Outfit // Everlane Silk Tank

everlane silk tank review

where to buy!

Everlane Silk Tank | size medium
Hope News Trouser | black, size 40, which is at least one size too big on me
Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
French Enameled locket

You guys probably know by now that whenever Everlane launches something new, I’m first in line to buy it! And since I’m trying to give silk another try (I do have one of their silk blouses, but it’s in a color, and …silk…so I really don’t wear it very often), I was eager to try their new silk tank. I ordered a medium, which is what I normally order in Everlane, and it’s quite big on me. Not big enough that I want to return it, but it’s bigger than I thought it would be I guess. Honestly, this is what I’ve found with Everlane – most items seem to run slightly bigger than you’d think they would…so if you’re worried about the sizing (VAL!!) running on the small side. Don’t.

I do love it, and look forward to the weather warming up enough so I can wear it. I’m not sure how I will layer it, maybe with a denim jacket? cropped cardigan? something open. I can also wear this over a long – or short – fitted dress. Mostly, though, I think I’ll want to wear it like this, just on it’s own with trousers or jeans. It is a bit of an a-line fit, and longer in the back, so it provides good coverage. And it covers my bra straps, which is EXTREMELY important to me! Overall, a good basic silk tank from Everlane. Makes me want to try the sleeveless button-down next…

Who else got one of their new silk pieces? What did you think? and who is SO EXCITED About the new trench coming at the end of the month? and the shirt dress???? ugh…

Outfit // James Perse 25% off at Shopbop


where to buy!

James Perse boxy gauze henley | mine is stag, size 2, available at JP, white is 25% off at Shopbop
Frame Le Garcon jeans | size 29, 25% off at Shopbop!!
Eileen Fisher shoes
Lizzie Fortunato jewels necklace (n/a)
3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel (large) | small version at Azalea for $671 with code GRECHEN25

Well…I had to find an alternate location for my outfit picture today, so please excuse the background! Just wanted to show you the boxy henley by James Perse in case anyone was looking at it at Shopbop (25% off with INTHEFAMILY14!!!!). Also, I don’t think I’ve photographed my Frame jeans very much, but I end up wearing them all the time; they’re incredibly comfortable, and I love the wash. They’re still in stock in all sizes at Shopbop, so if you’re tempted, order them now.

This is a VERY generous code from Shopbop – we haven’t seen one like this in a while, and of course I’m tempted to go crazy and buy everything I want, but I will NOT do it. I am finally getting to the point where my closet is (almost) where I want it to be. So buying a lot of pieces I would like to have, but don’t need, and probably won’t want in a few months would be complete wardrobe sabotage. So I’m not going to do it. After my closet inventory/assessment, I did determine that I needed a pair of “nice” black leather sandals – thong style – so I ordered these Rag & Bone sandals this morning with the code, but that’s it.

It’s going to take EVERYTHING I have not to place another order, especially since I sort of need to start replacing a lot of my tank tops that are too big on me. I particularly like the tucked ballet top by James Perse because it covers my bra…but I think I’ll be able to wait for sale + more discount for that one.

Here are my favorite James Perse pieces at Shopbop right now, and my thoughts on them – just in case you’ve been wondering about anything and waiting for this code to order. I also know that the James Perse outlet is having a sale this weekend and I’ll be posting the pdf as soon as I receive it, so if there’s anything old you’ve been wanting, it might be worth waiting for that.

Have you guys ordered anything from Shopbop yet? What?? Tempted by anything? Going to pass this time??

Outfit // Splendid Stripes

splendid striped dress, 3.1 Phillip lim ryder satchel

where to buy!

Splendid striped t-shirt dress | size medium, on sale now at Piperlime, similar version on sale at Splendid
Melissa sandals | mine are a few years old, new version at Shopbop
3.1 Phillip Lim large Ryder Satchel | small version at Azalea for 25% off with code GRECHEN25, quilted version at Nordstrom

See, I do know how to dress in more “flattering” shapes ;) This dress is killer, I only wish it was black & gray stripes instead of navy, and lighter blue. Details…It’s still great, and forget what they say about horizontal stripes on curvy girls, these CAMOUFLAGE all the puffy bits that I usually use spanx to hide; the stripes and the built in slip underneath help to make everything just a bit more smooth.

I do think I dried it once to shrink it in length just a little, but I could be wrong about that actually, I don’t think I’ve even washed it yet, since I’ve only worn it once since I got it late last year. Nevermind. Anyway, it is a great length for me – it never drags on the floor and is perfect for flat sandals (I can’t wear heels with a maxi dress/skirt…I just can’t – looks weird to me).

If you saw my instagram post yesterday, you’ll see that I get 50% off my next purchase at Splendid because I’ve “earned” all my stripes; i.e. made 5 purchases. I made a few of these over the holidays when I brought in books to donate and saved 50% off each purchase, but I also won a $100 gift card by participating in an Instagram contest my boutique in Austin was holding, so that helped me make my last couple of purchases. Now…what do I use the 50% off on??

The last time I went in the store to try new things, I really fell in love with the t-shirt dress in black, and this draped maxi dress, so I’ll probably get one of those. The draped dress is similar to my Acne dress though, (but a little better honestly), and I don’t have a short, casual (not ruched) t-shirt dress yet, so I’ll probably end up with that. (they are having a pretty good sale on a lot of things that are great for spring…)

Or I’ll just save it until fall…haha!! that’s one thing I can’t do – if I have store credit, or a significant coupon, I MUST USE IT RIGHT AWAY or I think it will disappear or something. Which it won’t of course, but my mind is always telling me I need something RIGHT NOW. Or else I’ll never have a chance to get it again. Oy…but that’s a topic for another day!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

Outfit // Acne Studios dress in ROYAL BLUE

acne studios bree tencel dress review, fashion blogger outfit, robert clergerie pepo

where to buy!

Acne Studios bree tencel dress | (wearing a medium) Available in black Black at Barney’s
Antik Batik Necklace
Robert Clergerie Pepo Sandals | on SALE!!!

I’m not actually wearing this (still too cool, and not appropriate for Costco), but I wanted to show it to you anyway. I ordered this a couple months ago for a beach wedding we have coming up in May. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, and became obsessed, so I just decided to get it. Even though it’s obviously out of my comfort zone. Hello!! blue!!!

Truthfully, I don’t love the way it looks on me. I know that high necklines aren’t ideal on my shape, and the shoulders/sleeves and absolutely widening my top half. Those combined with the narrowing towards the bottom and pleating at the neckline in the back and ballooning out around my ass/hips make it not-the-best-dress-ever on my pear-shape. My ass has widened a bit since I first got it (now I REALLY HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM TRADER JOE’S), accentuating that part of my body even more (!), so I probably would return it now if I could, but time’s run out.

I do still like it though. And I will wear it, now, with spanx and later without, after I’ve busted my butt back into shape. I actually like the idea of wearing it with my Birkenstocks and going uber-casual with it, but I do also think it dresses up nicely.

Again, it’s an un-conventional shape, and I wear it knowing that it does absolutely nothing to flatter my body, but I’m okay with that. It’s really very interesting, especially moving – and the color is magnificent, a little shocking, definitely, but so pretty.

Outfit // Officially….

james perse dress, eileen fisher cone sandals, fashion blogger outfit, 3.1 phillip lim ryder satchel

where to buy!

Eileen Fisher sandals | They have a coupon now for $25 off – also available other places
James Perse tomboy shirtdress | was on sale at Nordstrom this weekend for 20% off, wearing size 2
3.1 Phillip Lim large Ryder satchel (black) | small version at Azalea for 25% off with code GRECHEN25, quilted version at Nordstrom

I keep joking with people that now I’m officially old – I own a pair of Eileen Fisher shoes. It’s truly just a joke, because I honestly don’t associate Eileen Fisher with old anymore. Or maybe I do, it’s just that I am “old” now too – at least in terms of my simpler sartorial choices, and definitely compared to many of my fellow “fashion” bloggers…

Every spring I go on a search for a new pair of sandals. Ideally, I hope to find a pair that will look equally great with pants/jeans and short skirts/dresses, which is a challenge, to say the least. And I’m not convinced that these sandals look “great” with a knee-length dress, but I do love them. It’s a different look for me, to be sure, but one that I like; sort of grown-up, but not too, if you know what I mean. These are definitely “fancier” shoes than I normally wear, which is why I got them. I was thinking of getting a pair of Rachel Comey platform clogs/sandals for a while, but I wanted something that I’d actually be able to WEAR to walk around in, not just take pictures in.

The EF sandals look AMAZING with my jeans/harem pants/James Perse crepe surplus pants, so I know I’ll wear them into the fall as well. And you know what? Even though these aren’t THE MOST FLATTERING SHOES for my larger calves/ankles, it’s okay. I have thick, short legs. And unless I want to be teetering around on my super-high Sergio Rossi patent nude platforms all the time (they ARE super-flattering), which I don’t, then I will have to just buy/wear what I love and what I find comfortable. Done.

And the dress…I’ve been talking about this dress since I first saw it, but was going to wait until it went on sale to get it. And so thanks to a note from a reader who let me know that it was on sale at Nordstrom for a few days, I went to try it on. To be honest, at first, I didn’t exactly LOVE it, but I also HATE Nordstrom’s dressing rooms, so I walked around the mall for a while to think about it. In the end, I thought I had to at least bring it home and try it on with my own shoes, in front of my own mirror just to make sure. Now, I love it. The waist hits me a little lower than my natural waist, but other than that I think it’s pretty good. It’s SO EASY to throw on, and I really like how it’s sort of in between casual and just a little dressy…and it’s very different from anything else I own.

And now, I’m finished. Well, not exactly, I am still looking for a “nice” pair of flat black sandals, but then I’m done (oh…I did order one of the new silk tanks from Everlane today though. I have to try it..). I have officially created a wardrobe that I love. I know that everything I own works well together, and that I can throw pretty much anything on and it will look and FEEL good. I’ve also been thinking quite a lot as a result of Janice’s post recently on the idea of “loving one’s closet as much as one’s favorite store.” Interestingly, she uses an Eileen Fisher store as a visual representation of what she’d like her closet to look like (I concur, but would choose a James Perse store first!), but isn’t this a brilliant concept?

Unfortunately, our bedroom is dark and our closet is VERY small, so I can’t really curate a “boutique” atmosphere for my clothes, but I do something similar in my office, which has a lot of natural light, and is very open. I’m going to try it.

If you could make your closet/wardrobe look like your favorite boutique, which one would it be?

Outfit // Wild Rose

eileen fisher harem pants outfit, james perse, no6 clogs

where to buy!

No6 Clogs | different color, same style at No6
Eileen Fisher harem pants | I SOOO want that harem jumpsuit.
James Perse slub v-neck t-shirt
Balenciaga bag | mine is secondhand, new at Barney’s

First, thanks for indulging me and my April Fool’s joke. It literally hurt my heart to draw red x’s and lines across the new James Perse summer collection. Because of course, I want it ALL. Especially that tie-front skirt. TDF. Please don’t worry that I will ever stop loving James Perse.

Following on that, I joked with Simone at my JP store here that if anyone can get me to wear color, it’s James Perse. But of course, JP doesn’t produce a lot of color anyway, so I can always do his color (because it’s muted, and still rather neutral). And I totally fell for this wild rose color when it launched this spring, it was just a matter of finding the right piece for me in it.

Also, a note on the harem pants. I was browsing through the Eileen Fisher store here a few weeks ago, trying on a few things (REALLY wanted to try the harem jumpsuit, but they didn’t have it) and talking with the SA about harem pants. I mentioned just casually that I have a pair and was a little disappointed that they shrunk in length on me (after washing them according to the label instructions) so I don’t wear them as much as I would like. Without hesitation, she said “oh, just bring them back, I’ll exchange them out for a new pair.” Just like that. So I did – and this is the new pair; the “right” length on me now – or at least the length I wanted when I bought them. (I will definitely dry clean them from now on, no water will hit these babies!!)

As if they didn’t already, Eileen Fisher now has a customer for life (now I really need to invest in more pieces!). When I speak about “the perfect” clothing, etc., perhaps this is more what I mean? A combination of excellent craftsmanship (preferably made in the US) and even better customer service. With a price point commiserate with both. Honestly, while I was a little surprised that Eileen Fisher would offer to replace a pair of year-old pants with a new pair, they did the right thing. She insisted that they should not have shrunk if I followed the instructions (wash cold, hang/lay flat to dry), so by exchanging them, she simply stood by the company’s expectations for the garment.

Which, in my opinion, EVERY company should do. It’s up to us as consumers to expect that, and speak up when we’re disappointed with quality. I’ve done that with Everlane and they were very good about listening to feedback and exchanging or giving me credit back for a faulty garment. I’ve done it with James Perse, and I’ve taken things back to Anthropologie that shrunk even when I followed the instructions. Shoes I’ve purchased at Neiman Marcus or Max Mara that started showing wear when they shouldn’t have, I’ve taken back there to have sent out for repair at their own expense.

I’m pretty sure we should expect some level of quality and customer service at any price point, but the reality is it’s hard to find nowadays unless you ARE paying a premium. Then again, I don’t expect a lot out of my pieces from Zara or H&M, so I probably wouldn’t bother trying to return something there, because my expectations are lower.

An interesting question though, what do you think? What is your expectation from a retailer/brand after you purchase something? Does it depend on how much you paid for it? or if you bought it on sale?

Outfit // Body Conscious


James Perse dress | this one at Off Fifth is similar, but tucked, instead of ruched, and not double-layered
Birkenstock Arizona sandals
Admonish Bag | on loan to play with!
Dannijo necklace | sold out

Well, I go from one extreme to the other, don’t I? In case you forgot that I have a pear-shape (I sometimes do), here it is…in all it’s glory! The truth is it was still a bit cool to wear this alone, so I put a cardigan over it, but I wanted to show you the dress, so I took it off for the photo. And I will admit, I was more comfortable covering myself in this dress, which is very interesting, because it’s MY shape, MY curves and how this dress fits & accentuates them that made me buy it in the first place.

Which brings me to another issue, that is perhaps too deep for a Monday; my first impression of my “look,” myself, etc., is always positive. But the more I look – pass the mirror – analyze myself, my outfit, the faster it turns negative, and then I end up leaving the house wearing something different than what I started out wearing – or completely covering it up.

For me, what has worked was choosing what I wanted to wear by looking at it in my closet, putting it on, and keeping it on, no questions. I did that for a while (remember?) and I was very happy with it, but it was easy to stop doing, with all the recent stress of moving, losing Ozzie, etc. I know that everything in my closet is amazing, works together, and looks great on me; I’ve designed it that way!

But, as I am wont to do, I depend too much on how I feel that day, and how loud the negative voices in my head are, giving them too much opportunity to influence what I KNOW TO BE TRUE: that I look great (and am good enough) no matter what I’m wearing.

Heavy. Yes, but that is the truth. And my biggest fear. That I am not good enough, so I must create the impression – the perfect outfit – the perfect look – so that I at least APPEAR to be good enough. Which is the reason why I’m constantly trying to find the “perfect” thing. What is true is that I am already perfect – I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, of course – but spiritually, I am already who I am supposed to be. And I am good enough, just because I’m here.

Whoa. There it is…And now that I’ve named it, I can begin to conquer it. When you put words to your fear, and you bring it out in the open, it doesn’t have as much power over you. At least that’s what I’ve heard…!

So here goes. I don’t need the perfect pair of black pants anymore, or the perfect whatever…I just need to buy what I love (and less of it!!). I am already perfect.

Oh, and thank you everyone for the new blog suggestions on my Blogs we Read post – Already I’m inspired, especially by this latest post on Recovering Shopaholic on finding your ideal wardrobe size, and Janice’s personal exercise related to it on the Vivienne Files. I look forward to doing it myself and determining what my ideal wardrobe size is…I’m sure it quite a bit smaller than what it is now!!!

Happy Monday!

Outfit // Drape

james perse drape front shirt

Black Crane carpenter pants | sold out, the linen culottes are very similar
James Perse drape-front shirt
Dieppa Restrepo penny Loafers
Lizzie Fortunato necklace | use code GRECHEN15 for 15% off at Hampden
Balenciaga bag (secondhand) | new version

This outfit was a result of being inspired by Materfamilia’s recent “navy” post and a how-would-totokaelo-style-it moment. I love navy, but don’t have many pieces that are navy. Only these pants actually, and that’s because all the other colors were sold out when I bought them. So it wasn’t exactly on purpose…but I do love them, and think a navy dress would be nice.

Also, since I don’t wear color, I love to play with shape and different silhouettes, and am often inspired by Totokaelo’s styling. They seem to take the biggest, most oversized pieces and put them together to make them work. In real life, they don’t work very well on me, but I do like to try. And they always look amazing on the models. Unconventional, yes, but very modern and stylish in my opinion.

AND…since I’ve had a problem with this shirt since I bought it, I thought I’d try and wear it with these pants to create a “don’t” outfit for my shape. Which works actually, and I love it. But I don’t think I’m going to keep the shirt (I didn’t wear it out, only for the photo). I bought it at the same time that I bought the double v-neck shirt from James Perse and I’ve worn that one already a few times. Every time I pull this draped one out and put it on, I take it back off again. Not because I don’t love it, I do, but the more I try it, the more I think it’s just too big on me. I can’t size down, because then the arms would be way too small on me, and anyway, the drape just adds bulk around my waist, which is what I should be accentuating instead of hiding.

Not that I always WANT to accentuate my waist, which is why I bought this top in the first place; because it’s so beautiful and interesting. I tried it on with my Hope news trousers, which are slimmer in the hips and legs than these pants, and it’s beautiful, but still not perfect. And I’ve purchased quite a lot of oversized pieces, things to hide my body, since I lost weight, so I have enough of those. What I don’t have are pieces that really show off my body & my curves.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? When I was heavier, I did tend to wear things that were cut closer to my body and showed it off, remember? Now that I’m smaller, I am happier to hide it more often. I don’t know why that is, other than perhaps I’ve been experimenting with oversized, since I could never “do” oversized before – as nothing was really oversized, and wearing bigger things always made me look SO much bigger than I was, which I didn’t want.

So, while I do love this shirt, I’m going to exchange it today. I will definitely re-purchase it once it goes on sale somewhere (for 50% off), because I’d love to have it in my closet, just not at the expense of other things, or for full-price…

featured items or similar

Outfit // San Francisco Deconstructed

san francisco travel

where to buy

Frame Le Garcon jeans | size 29
Vince Blair Sneakers | mine are haircalf, suede & perforated still available, size down 1/2 size
Madewell shirt | seems to be sold out online, but I’ve seen it in stores recently
Everlane Cashmere crewneck sweater | medium
MZ Wallace floral oxford medium tote | LOVE
Jerome Dreyfuss mini twee bag | fabulous city bag

Well. I’m officially old. I needed yesterday to “rest” from vacation, which I’ve never really had to do before unless we traveled to Europe or something. We were just in San Francisco for heaven’s sake!! Which was glorious, as usual. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we literally ATE our way through the city. I never really felt like I was completely stuffed, or sick-feeling, and we did a lot of walking, but I definitely ate differently than I normally do, which probably contributed to my feeling of lethargy yesterday.

We started with scotch, “snacks” and the San Francisco sunset at the Top of the Mark bar at the top of the Mark Hopkins hotel on Nob Hill which is where we stayed. The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel where I commenced to eat EVERY SINGLE BERRY I could shove into my mouth. Along with some lox, sans bagel, and maybe a small danish or two to go with my coffee.

That’s pretty much how the days went until we left; the breakfast buffet at the hotel was heavenly. And I didn’t even crack the surface of how much was there, sticking to berries and a pastry or two, but my husband enjoyed the dumplings, bacon and various cold cuts. We also went to Pinkberry a couple of nights in a row, the Slanted Door for lunch (one of our favorite restaurants EVER), and a random place in Chinatown for dinner (which was not so good, very Americanized much to my husband’s chagrin). We ate burgers at Gott’s Roadside, and had ice cream at Humphry Slocombe.

Our Napa experience was perfect – the Wine Train was an amazing way to see the valley, and not have to worry about driving/parking/drinking along with everyone else who drove up on Saturday. We actually don’t drink very much at all (it takes me a week to drink a bottle of wine) so we weren’t going to go crazy anyway, but I suppose we could have considering that we weren’t driving.

I did do some shopping while we were there, but didn’t buy anything. I got a chance to stop in to Uniqlo and shop the Ines de la Fressange collection, which was nice, but not really my style. I did wish I’d purchased one of their ultra light down jackets while I was there though, I could have used it at night.

Jennine (from IFB) was gracious enough to pick me up and take me to Pacific Heights on Friday for a little wandering around, and we went into a few places I loved. And James Perse, where I tried on the long trench. Jennine tried it on first, and it was PERFECT on her (she and I are about the same height), so I gave it a go as well, and I loved it. It’s pretty expensive at full-price I think, but now that I’ve tried it on, I’ll keep an eye out for it on sale – it would be great for travel, cooler weather, etc.

Overall, we had a wonderful time, and honestly, I can’t wait to go back. We love to travel to cities and just take it all in as much as possible; walking everywhere, and just wandering. I was generally comfortable in what I took, but was cold at night. My light military jacket was great for day (along with a scarf), but I could have used a lightweight down jacket in the evenings. And gloves – my fingers were freezing, but I was also holding on to my Pinkberry for dear life to save it from the wind.

I didn’t wear all the tops I brought – three stayed in my suitcase – but I did end up wearing the leggings more than I thought I would. And I didn’t need cashmere in the city; I just wore it on the plane. I do wish I’d brought my Nike sneakers instead of my Vince sneakers – my shins were sore after so many days of walking hills – but I didn’t because I didn’t like them with my harem pants. Which I probably also shouldn’t have brought, since they’re not great for sitting/traveling and don’t do double-duty. So yes, I packed “heavily” this time for the trip, but since I used the compression bags I really didn’t need to worry about space at all.

My thoughts on the compression bags are still positive; my Madewell shirt made it through without getting very wrinkled. I know a few of you left comments on that they’d lead to over-packing and maybe extra weight, but I honestly don’t see how unless I buy/use a couple more. The two I bought (medium & small) were perfect, and kept everything manageable. I could have gotten everything I packed in to the compression bags into my carry-on anyway, I just wouldn’t have had room for much else. And since I always travel with a teeny-tiny carry-on bag, these will be great for me, especially if I remember what I’ve learned recently about packing less/more efficiently.

Oh, and I did discover why it’s nice to have an extra shirt – or at least not plan to wear tops more than once; I splashed myself with sauce from my spring rolls on Friday getting spots on my James Perse shirt. I didn’t plan on wearing that one again, thank goodness, because water wasn’t enough to get the spots out and I’ve not had great success with stain remover cloths.

I’ll do a more thorough review of the Jerome Dreyfuss bag later, but I was so happy with it this trip. Everything was organized and easy to get into. And the MZ Wallace bag was great for carrying on. I didn’t do a very good job of keeping my toiletries in check – I brought WAY too much. But more on that later also.

Outfit // The Only Thing Missing


where to buy!

Frame Le Garcon jeans | size 29
Everlane Ryan slouchy tank
Caslon jacket
Jerome Dreyfuss mini twee bag | 20% off at Forzieri with code 21FAA9*
No6 Clogs

As I was going through my closet and trying to decide what to pack for our trip to San Francisco this week, I spent a lot of time thinking about what was missing. The only thing I felt like I *needed* that I didn’t have was a military-style jacket in army green. I had one by Madewell that I wore all the time for years, but it got too big for me. I also have a J Crew jacket that I got out to pack for San Francisco, and it is very large on me. So, I set out to find a new one.

Honestly, I didn’t look TOO hard, given that I wanted one for San Francisco, so I needed to find one ASAP, but I like the Caslon one I ended up with. It’s a good lightweight jacket, and I like the neckline the hood gives, but it’s not something that’ll be good for cooler weather, or will last very long I don’t think. The selling point for this one is really that it dips down a bit in the back, like a traditional parka, so I can wear it when I want my behind covered…and that it was less than $100.

Of course, when this James Perse parka goes on sale for around $100 or $150, I’ll get it, and wear it for many years (I tried it on, and it fits nicely in a size 1, but it’s too expensive for what it is I think).

I’m also wearing my new Frame Le Garcon jeans, which I LOVE. They’re not slouchy at all on me (I took my regular denim size), although they are slightly loose in the waist/hips. But that’s because I have chunky legs. Carry on. Love the color, they’re so soft, and I appreciate the slimmer, but not too slim fit.

To get ready for traveling, I’ve been carrying my new mini twee by Jerome Dreyfuss around the last few days. I was quite nervous when I unpacked it that I wouldn’t be able to make it work; it is SMALL! But it seems to loosen up and the leather stretches a bit with wear (like shoes!), so it’s a little more accommodating than I originally thought. And I’m actually getting used to carrying it and leaving 9 of my lip glosses at home ;)

Finally, I got (and returned) my latest Everlane order of the white box shirt and snap backpack. The white shirt was just really big and seemed to fit differently than the indigo one I already have (in medium). Maybe it’s just that it was white, so you could see the fabric bunching more? I couldn’t have sized down, because then it wouldn’t have fit my hips. So back it went. And the backpack…it was “cool,” but I decided that I can’t do backpacks. I also didn’t like the snap closure – it was kind of hard to manage – and I really didn’t like that the canvas straps on the bottom of the bag were white. I DID like that it had a section for my laptop, and it would have held everything nicely, but it was just a little too structured, and “not perfect” for what I wanted.

Tomorrow we drive to Austin, then on Thursday we fly to San Francisco!! I’ll have my packing list posted tomorrow, my travel outfit on Thursday, and then on Friday I’ll publish my James Perse list and pick a winner for the casual tee – have you guessed my number yet??

*I trade advertising space for store credit at Forzieri, which is how I got this bag. It was not a gift.