What I’m Wearing


Outfit | Weekend in Florida + Everlane Petra

I’ll save my weekend packing list for another day, because today I just want to talk quickly about the Petra tote in Gesso. I’m EXTREMELY happy with it. I was originally going to get it in black, because, well, I always default to black, but I really just fell in love with the light gray for spring, and thought why not? I have a black tote that I love already, so why not add something lighter instead of a duplicate?


Outfit | What We Hold On To

Happy Monday! This weekend I went through the box in the top of my closet of clothes/shoes I’d been holding on to for spring and purged A LOT. It’s finally promising to warm up here, so I went through my closet and the box of clothes to see what I want to wear this season and what I’m ready to get rid of. Among the things I was finally ready to part with were two pairs of Repetto ballet flats, leaving me only with this pair I’m wearing today.


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