What’s in my bag?

I am traveling in the morning to Atlanta to see my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday, so I’m going through my bag – and I decided to do a “what’s in my bag” post (it’s been a while!). AND, I discovered that I have 8 lip glosses/lip sticks in my purse. 8. Three are just basic glosses: 2 kiehl’s (same formula, different delivery method LOL) and 1 rosebud salve. Then I have random others in different colors, but really – I feel like 8 is a little excessive. However, when I try to take some out, I get anxious, because what if I’m out, and I REALLY need my Laura Mercier gloss? Or I feel like a little Clinique dark cherry?? How many lip glosses/lip sticks do you have in your bag?

So, here’s what ELSE is in my bag (J Crew tote)

On the way around from L to R:

  • BIG sunglasses – I try to always keep them in their case, because they weren’t cheap like most of my other ones
  • Comme des Garcons butterfly pouch with more lip gloss, tylenol, hand cream, etc. – it’s where all my random stuff is
  • Sour jelly belly jelly beans – I never travel without these, it’s kind of a ritual. They’re my favorite candy EVER. I also have the mallowcreme pumpkins I separated out from the candy corn yesterday (I threw out all the candy corn and kept the pumpkins), some gum for the plane, and a few rolls of Newman’s Own mints.
  • My No6 x BAGGU reusable bags – now I have 3 and each has their own pouch :) Love these so much – I carried $50 worth of groceries in one bag yesterday.
  • A zipper case for my business cards – My mom brought this back from Turkey
  • Comme des Garcons large wallet – if you haven’t been reading for several years, you may not have heard me proclaim my undying love for this wallet yet. I’ve had it for 3-4 years and still love it to death. It’s starting to show a little wear on the corners, but I have no plans to replace it any time soon. Anyway, if I do, it will only be with another Comme des Garcons wallet.
  • My iphone4
  • The random lip glosses that stay in the side pocket of my bag

What’s in your bag?

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  1. says

    Grechen, you might have a slight addiction to lip gloss. :) I have one lipgloss and two lipsticks in my make-up pouch.

    Would you recommend that J Crew tote? I suppose so if you like to carry it, but I’ve had my eye on it and am wondering if I should hold out on getting it or not. And I love the print of your Baggu, you put that on my radar. I always forget to bring bags with me when I go to the grocery store so that would be great to throw in my purse.
    fshnonmymind´s last blog post ..Notes from the Dressing Room-Madewell with a hint of Alexa

    • says

      it’s funny – i asked on twitter how many lipglosses women carry in their bags and the highest # i got was 13!!! at least i’m not that bad 😉

      honestly, i really love the j crew tote – but a small thing annoys me about it: when i have my phone in the small inside pocket it makes that side sag a little bit because the straps are not attached to the top of the bag, they’re attached about 2.5 inches below it. this is obviously not a big deal at all, but i’m kind of annoyed by it. if i carry less on that one side, it doesn’t sag…
      the thing i love most about the bag are all the pockets – and the big zipper pocket on the front – it’s also very lightweight. i hope that helps you make a decision – let me know if you have any more questions!!

      and the BAGGUS are wonderful. the prints are new, but i’ve had one in my bag for several years to use whenever i’m out shopping. they’re perfect. really.

      • says

        my friend from cuba looooves her lipgloss…and has 2 drawers filled to the top with them…and carries around 20 tubes (that’s with frequent purse changes! I wonder if she just keeps about 20 tubes per purse in there permanently) in her purse.
        diya´s last blog post ..brocade and lace

  2. Jennifer says

    ha ha! This made me laugh, because I too carry a TON of lip glosses and balms in my bag…but get anxious when I try to reduce it. I traveled yesterday, so I’m still using my M by MJ tote I always carry on the plane. I currently have with me:
    an ugly gold wallet (I’m shopping for an upgrade now, and taking your CDG recos under strong advisement)
    dentyne pure gum
    shure headphones in case
    small moleskine notebook
    random hotel pen
    m by mj reusable nylon tote that collapses to the size of an apple
    biz card case
    glasses in case
    small lesportsac pouch with:
    1 archipelago grapefruit lip balm
    1 kiehls lip balm (tube)
    1 rosebud salve
    2 chanel lipglosses
    2 ysl lipglosses
    1 chanel lipstick
    2 clinique lipsticks
    antibac hand gel
    mini tweezers
    body shop hand cream
    i really should pare down the beauty/grooming things, but i know as soon as I leave something out I’ll need it!

    • says

      LOL – why do we get so anxious when we think about paring down our “necessities”? but that’s also why i carry a HUGE wallet – i always want to have important receipts/bills/etc. with me. you never know…….

  3. Julie says

    Ha! The only reason I have less than six is because my littlest one helps “pare” down my purse whenever he can get his little hands on it! I also store some in my car (in the glove and in the center console!). It’s a sickness I guess. I too have been obsessing over totes lately and have had my eye on a python one from nordies. I usually only purchase bags I know the quality of (RM, Gustto, Foley&Corinna) so I am not sure what to do…and now thanks to you I think I need a BAGGU!

  4. says

    That is some stash! It’s almost like seeing my own bag in the mirror. I heart Kiehl’s lippie too! I carry mine with me everywhere! And also my Benefit lipstick and stick concealer. Also another one who can never bring myself to lessening the pile

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’m at work with my friend, Patti. We’re both makeup artists and work for an independent boutique, so we get a lot of freebies. I just commented to Patti on your 8 glosses/lipcolors and said, “Well, that seems kind of like a lot, right?” and Patti said, “Let’s just take a look at what’s in Patti’s bag ?”(are you sure you’re ready for this???) I counted 34 lipglosses and lipsticks!!!!! THIRTY-FOUR FREAKIN’ LIPCOLORS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Just checked my own makeup bag, which I keep small on purpose so I won’t carry too much: the official count is only 9. I’m thinking you’re pretty normal, Grechen.

  7. says

    LOVE this post – i always find it almost like a mini biography when people show you what they pack in their bags 😉

    emerging from my blogging hiatus – maybe i’ll do a what’s-in-my-bag post too!
    miss sophie´s last blog post ..from yesteryear


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