Emerson Fry Spring 2015 Review


I am BEYOND excited to be partnering with Emerson Fry* this season to review some of their spring 2015 collection, and here are the first arrivals. I’ve been a big fan of the brand since they launched, but have always been quite wary to buy anything, not being able to try it on in person first.

Outfit | MM6 Tote


First, haircut!! yay!! it was getting so long…

Second, fingers crossed, I think yesterday was the last cold day for a while. It was maybe a little too cold for this jacket unzipped, but zipped, it was good. And anyway, I’ve had enough of sweaters…now, here’s hoping for some sun.

Outfit & Wearing this Week | Snow Days


Ah…at least the sun is out. We still have snow on the ground where the sun doesn’t shine, because it’s still very cold out, but I’ll take it. I’m so pleased with my new Sundry top; and I can’t wait to wash it, actually – it’ll get softer and slouchier I think. And I spent a lot of time yesterday since we were basically snowed in, in my closet trying on spring outfits with my new Rachel Comey wedges to make sure I REALLY REALLY want to keep them. I do. They are phenomenal, and completely transform my outfits.

Outfit | Shopbop


I must put on my warmest sweaters and brave the elements. But still, I dream of spring, and sunshine, and warmer weather. AND being able to wear spring-y clothes. Speaking of which, after I wrote my “dreaming of spring” post last week, I placed an order at Shopbop. And not for anything I mentioned therein. (perhaps technically I made it to March without buying anything? because I haven’t received it yet?)

Outfit | Spring James Perse


Yes, I bared my legs yesterday. I normally don’t do that in February, but I wanted to wear this dress, and it was the perfect weather for it (mid-60′s), so I shaved my legs and went for it.

Outfit | Oops, I did it Again

everlane cashmere sweater, james perse pants, proenza schouler ps1 blogger

Here I go again with the matchy matchy! I won’t say it doesn’t still “concern” me, but less than it did when I was just thinking about it. I mean…I don’t enjoy matching my bag with my sweater, but it is what it is.

Outfit | Joy?


I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t applied the “KonMari” method to my clothes yet (mostly because I’m too scared…), but until I do, I will be trying to specifically think about “joy” when I choose and wear my clothes.

Outfit | Still here…


So. I wore similar “colors” in my outfit yesterday, and we’re all still here. Hooray! *rolls eyes* – yes, I knew we would be, I knew the world wouldn’t come to an end if I wore variations of olive green in TWO pieces in my outfit today, but still. I can’t say it wasn’t a struggle to pull it off. I’m sure no one even noticed…and frankly, once I left the house, I didn’t either.

Outfit | Substitute Poncho


I don’t know what possessed me to pull these two things (Karen Kane shirt & Zara sweater) out to wear together. Except maybe it’s my way of trying to appease my desire for a sweater cape/poncho? I REALLY REALLY want a heavier weight poncho/cape to “throw” on when it’s cool. How cozy would that be? Of course this one by Vince is a top contender, but I’m also drawn to this way cheaper one by Glamorous.

Outfit | Black, Black, Gray & Olive


It’s no secret that I think WAY too much about my wardrobe, what I’m wearing, and what’s in my closet. I analyze, analyze again, and then once more, how any given item I’ll add will fit into my wardrobe, how many things I’ll wear it with, how often, what I’d have to get rid of if I bring something new in, and on, and on, and on…until the horse is dead, as it were.