, I didn’t.


Boyfriend Jeans for the Thick of Leg


I love my legs. I decided when I was in Amsterdam visiting the Anne Frank house (observing people go up and down the narrow staircase on crutches or with a great deal of effort) that I would never be frustrated about my body again. My legs may be thick & “athletic,” but they are strong, and I can rely on them to get me where I’m going. I can walk miles and miles around cities and up mountains thanks to my legs. BUT. It’s very frustrating finding jeans that fit lately.