Fall Shopping Report : What I Tried

I am not immune to the call of fall. Especially since it got relatively cold here over the weekend (down to the mid-50′s actually!). I loved it, and sort of hated it at the same time LOL – as I may have mentioned, I have a very small range of temperatures where I’m comfortable, and that does not include below 60 degrees!


Outfit // Quitting Coffee

Last week was sort of a blur, honestly; I felt all over the place most of the time. I spent the weekend learning and thinking about what is REALLY important to me, and how to get it. I’m not sure I’ve come to an ultimate conclusion, but I’m further along than I was. And I feel a little more focused this morning.

What I’m Wearing


Outfit // Plaid for 100 Degrees

Well. It looks (fingers crossed) like today might be the last 100 degree day for a while. And I’m celebrating by wearing plaid. Haha! Actually this shirt is super-lightweight, like I’m wearing nothing, really, so it’s not so bad in this heat.

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