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The Minimal Closet : on Appreciation

By appreciation I mean a couple of things: first, that we appreciate what we have ALREADY, and second that we can appreciate things on others, without having to emulate the look on ourselves. I have struggled repeatedly with both issues, but the second is what comes hardest to me.


Outfit // Fall Shopping

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I am single-minded when it comes to shopping and finding what I’ve determined that I need; I have a hard time thinking about much else. And I’m REALLY REALLY in the mood for fall clothes right now, since it’s the hottest time of the year. Ugh.

What I’m Wearing


Outfit // Beyond Yoga

It’s Monday…Monday is usually my favorite day, but today I’m having a hard time getting “into” it. I think I’m thrown off by being in Austin over the weekend; I didn’t get my usual “down” time at home. And I miss my friends there SO much. It was also so hot Saturday I think it just drained me. Click the post title or image to go straight to the post.

james perse sweatpants, charlotte stone alice sandals

Outfit // How Not to Elevate the Sweatpant

You know all the articles lately on “elevating the sweatpant”? or dressing up a gray sweatshirt? What if you just want to wear sweatpants, NOT elevate them? I don’t know…if I’m in a sweatpants mood, I’m not going to throw on some pointy-toe heels and a Theory blazer; I’m just going to wear the freaking sweatpants. (click the image or post title to go directly to the post!)


Outfit // Most of all, Have Fun

Since I’ve been working towards cleaning out and minimizing my wardrobe, I’ve started reading a lot more blogs and message boards. Besides noting that a lot of us talk about and struggle with the same issues, I also see that there’s a WHOLE lot of serious-ness around fashion and dressing oneself out there on the blogosphere. (click the post title or image above to go to the full article!!)

Favorites this week…