The Blogs We Read : Part Two

(that’s decaf coffee by the way…!) Earlier this year I wrote a post about the blogs I read for inspiration, or diversion, and asked you to share links to blogs that you enjoy. I added quite a few blogs to my regular reads based on your suggestions, and we’ve also got quite a few new […]

What I’m Wearing

james perse

Outfit // Favorite

I’m actually wearing this outfit for the second day in a row, I love it so much. You may remember, this James Perse heavy fleece skirt is the “newer” version (and better IMO) of a similar long James Perse skirt I wore TO DEATH from many many years ago, and finally had to part with.


Outfit // Fall James Perse

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I’m obsessed with James Perse. Honestly. If I had to, I could live in nothing but James Perse. And at this point with my wardrobe, I probably could.


Outfit // Everlane Everything

I promise I’ll stop talking about Everlane for a while, well, at least after all these “coming soon” items launch! I’m waiting patiently for the new cashmere, and the wool sweaters, and did you see the new Petra bag colors? I love them, and am trying desperately to convince myself I don’t need one.


Outfit // October? Already?

Hmmm. It doesn’t feel like October around here, but it definitely is. My little sister is turning 40 in a couple of weeks, and my 42nd birthday is less than a month away. Whoa. I will admit, I’m feeling a little anxious, but mostly because I KNOW what I want to do going forward, and I’m getting a lot of push back from my internal critic.

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