Outfit | It’s Working…


This CP Shades shirt is the first thing to go from my wardrobe this year; I’m trying to wear things I wouldn’t “normally” wear to determine if I should keep or get rid of them, and I do believe it’s working.

Outfit | Inhabit Cardigan + Shopbop Sale


You know what I did yesterday? Went to my hair color appointment a day early. Yes, I am that girl. It’s interesting how that worked though: I had put it in my calendar for Tuesday, and completely ignored the reminder email from the salon reminding me that it was Wednesday, because you know, I KNEW when my appointment was, and OF COURSE I was right. Humph.

Outfit // Dress over Jeans


My attempt at styling a dress over pants. Or jeans, actually, because I don’t have any cropped ankle length pants, that are still moderately fitted. Both my Hope trousers and Black Crane pants are much too wide/slouchy to pull this look off. (I think only totokaelo models can pull off the oversized-with-oversized look).



EVERYTHING’S ON eBay…my user name is grechenc New things for sale HERE!!! So you know I’ve been trying to minimal-ize my clothing lately, and generally I think I am being quite successful. But then I got out my sandals/summer shoes a couple of days ago, and OMG, I have more shoes than I know what […]

Outfit // The Only Thing Missing


As I was going through my closet and trying to decide what to pack for our trip to San Francisco this week, I spent a lot of time thinking about what was missing. The only thing I felt like I *needed* that I didn’t have was a military-style jacket in army green.

Outfit // 10-2 Challenge Day 1

outfit james perse everlane

Remind me why I’m doing this challenge again?? Already I want to quit. No, I don’t, I actually like having my wardrobe planned out for me the next two weeks, and there’s nothing else I want to wear, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about.