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Pleasant Surprise

It’s always a nice surprise when a product turns out to work like it’s “supposed” to, although it hardly ever happens. I’m more skeptical than not with regard to beauty products, and it takes a lot to convince me otherwise; I like to try new things, and over the years have been very easily swayed by blogs and “favorite” lists; most of the time just to be disappointed.


Review | Everlane Box Tee

I received an email question about Everlane tees a while ago which specifically asked what I thought about the box tee, said to be better for us shorter ladies. I had never been overly tempted by the box tee (I tend to shy away from crew necks), honestly, so hadn’t tried it, but I decided to order it and give it a go.

What I’m Wearing


Outfit | Suburban

I was called out recently as a middle-aged suburban woman (also boring & “drab”) on a message board. Out of anything you could say about me, that is probably the most jarring.

black crane culottes outfit

Outfit | Black Crane CULOTTES (Of course I did!!)

As with all things Black Crane, I knew I needed to order these culottes ASAP before they sold out. I actually thought about them for 24 hours before taking the plunge (that’s my rule…if I’m still obsessed after 24 hours, I order), maybe even longer, but I was pretty sure from the moment I saw these culottes that I at least needed to try them.


Outift | The Things We Keep

Personal style is fickle. For me, anyway. I may have a pretty predictable color palette, and designers I like, shapes I prefer, but lately, I find myself wanting to cycle more things in and out of my closet.

Made in the US

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