Wearing this week | January 30 2015

We had SUCH a beautiful week here this week – I feel so lucky, given what some of you guys had to deal with! I’m so excited about this “Wearing” project now that I’m into it a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to look back at the end of each month at what I actually wore. I’m also interested in the numbers: how many different items I wore, how many times I wore certain things, and how many things in my closet didn’t get worn at all.


Outfit | Oliver Peoples

Hello! Well…what an eventful week so far. Who’s caught in the snow, besides mamavalveeta? I’m sorry (not sorry) to say it’s been really beautiful here; on Monday and Tuesday we were in Austin for a friend’s birthday, and yesterday, I met a friend for the second meet-up for the Minimalist.org group here in Dallas. AND, I picked up my new glasses and sunglasses.

What I’m Wearing


Outfit | Lesson Learned

Maybe you’re getting tired of hearing it, but I’m learning so much about my style/wardrobe lately. This exercise I’m putting myself through, of being deliberate about wearing things I wouldn’t “normally” to see if I should keep them, or at least hone in on my style a little better, is eye-opening.


Outfit | It’s Working…

This CP Shades shirt is the first thing to go from my wardrobe this year; I’m trying to wear things I wouldn’t “normally” wear to determine if I should keep or get rid of them, and I do believe it’s working.


Outfit | Androgynous

Apparently, my style is androgynous. I’ve seen it referred to as such a couple of different places, and although at first, I was shocked to see it, I do admit that my style has definitely shifted in that direction lately.


Outfit | Enough

I have felt a shift recently. A movement away from wanting everything, to not wanting much, and being happy (in fact, delighted) with what I have. As I browse online, I absolutely see things I love, and think I want/need (…these Robert Clergerie slides for one…), but the desire is fleeting.

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