Outfit // Why I pay $200+ for Jeans

Back when premium denim first came out in the late 90′s, early 2000′s I was ambivalent. Mostly because I didn’t fit into any of the brands like 7 for all mankind, CoH, Frankies, etc., because they were ABSOLUTELY not meant for my small waist in proportion to my larger hips/thighs/calves.


What I’m Wearing


Outfit // Mociun Wrap Dress

Is this one of those pieces I never wear, but should keep? I am going back and forth the more often I look at it. I love the dress – it’s the perfect print for me, a flattering shape (although too big for me now), and should be easy to wear, but I don’t wear it a lot.

double denim outfit, fashion blogger outfit, 3.1 phillip lim ryder satchel, eileen fisher sandals

Outfit // Double Denim??

I don’t know what possessed me to do double denim, but I think it works? It feels a bit strange, honestly, because first, I don’t wear chambray/denim tops very often, and second, when I do, I CERTAINLY don’t wear them with jeans!!


Outfit // Over & Under

It’s been an odd week, this week. My step-son is in town for his Passover break, which always changes things a bit, but the Shopbop sale always throws me into a tizzy because I ALWAYS want to buy more and struggle with NOT buying more than I should, because OMG, it’s all 25% off!!!!!!

everlane silk tank review

Outfit // Everlane Silk Tank

You guys probably know by now that whenever Everlane launches something new, I’m first in line to buy it! And since I’m trying to give silk another try (I do have one of their silk blouses, but it’s in a color, and …silk…so I really don’t wear it very often), I was eager to try their new silk tank.



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If I were a…Bohemian Princess

I am NOT a bohemian princess by any stretch of the imagination, but every year when spring/summer comes around (seems late this year, no?) I CRAVE feminine, flowy, pretty, long, colorful dresses or skirts to wear with flat sandals. I never end up indulging that side of me, because it never really feels like “me,” but I do love to pretend.

splendid striped dress, 3.1 Phillip lim ryder satchel

Outfit // Splendid Stripes

See, I do know how to dress in more “flattering” shapes ;) This dress is killer, I only wish it was black & gray stripes instead of navy, and lighter blue. Details…It’s still great, and forget what they say about horizontal stripes on curvy girls, these CAMOUFLAGE all the puffy bits that I usually use spanx to hide; the stripes and the built in slip underneath help to make everything just a bit more smooth.

h&m conscious collection

Thoughts on the H&M Conscious Collection

A few years ago I turned down my nose at the notion of buying “eco-friendly” clothing from big-box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and H&M. My rationale was that one must consider the company from which you’re buying the item and the entirety of its environmental footprint – which would more than likely outweigh any of the positives you might have achieved by buying an organic cotton t-shirt from said retailer.