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So you know I’ve been trying to minimal-ize my clothing lately, and generally I think I am being quite successful. But then I got out my sandals/summer shoes a couple of days ago, and OMG, I have more shoes than I know what to do with. I think because they’ve been put away for so long I forgot they were there, and a few I’ve just been collecting, but really don’t wear, so I decided at midnight last night that I NEED to get rid of them all. Then I couldn’t sleep because I was so overwhelmed by all the shoes. So here they are…

For reference, I normally wear a size 8/38 shoe and all the shoes I’m selling fit me very well. If you’re interested in something, please email me (grechen – at – to confirm or ask questions. I’m happy to send more pictures or answer any questions I can.

I’ll accept payment via PayPal and the item is not yours until I receive it! I will make every effort to ship things out within 24 hours. I’ll use USPS priority mail shipping and will base shipping on the size box I’ll have to use. If the shoes come with dustbags I’ll send them inside them but NOT in their own box. You can definitely buy more than one thing :)

First, some clothing:

SOLD Splendid woven athletic pants – mine are a lighter green (seen here), size large – the elastic in the waist is slightly twisted, but otherwise, they are in perfect condition. I’ve always washed them in cold water and hung to dry. I find these to be VERY stretchy. They’ll be tight when you put them on (these are tight on me, and I usually wear a medium in bottoms) and by the time i wear them around for a bit they stretch out. $35

SOLD Etoile Isabel Marant long cotton guaze skirt – size 38, black. It pains me to part with this, but it’s just too much for me right now (last seen here). I wore this comfortably when I was a size 10-12. It is double-layered and has a drawstring waist. In excellent condition (has only been DRY CLEANED – never washed in cold water), except for a small “tear” in the front, which is hardly noticeable. I stepped on it in the front and tore a little of the fabric. $75

SOLD James Perse slub button front 3/4 sleeve shirt in white, size 4 – in great condition – old, but doesn’t look it! Last seen on me here. $25



1 Splendid criss-cross wedges – size 7.5, hardly worn. $35 (similar to these – same footbed – at Zappos)

2 Calvin Klein platform sandals – size 8 – excellent condition, barely worn – $35

3 Kurt Geiger platform peep-toe clogs – size 38, in really good condition, but there’s a chip out of the wood on the toe of the left shoe. If I was going to keep them, I’d take a sharpie and just color it in…$35

4 Vince Kia flats – leather “snake” print, size 7.5 (eur 38 – they fit a size 8 US) – in great condition, this is their first sneaker and really comfortable. The leather is very soft, textured and malleable – NOT stiff like a regular sneaker, more like canvas. Seen on me here. $35

5 Ishvara Ibiza black leather sandals – size 38 (8). Hardly worn, I got them at Saks last year during F&F…they’re in perfect condition, some wear on the bottom. $75

SOLD 6 n.d.c. made by hand flat sandals – gold, size 38, in great condition. $50

7 No6 Clogs – Olive with black bottoms, size 39 in great condition, seen on me here$75

SOLD 8 No6 Clogs lace up peep-toe slingbacks – size 39, in excellent condition, seen on me here – in “penguin” which is a nice light gray/green color – $75

SOLD 9 Matt Bernson love sandals, both size 8, one black and one silver. They’re pretty old, honestly, and well broken in, but still look generally good. The black pair always felt a little smaller on me, so I didn’t wear them as much. The silver pair I wore a lot, but not in the last several years. $20 each or $30 for both.

These two I couldn’t really put a price on, and they aren’t in great condition (just good), but will entertain offers if you’re interested:

10 Melissa Plastic sandals – so cute and comfortable, I’d always get a ton of comments when I wore these. They’re still in very good condition; perfect for the beach or pool as an alternative to flip flops.

11 Swedish Hasbeens low clogs – size 38 – “natural” color. They’ve been treated with olive oil, but have some water spots on them which can probably be cleaned off. Not worn very often, the soles are still in great condition. Already broken in for you ;)

12 Riudavets “avarcas” sandals in copper, size 38 – they are just a teeny bit snug on me right now, but they are generally comfortable for a size 8. Hardly worn, but so cute…just not “me” – $75

13 Camper wedges – size 8 – seen here on me, similar style at Zappos. In very good condition, no real signs of wear except on the sole. SUPER comfortable. $75



Repetto x Rodarte BB flats – size 39 – in great condition – seen here. I always take a size 39 in Repetto flats, but these are just a teeny bit bigger feeling, so they might work better if you’re a size 8.5 rather than a size 8. They still fit me, there’s just room, if that makes sense. I didn’t wear these as much as I’d hoped I would – I have no idea why…but now you can if you’ve always loved them! Repetto doesn’t come with dustbags, so I’ll send them in an extra one I have, or I can send the box if you ask for it. $100

SOLD Jas M.B. perforated hoboseen hereand here – more details at Barney’s Warehouse$150 (this is an amazing bag, just too big for me now. It comes with two different straps you can change out, has tons of pockets and is great for wearing crossbody too)

Again, everything will go to the first person who emails me/pays for the item. If you’re outside the US, I don’t mind shipping to you if you’ll cover the cost of all that’s entailed. Please email me if you have ANY questions at all. (grechen – at –

Happy Friday!!

Outfit // Wild Rose

eileen fisher harem pants outfit, james perse, no6 clogs

where to buy!

No6 Clogs | different color, same style at No6
Eileen Fisher harem pants | I SOOO want that harem jumpsuit.
James Perse slub v-neck t-shirt
Balenciaga bag | mine is secondhand, new at Barney’s

First, thanks for indulging me and my April Fool’s joke. It literally hurt my heart to draw red x’s and lines across the new James Perse summer collection. Because of course, I want it ALL. Especially that tie-front skirt. TDF. Please don’t worry that I will ever stop loving James Perse.

Following on that, I joked with Simone at my JP store here that if anyone can get me to wear color, it’s James Perse. But of course, JP doesn’t produce a lot of color anyway, so I can always do his color (because it’s muted, and still rather neutral). And I totally fell for this wild rose color when it launched this spring, it was just a matter of finding the right piece for me in it.

Also, a note on the harem pants. I was browsing through the Eileen Fisher store here a few weeks ago, trying on a few things (REALLY wanted to try the harem jumpsuit, but they didn’t have it) and talking with the SA about harem pants. I mentioned just casually that I have a pair and was a little disappointed that they shrunk in length on me (after washing them according to the label instructions) so I don’t wear them as much as I would like. Without hesitation, she said “oh, just bring them back, I’ll exchange them out for a new pair.” Just like that. So I did – and this is the new pair; the “right” length on me now – or at least the length I wanted when I bought them. (I will definitely dry clean them from now on, no water will hit these babies!!)

As if they didn’t already, Eileen Fisher now has a customer for life (now I really need to invest in more pieces!). When I speak about “the perfect” clothing, etc., perhaps this is more what I mean? A combination of excellent craftsmanship (preferably made in the US) and even better customer service. With a price point commiserate with both. Honestly, while I was a little surprised that Eileen Fisher would offer to replace a pair of year-old pants with a new pair, they did the right thing. She insisted that they should not have shrunk if I followed the instructions (wash cold, hang/lay flat to dry), so by exchanging them, she simply stood by the company’s expectations for the garment.

Which, in my opinion, EVERY company should do. It’s up to us as consumers to expect that, and speak up when we’re disappointed with quality. I’ve done that with Everlane and they were very good about listening to feedback and exchanging or giving me credit back for a faulty garment. I’ve done it with James Perse, and I’ve taken things back to Anthropologie that shrunk even when I followed the instructions. Shoes I’ve purchased at Neiman Marcus or Max Mara that started showing wear when they shouldn’t have, I’ve taken back there to have sent out for repair at their own expense.

I’m pretty sure we should expect some level of quality and customer service at any price point, but the reality is it’s hard to find nowadays unless you ARE paying a premium. Then again, I don’t expect a lot out of my pieces from Zara or H&M, so I probably wouldn’t bother trying to return something there, because my expectations are lower.

An interesting question though, what do you think? What is your expectation from a retailer/brand after you purchase something? Does it depend on how much you paid for it? or if you bought it on sale?

Outfit // The Only Thing Missing


where to buy!

Frame Le Garcon jeans | size 29
Everlane Ryan slouchy tank
Caslon jacket
Jerome Dreyfuss mini twee bag | 20% off at Forzieri with code 21FAA9*
No6 Clogs

As I was going through my closet and trying to decide what to pack for our trip to San Francisco this week, I spent a lot of time thinking about what was missing. The only thing I felt like I *needed* that I didn’t have was a military-style jacket in army green. I had one by Madewell that I wore all the time for years, but it got too big for me. I also have a J Crew jacket that I got out to pack for San Francisco, and it is very large on me. So, I set out to find a new one.

Honestly, I didn’t look TOO hard, given that I wanted one for San Francisco, so I needed to find one ASAP, but I like the Caslon one I ended up with. It’s a good lightweight jacket, and I like the neckline the hood gives, but it’s not something that’ll be good for cooler weather, or will last very long I don’t think. The selling point for this one is really that it dips down a bit in the back, like a traditional parka, so I can wear it when I want my behind covered…and that it was less than $100.

Of course, when this James Perse parka goes on sale for around $100 or $150, I’ll get it, and wear it for many years (I tried it on, and it fits nicely in a size 1, but it’s too expensive for what it is I think).

I’m also wearing my new Frame Le Garcon jeans, which I LOVE. They’re not slouchy at all on me (I took my regular denim size), although they are slightly loose in the waist/hips. But that’s because I have chunky legs. Carry on. Love the color, they’re so soft, and I appreciate the slimmer, but not too slim fit.

To get ready for traveling, I’ve been carrying my new mini twee by Jerome Dreyfuss around the last few days. I was quite nervous when I unpacked it that I wouldn’t be able to make it work; it is SMALL! But it seems to loosen up and the leather stretches a bit with wear (like shoes!), so it’s a little more accommodating than I originally thought. And I’m actually getting used to carrying it and leaving 9 of my lip glosses at home ;)

Finally, I got (and returned) my latest Everlane order of the white box shirt and snap backpack. The white shirt was just really big and seemed to fit differently than the indigo one I already have (in medium). Maybe it’s just that it was white, so you could see the fabric bunching more? I couldn’t have sized down, because then it wouldn’t have fit my hips. So back it went. And the backpack…it was “cool,” but I decided that I can’t do backpacks. I also didn’t like the snap closure – it was kind of hard to manage – and I really didn’t like that the canvas straps on the bottom of the bag were white. I DID like that it had a section for my laptop, and it would have held everything nicely, but it was just a little too structured, and “not perfect” for what I wanted.

Tomorrow we drive to Austin, then on Thursday we fly to San Francisco!! I’ll have my packing list posted tomorrow, my travel outfit on Thursday, and then on Friday I’ll publish my James Perse list and pick a winner for the casual tee – have you guessed my number yet??

*I trade advertising space for store credit at Forzieri, which is how I got this bag. It was not a gift.

Outfit // 10-2 Challenge Day 1

outfit james perse everlane

James Perse canvas pants | at the outlet
James Perse casual tee
Everlane cashmere sweater
Alexander Wang Rockie satchel (gift from Azalea) | Rockie w/rosegold studs available at Azalea for 25% off with code GRECHEN25
No6 Clog wedges

Remind me why I’m doing this challenge again?? Already I want to quit. No, I don’t, I actually like having my wardrobe planned out for me the next two weeks, and there’s nothing else I want to wear, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about. It’s just my usual rebellion against any sort of order or discipline in my life ;)

I also chose this week to start a new “lifestyle” (it’s kind of a diet, but not really – I want it to be my life, for the rest of my life), so I’m heavy into change mode, or getting my shit together mode as I like to call it. Today, I’m doing my first “fast” as part of the “diet” plan in the Fast Diet. I’m going to follow the 5 days “regular” eating 2 days “fasting” plan until I lose my last 25 pounds, and then maintain with 1 fast day a week.

I use the term “fast” loosely, because I’m going to eat about 500 calories, so it’s not nothing, but it is a little less than half the calories I eat normally. I’ve been reading a lot lately about fasting and calorie restriction for a healthier life overall, and I’m pretty convinced that there are great benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer. Nothing is perfect, and nothing is going to keep me alive forever, but I do want to do all I can to decrease my likelihood of dying from a horrible disease.

Anyway, that aside, as I drink my coffee and try to keep busy not thinking about food – which isn’t that hard in the mornings – I only had one issue with my outfit yesterday: I would have worn a crew neck t-shirt under the sweater if I could have. I didn’t choose a crew neck t-shirt as part of my 10 items because I don’t normally wear them alone and I preferred to have the scoop neck for wearing under cardigans, or alone if it’s warm enough.

I quickly got over the fact that my necklines didn’t match up, but you can see that’s the sort of thing I do think about as I’m getting dressed. Obviously it ended up not mattering, and I think it did make me realize that for travel, since I do tend to bring multiples of the same item, just with different necklines or sleeves, etc., I need to pick one white t-shirt and be done with it. And now I know I can do that. Mission accomplished :)

Oh, and I did shop yesterday, and plan on shopping today (did you see the Shopbop code??), but I will not add those items or swap them out with my 10. I’m going to stick to plan. But I did get a great James Perse cap-sleeve tee at Last Call yesterday and then learned that they’re offering $50 off $100 today only. My tee was on clearance so it’s not eligible for the discount, but now I think I must go back…or not.

Outfit // Inspiration


James Jeans | nearly 10 years old, recently altered
Everlane men’s white tee
Champion men’s gray sweatshirt | $10 at Target
No6 Clog wedges
Admonish custom leather tote
Marc Jacobs beauty lovemarc lip gel in “seduce me”

I really don’t “do” Pinterest much, preferring to share what I find interesting here, on the blog, but I have started to use it a bit more lately, for pinning random things I find quickly. It’s useful that way. I don’t really FIND inspiration on Pinterest, honestly, because most of the outfit pictures I see pinned are the same old bloggers, or models, which can be a good source of inspiration generally, but not for me.

Until now, I’ve never really thought about where my inspiration for my style comes from; I don’t have a style icon. I can never name an actress or a model I’d like to “be” like, or dress like, or whatever. I really just get my inspiration from shopping and finding things I love. So, I think it’s only natural that my inspiration comes from shopping sites, and designer’s (of course James Perse!) sites online. I’ve always loved Net-a-Porter’s styling ideas, Totokaelo is a favorite, La Garconne can do no wrong, and lately, I’ve been finding a lot to love at The Dreslyn.

Which is a long way to say that The Dreslyn is where I got my basic inspiration for this outfit, or the sweatshirt specifically, because all the other pieces are completely different. Mostly, it just took this picture to realize that I could wear the gray sweatshirt I bought for my husband to wear around the house recently (that he doesn’t wear…can you believe it!!), with jeans and get the best oversized look.

[Read more...]

Outfit // The Truth

james perse top, j brand lovestory jeans, no6 clogs, 3.1 Phillip Lim ryder satchel image, fashion blogger outfit

What I’m Wearing

J Brand lovestory jeans
James Perse sheer slub side panel shirt | $155 at James Perse in lots of colors
No6 Clogs
3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder satchel

You know how “they” say that hippy/pear shaped women should wear flared or bootcut jeans to balance out their hips? Well, the truth is that I don’t like the way these look on me as much as I like skinny/straight leg jeans, so I think “they” are wrong. But I just recently got these hemmed so I could wear them, and my husband prefers this style on me, so I’m giving them another try. I do like them on me, maybe just not as much as skinny/straight jeans. But I could also be crazy.

And I felt bad for dissing JP’s shoe choice in yesterday’s post, so I wanted to make it up to him by waxing poetic on how AMAZING and WONDERFUL this shirt is. I’ve had this top for at least 5 years and it doesn’t show it’s age at all. It’s quite flattering on all women, copied to death, and worn all over TV/movies – for a reason. I couldn’t possibly recommend ONLY ONE James Perse piece, but if you’re just starting out with the brand, perhaps this is the piece to start with? I do recommend sizing up one size, and be aware that it’s relatively sheer, but it’s the most versatile top I own. I wear it tucked, un-tucked (mostly), and open. If I wore color, I’d have one in every color ;)

Also, I made it a goal recently to find another place to take my outfit pictures, but the truth is that if I didn’t do them outside on my balcony, they’d never get done. I know it’s not fabulous photography, but I’ve been doing my outfit pictures myself, with a tripod and timer since I started, so I kind of consider it my “signature.” My husband can’t follow me around, pose me, and shoot my photo three days a week – and there’s really not anywhere else great (or flat) around my apartment to take photos. And a few of my neighbors freak me out. So for now, I’m going to have to keep taking my outfit photos on my balcony. And the truth is, I actually think it’s okay.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!! And in case you don’t read Grechen’s Codes regularly, head over there and check out the Friends & Family sales going on this weekend at Joie, Equipment & Tory Burch…

Austin Splendid Store Opening // What I Wore & Tried On

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you’ve already seen all of these photos, but just in case you don’t, here’s what I wore, and what I tried on at the Splendid grand opening party here in Austin last night:

Of course I wore Splendid (same style tee, different stripes) to the party :) – also AG stevie sateen jeans & my 3.1 Phillip Lim ryder satchel, with No6 Clogs:

splendid top, 3.1 Phillip Lim ryder satchel

I really love this cashmere cardigan, but not enough to buy it now that I’ve tried it on. If it was much less expensive, I might be more tempted, but the dolman sleeves were a little strange on me. I do LOVE the cut though, higher in the front, lower in the back. Perfect to wear with leggings :)

splendid cashmere cardigan, no6 clogs

THIS TOP IS SO GOOD. I can’t find it online anywhere in the color I tried on, but trust me, it’s perfect. I like it better than the “famous” shirt that they launched last year (it wrinkles too easily). It’s obviously longer on me than on the model, but I do have a very short waist.

splendid top, AG stevie sateen jeans, no6 clogs

Finally, this dark teal top is what I ended up with (couldn’t pass up 20% off :)). It’s very hard to tell from the picture the true color, but it’s quite dark, and sooo pretty. I might have found a color I can wear! I asked all my friends at the party which top I should get – the blue or army green one above and this is the one that won out. Now, if only it would get cool enough to be able to wear it…

splendid austin, splendid la, clothing

what i’m wearing

Seriously, if I had more money, I’d have bought a lot more than I did because everything was pretty good. As I’ve mentioned before, I love doing most of my shopping online, but it’s fun to be able to try things on in person also. In the case with Splendid, it’s made me interested in a lot more pieces I wouldn’t normally be interested in just from seeing online. Very dangerous…

Outfit | Over-Forty

rag & bone jeans, james perse tee, 3.1 phillip lim ryder satchel

what i’m wearing

3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel
Rag & Bone dash skinny/slouchy jeans | still on sale at shopbop! mine are size 28
James Perse tee | old, no longer available
Antik Batik necklace
No6 Clogs | mine are sold out, this pair is similar but with an open toe (I have this style too)

I think turning 41 should be a milestone birthday, not 40. Don’t get me wrong, 40 was big, but I feel like 41 is bigger – I feel like I’ve made it to my 40′s now, if that makes sense. I’m comfortable here; I feel like I’m “established” here, and really look forward to CELEBRATING 41. I’ve done a lot of growing/changing this past year, and I still have a way to go, but for the first time, I really feel like I’m on the right track. I’m righting wrongs and moving forward, away from the mistakes I’ve made in the past. They’re still being cleaned up, but at least there’s an end in sight.

(Why doesn’t anyone tell you when you’re 20 that the choices you make then will AFFECT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?? oh yeah, they do…you just don’t listen :) )

Anyway, thank you all for making this such a great community of fashion-shopping lovers! I’ve had so much fun these past 9 years (next year is Grechen’s Closet 10-yr anniversary, how should we celebrate???) and truly appreciate the role you have all played in my success & ability to keep moving forward. It means everything to me.

Happy weekend!!

*if you’re a fellow blogger either in your 40′s or not, you might find my latest article for IFB interesting: “What you have to look forward to as an over-40 fashion blogger

Outfit | SkarGorn

skargorn tee review, ag jeans, no6 clogs, custom leather tote made in austin

AG jeans | still on sale at Nordstrom
SkarGorn tee | via Madewell, size small. Made in the US ;)
No6 Clogs
Antik Batik necklace
Admonish Custom leather tote

I’m kind of obsessed with this tee (I’d love to find another word for “obsessed” that truly reflects my feelings, any ideas??) and I highly recommend it. It’s very oversized, so you have to love that look, and it’s perfect with all types of jeans, and/or bodycon/short skirts (like my Ridgestripe skirt, also from Madewell, what I originally bought it to go with).

And the clogs…I haven’t worn my clogs much this summer; I’m really preferring flats now, but this particular pair of No6 clogs I’ve never really loved. I think it’s the color? It’s a strange color for me, although very nice, but I always wish these were more “neutral” like my open-toe slingback clogs, or black even. I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s time for me to part with them, they’re in great shape, size 38 if anyone happens to be interested ;)

This Week I Love | Clog Sandals

summer clog sandals

1 Moheda Betty Clog in red | $86 at Lotta from Stockholm
2 Nina black/brown clogs | $170 at Nina Z Clogs
3 Swedish Hasbeens Oranment low clog | $100 at Swedish Hasbeens (also will be back in stock in more sizes at Anthropologie for $109)
4 Loeffler Randall Lotte clogs | $58 at 6pm (sizes 6,7,10 only, also in silver!)
5 No6 side-weave sandal | $265 at No6 Store
6 Isabel Marant Silway clog | $675 at Barney’s (even though the price on these is obscene, I would be remiss if I didn’t include them; they’re beautiful)
7 No6 3-strap sandal | $265 at No6 Store
8 Sven Clogs Weave sandal | $195 at Sven’s Clogs

Obviously, I can’t get enough of clogs, and clog sandals. Call me obsessed, but I prefer to just think of myself as a clog connoisseur; I just love them. My favorite clogs are by No6 (I have four pairs) and I will always default to them when it comes to styles & colors, but lately, there are several other clog brands catching my eye. Swedish Hasbeens has some nice designs for spring, and I love that they have a few styles around $100; taking their price range out of astronomic. I do have a couple of Hasbeens styles, but I’ve always found their leather to be VERY stiff, so I generally prefer No6 because they use nubuck and softer leathers in their designs. With No6 I’ve started sizing up one size on covered clogs (like the peep-toe slingback I have) because although the leather isn’t “stiff,” it doesn’t give much either and a larger size helps avoid design imprintation on the top of your foot! With No6 sandals, I keep to my normal size.

In case you didn’t know, most clogs you can find here in the US are made by Sven (actually by THE Sven) and either sold under the Sven name or private labels (like No6), so you’re getting a very high-quality product, the difference is just the leather styles. And there are a TON of styles to choose from. I’ve listed my favorites above, and on my Pinterest board for “clogs” (below), but what are your favorite clog sandals? Are you on board with clogs? or still on the fence? ;)

(please let me know your Pinterest name in the comments so I can follow you! And I can make the clog board a group board – which means you guys can post to it – if you’re interested! I’m trying to get more involved on Pinterest, I hear it’s fun :) )