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Old Navy compression leggings | size small, not petite (on sale for $22, extra 30% off today only with code FALLFIX. I might get the skirted legging with this code, I’ve been wanting to try it!)
Lululemon cool racerback tank | size 6
Melissa recycled/recylcable ‘Sin’ sandals (similar, but not quite) | soooo old, but one of my favorite pairs of sandals
Manicure – Marc Jacobs fluorescent beige | best neutral EVER

I have mentioned these Old Navy leggings before, once as an “I’m not sure” and another time as an update to my Yoga/Barre Essentials post as a “must-have.” I’m firmly in the “must-have” camp after recently purchasing the size small (they run big – and anyway, you want them to be compressive). My original pair of mediums were favorites for Pure Barre, but they had become just too big and saggy in the waist, so I went in to get a smaller pair recently and finally wore them today to class. They’re nearly identical in terms of how they feel on to Lululemon (and $70 cheaper), they are NOT SEE-THROUGH at all, and perfectly comfortable for any pose you can imagine. The regular length is too long on me, so I just bunch them up and under at the bottom. I LOVE how black they are (hopefully you can tell from the close up on the right!), and that they hold everything in. These are my Sunday-night-popcorn-for-dinner-Monday-morning-barre-pants because at least they make me look like I didn’t make so many bad food choices over the weekend :(

My biggest concern with cheaper workout wear is the shine factor. You know, when the material looks like it has some sheen to it instead of being perfectly matte? Lululemon wonder under pants are great for being completely matte, but so are the Old Navy leggings. There’s some shine, but not in the studio, only in the sun, and it’s definitely not as bad as other pairs I’ve seen. I still also love my So Low pants* (favorites, because they’re made in the US), and my Lululemon cropped wonder unders, but for the money, the Old Navy compression leggings are definitely the best value out there. Give them a try :)

*Revolve and Shopbop both carry So Low and Revolve is offering 25% off with code PSWFALL25 😉

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  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    WOW! Lookin’ fantabulous there, Grechen. I love the compression leggings. I didn’t even know that Old Navy made such a thing. (probably scanned that post of yours…sorry 😉 ) I’m going to check them out, cuz the shine factor is a deal-breaker for me!

  2. says

    YES with a side of yes. I totally agree with all of your thoughts on these Old Navy pants. They fit great, don’t have that weird sheen and are so comfortable to boot. You look great!!

  3. Simiyalala says

    Thanks for the tip. The coupon brought the pants down to $15.60 each! The are great leggings; picked up 3!

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