If I were a…Bohemian Princess

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I am NOT a bohemian princess by any stretch of the imagination, but every year when spring/summer comes around (seems late this year, no?) I CRAVE feminine, flowy, pretty, long, colorful dresses or skirts to wear with flat sandals. I never end up indulging that side of me, because it never really feels like “me,” but I do love to pretend. And on the occasion I do give in and buy something printed or feminine or flowy, I try to do it as inexpensively as I can, because that’s the only way I’d get an appropriate cost per wear.

A caftan would be nice though, and do wonders as a swimsuit coverup, and double-duty as an effortless, chic dress for a summer afternoon. The Emerson Fry caftan is one of my favorites, and last year’s version ended up going on sale for under $100 I think, which is entirely do-able, and worth it to indulge my boho side a few times a summer.

Do you have a bohemian side? How do you indulge it? Or do you? What’s your favorite way to wear boho?

So many more favorites:

Open Post // Favorite Beauty Buys


where to buy!

Gold Bond ultimate hand cream | $3.50 at Target
RMS Beauty un-cover up #22 | $35 at RMS Beauty
Almond Glow skin “lotion” | available at Whole Foods
Rosebud salve
NARS illuminating finishing powder | $35 at Sephora
Lush Cosmetics “The Greench” deodorant powder | $7.95 at Lush
Lush Cosmetics “The Olive Branch” shower gel | $9.95 at Lush

Some of these are very recent purchases (the NARS powder), and some I’ve been using for years (Rosebud salve), but I thought it was time for a new beauty post/discussion. I’ve been trying very hard to minimize my “beauty” routine as well as my wardrobe, because honestly, I think my beauty products might be even more out of control than my closet!

At any given time I have about 4-5 foundations/tinted moisturizers that I alternate between. I guess I’m trying to phase out some of them (like my Bobbi Brown skin foundation that I don’t love anymore) and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (which does nothing for me), but eery so often I have a desire to use one of them. Since I want to get to the point where I have less STUFF and it’s easier for me to pack for traveling (skin care/makeup included), I’m really trying to stick with just a few products lately, and for makeup, that means I’m back to my RMS beauty un-cover up.

I’ve loved this since I got it a year or so ago, but it never seemed quite “perfect” so I kept searching for something new. The biggest problem I have is redness, and NOTHING covers it well enough, so I’m always searching. But I’ve decided to give it a serious go; the un-cover up feels so good going on, and if I layer it enough, it covers very well. The size is also PERFECT for traveling. Now with a light dusting of the NARS powder on top, my skin seriously looks flawless. And doesn’t feel dry, which is a problem I have with EVERY SINGLE powder I’ve ever tried.

The gold bond hand cream is the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all. Trust me. Their entire line of products is good, actually, I have a foot lotion and intensive body lotion I use also. I keep this at my desk and for traveling, and then at night, I use a little rosebud salve on my cuticles and any other dry parts of my hands/arms and I wake up to super-soft skin. In the mornings I apply the rosebud salve to my lips with a q-tip and sort of exfoliate a little bit, which also feels really good, and sloughs off the flakes.

Now that I have a Lush store handy, I’ve become a convert. Which is quite dangerous, because the products aren’t cheap. I love their bath bombs, but use them very sparingly! And I will never use another shower gel after trying the Olive Branch; the smell is wonderful and it’s incredibly moisturizing (especially with the Almond Glow oil on top after a shower). It doesn’t last very long, but I’ll always have a small version with me for traveling; I hate the products that come in hotels.

Finally – I’ll address deodorant again. I’ve been using my homemade coconut oil deodorant for a long time, but recently, I’ve become fed up with the marks on my clothing because of it. It never stains long-term, but it was getting really frustrating to put on a thin blouse or shirt then moments later see oily stains at the underarms. So, I decided to give the lush powdered deodorant a try, and I do like it, but the smell is “interesting” to say the least. The rosemary/thyme combo scent goes away after a few minutes, so it’s not that bad, but I don’t love it. It seems to work okay, but I think I’ll need to apply it more than once a day. In fact, I think I’m going to try and use it in the morning before getting dressed, and the coconut oil at night before going to bed and see if that combination works.

I did recently also buy the Weleda spray deodorant because I liked the scent better and the idea of a spray more, but it does NOT WORK for me at all. And I refuse to go back to deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum in them, anyway, those stopped working for me also.

So…trial and error continues on that front, but I do appreciate how easy it will be to travel with the powder (doesn’t have to go in my quart ziploc bag) – I just have to remember to re-apply it at night.

What beauty products are you loving (or not loving) lately? Any holy grail products to share??

Favorites | SOLOW Workout Gear // made in the US

I know there’s a deep divide between those of us who buy dedicated (and cute) workout gear and those who don’t. There’s nothing wrong with either option, but I have always been one to purchase clothes made specifically for the exercise I’m going to participate in and usually try to find things that fit in with my overall style & aesthetic. Now that I got to Pure Barre 5 days a week, I definitely prefer to look my best but even when I practiced yoga at home, I was wearing ensembles. If I look good, I feel good…

I wrote earlier this year about my yoga/barre essentials, and while I still like and wear those items I featured (except the Beyond Yoga pants – they’re just too big and too low), I’ve added quite a few new items to my barre wardrobe, mostly by Solow.

solow style leggings, leggings made in the USA, workout clothes made in the USA

where to buy

I don’t actually own any of the items above except the Eclon long leggings ($51) (in charcoal). Everything else is on my wishlist, and I’m waiting for it to go on sale –

Here are the items I do own:

Solow long Eclon leggings | Charcoal – I love these, but they are a little shiny. And…they do show sweat which I hate, but not if I wear boyshorts underneath.

Solow Eclon crops | black (this is my oldest pair of Solow crops, they are still in great shape, but some stitching is coming out at one hem)

Solow Pilates pants | black – I love these so much, I definitely had to get them hemmed. I got these for a steal at isaay.com when it was still in business and I think they’re the perfect bootcut workout pant.

Solow cropped contrast mesh pants | black – I also got these for nearly nothing at isaay.com.

Solow foxy flare | black – had to get these hemmed (I’m wearing them right now actually!). I don’t wear these for Pure Barre becuase they’re not as moisture-wicking as the Eclon pieces. They’re also very low rise.

Solow solid foldover pants | black – also had to get these hemmed – I wear these only at home/running errands because I don’t like foldover styles for exercise. Like the foxy flare, they’re also very low rise.

Solow leggings with mesh pockets | black – these are my latest acquisition and I love them TO DEATH. I will probably wear these outside of Pure Barre also because I love them so much, and they look like “regular” leggings.

Solow striped cami | black & white striped, sold out. This still fits me and it’s a large, it’s quite snug, but I love the fit.

I pretty much wear a pair of Solow pants/crops to every Pure Barre class, alternating with my Karma leggings (the ones pictured here, but no longer available) and Old Navy Compression leggings some weeks. I wash all my workout clothes separately on the delicate cycle and hang them to dry; I really expect them to last forever!

In general, I purchase Solow on sale at Shopbop or Revolve, but I first tried the brand via a Refinery29 deal on Solow’s website. Solow’s site also does frequent coupon codes, so sign up for their newsletter if you’re interested at all – they also have good sales.

Of course, what I appreciate the most about Solow is the STYLE, but not far behind is that everything is made in the USA and the Eclon items are “Blue-Sign certified sustainable.” I will choose that over Lululemon any day….

Have you tried Solow? What do you think?

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Find Me | Gladiator Sandals

Kelly sent me a “Find Me” request and asked me to help her find some “sturdy” gladiator sandals (my description! I mean, good for walking A LONG TIME in) in bronze or gold metallic. I kind of got sucked down the rabbit hole at Zappos, clicking through “recommended” items, etc., but I found some good ones, that are also pretty cute. Of course, as soon as I heard “gladiator” I thought of the Gentle Souls Break my Heart sandal which I’ve been lusting over forever, but they don’t come in bronze metallic. Also love these Eileen Fisher sandals with a slight wedge, but they don’t look substantial enough for lots of walking.

Here are some I found that I think should work for Kelly – they all got very good reviews (Kelly, the bronze metallic qualifier was the hardest part!!!):

sturdy gladiator sandals

1 Naot Dorith sandal | $137 at Zappos (Naot has a lot of good options)
2 Gentle Souls Blinque sandal | $195 at Zappos (a few other colors are on sale at Nordstrom for $97)
3 Born Jill Crown collection | $125 at Zappos
4 Softwalk Torino sandal | $99

Of course, I’d also be remiss if I didn’t throw out the Mephisto Helen sandals, ($135 at Zappos in BRONZE!). They’re not exactly gladiator sandals, but I pretty much think they’re the best sandals EVER. Especially if you’re into comfort. I love the way they look too :))

More sandals I love, but didn’t necessarily fit Kelly’s color requirements (some are also pictured below):

Taos Trophy sandal | $99 at Zappos
Gentle Souls bless pine | $185 at Zappos
Gentle Souls Bless Art | $185 at Zappos
Gentle Souls break my heart | $195 (I have been wanting a pair of these forever…these are the “gladiator” sandals I’d get, in gray or brown though)
Naya Hilary | $125 at Zappos
Eric Michael Miami sandal | $90 at Zappos
Ugg salah sandal | $125 at Zappos

And more…

Do you have any other recommendations? What’s your go-to brand for comfort/sturdy sandals?

Want me to find you something? Fill out the form:

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Have a great weekend!!

This Week I Love | The Bags of Summer

summer bags

1 Everlane canvas tote | $35 at Everlane
2 Antik Batik embellished clutch | $140 at Net-a-Porter
3 Jane Mayle straw tote for Club Monaco | $130 at Shopbop
4 Samudra rocky point pouch | $68 at Shopbop
5 Cotton carryall | $88 at Anthropologie
6 Vintage straw tote | $56 on Etsy
7 Graphic print canvas tote | $78 at Nordstrom

Isn’t it interesting how weather/seasons influence the colors/fabrics/textures we want to wear? Every summer I think I need to pull out my vintage straw tote and carry it with abandon; feeling like I’m going to the pool or beach at any moment. Canvas or straw is more “carefree” than leather or suede, which is perhaps why it feels so right for summer. In practice, I don’t normally switch over to full canvas/straw for summer, but I do like to have the option when I want to give my outfit the summer treatment. What about you? do you switch over to non-leather bags for summer? What are your favorites?

Here are more of mine…

This week I Love | Maxi Skirts & Dresses


Ivana Helsinki Garance dress | $290 at Beklina
Reiss Silvia gecko print maxi skirt | $300 at Reiss
Long tee skirt | $88 at Madewell (this is similar to one I had a couple years ago, except it was pleated)
Zara long flowy skirt | $79 at Zara

Let’s just keep going with our discussion about “flattering,” shall we? I hear so many women say they can’t wear long skirts or dresses because they’re too short, or they’ll just look at it and automatically say, “that’s cute, but it wouldn’t look good on me.” I’m guilty of that too, but usually, even if I think it won’t look good on me, I’ll try anyway, then make a final decision. But I know there are so many ladies out there who don’t even try long skirts or dresses, and that makes me sad because long dresses & skirts are my FAVORITE THINGS EVER. You know this if you’ve been reading Grechen’s Closet for very long, but just in case you haven’t, I’ll mention it again: I LOVE maxi dresses & skirts.

I’m going to do an “Essentials” post on Thursday with all of my favorite maxi skirts and dresses, and the shapes/styles I think everyone should try, but in the mean time, here are some I’ve found whilst perusing online that I love. What are some of your favorite maxi skirts/dresses? Do you wear them? or are you one of those ladies I talked about who’s afraid to try??

(for reference, I’m 5’4″ and I wear them all the time, mostly with flats)

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Addicted to Everlane

addicted to everlane

On the occassion of Everlane’s new silk blouses & colors, I just placed another order : the silk blouse in sun kissed marine and a black belt. Oh, and I’m expecting delivery of another order today for a second sweatshirt & gray cashmere sweater. I might have a problem. If I really love the silk blouse, I might order another one, but after that, I’m done. For now, anyway. Until they come out with something else I need. I have been living in my mauve sweatshirt (last seen here) and t-shirts. I love my essential scarf in hazelnut more than the striped spring scarf I got (it’s much much softer), although I haven’t really had the occasion to wear it yet.

Have you checked out the new silk blouses yet? Aren’t the colors beautiful??

What do you have from Everlane? Are you as addicted as I am??

This Week I Love | All Saints, Horseworship

Cecil maxi dress by TENOVERSIX for Anthropologie | $175 at Anthropologie (I’m an dying over this…)
AllSaints hayworth shirt dress | $225 at All Saints
MiH Marrakesh denim | spend $50 get $100 or spend $100 and get $200 at Isaay.com via Refinery29 shops
Horseworship tee | $53 at Shopbop (A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to benefit the Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary)
Campomaggi bag | $450 at Lost & Found
Club Monaco Sarah Cardigan | $189 at Club Monaco (love the cropped sleeves!!)

Click to see more of what I love this week:
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This Week I love: Pendleton Mocs, the perfect casual white shirt…

Cynthia Desser reversible cuff (um, two cuffs in one? thank you!) | $185 at Shopbop
Twist front cardigan | $89 at Zara
American Vintage button down shirt (maybe the perfect casual white button-down?) | $147 at Kickpleat
Stella McCartney smooth supernatural bra (you know I love to talk about undergarments here, and this one has made the rounds of editorial features. I’m intrigued. ) | $65 at Shopbop
VKOO NYC Cashmere angled pullover (I am strangely drawn to this super-bright color…) | $308 at VKOO
Club Monaco Pendleton mocassins (LOVE!!!!!!) | $125 at Club Monaco

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