What To Wear | Dreaming of Spring

Hello! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t “work” for a week, can you? I didn’t mean to (take the week off), but it’s happened that way, and I can’t complain too much about it. I hope you haven’t missed me! Anyway, my sister had a couple of medical procedures the last few days so I was able to help out and take her to those, and otherwise, we’ve just spent a lot of time here at home, by the fire, and other heating elements. It’s cold here in the Atlanta area.


Wearing | One Week in a Carry-On

Well, here I am in Atlanta. And it’s 15 degrees. I told my mom we might need to start celebrating her birthday in a warmer month…

Anyway, I was very pleased with my packing skills for this trip, and that I got everything packed and ready a day in advance. Who am I??

What I’m Wearing


Outfit | Spring James Perse

Yes, I bared my legs yesterday. I normally don’t do that in February, but I wanted to wear this dress, and it was the perfect weather for it (mid-60′s), so I shaved my legs and went for it.

everlane cashmere sweater, james perse pants, proenza schouler ps1 blogger

Outfit | Oops, I did it Again

Here I go again with the matchy matchy! I won’t say it doesn’t still “concern” me, but less than it did when I was just thinking about it. I mean…I don’t enjoy matching my bag with my sweater, but it is what it is.


Outfit | Joy?

I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t applied the “KonMari” method to my clothes yet (mostly because I’m too scared…), but until I do, I will be trying to specifically think about “joy” when I choose and wear my clothes.


Outfit | Still here…

So. I wore similar “colors” in my outfit yesterday, and we’re all still here. Hooray! *rolls eyes* – yes, I knew we would be, I knew the world wouldn’t come to an end if I wore variations of olive green in TWO pieces in my outfit today, but still. I can’t say it wasn’t a struggle to pull it off. I’m sure no one even noticed…and frankly, once I left the house, I didn’t either.

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